What a SMELL

I looked up the following utterly likely anyways useless to me things to know.

hop flavor profile  noting not the lovibond chart i’d heard of but a different chart isolating the flavor types a bit more succinctly for say YOU wondering how wicked good so and so’s new beer-sensation will be.

... Homebrewing - Brew... Experiment... Taste... Repeat: Hop Flavor Wheel

This isn’t to say your josh is any expert on beer.  I am not, I brewed some frosted flakes once, some apple juice and later a reprise of brewing bliss was dandelion / raisen wine.  this isn’t to say i don’t find facination within this.  i admit i don’t adore most ipa’s pa’s or that hoppier/bitter beer face beers but more of the smooth piss water kinds more commercially available.  yes, you heard me i might have more fun with a busch in hand than the omg hard to find latest ten of ten b.s. to me tastes likewow please mommy can i lick the pine tree again? blick.

this necessitated learning what an oast house was thank you wikipedia which …  the average yield of hops per acre which obviously will vary as also the demand/price but it’s somewhate safe to say it’s possible to get nearer a ton an acre of hops and fifteen years ago they were worth 3 something a pound.  nowadays closer to six to eight a pound. or you might just cringe when before a cent of cost of growing is considered your yield is about 11 an acre.

continueing on the smells notion i was looking up peach flavor meaning i’d look up a LOT of flavors … I am still curious if strawberry containing a benzyl y ester are curiously close enough to benoil… the stuff in acne cream.  I was a tad floored to read peach flavor is often a lactone which  as you might catch how my brain associates thing swiftly, yes lac…milk lactic acid / cheese… PEACHES are a milk type flavor?  yes i have met someone who is lactose intolerant and never ever thought to include peaches to that list.  my favorite haha is skatole was it? either smells using polite words as feces or diluted… orange blossoms?  not quite the joke my sha poo poo smells like roses but bahahahahahaha anyways.

as youre surely going to jump up and care, i remember giving out that jasmine smelled like artificial grape or the”concord” kind and that meant methyl anthranilate – but as you see in stenches/smells it’s very often not exactly just one smell we smell and thus ultimately i can bitch I’m still right about that association, but as you can clearly catch on I’m slightly  and thus wholly ill informed previously :D… full of that skatole.



because none of this gets me very much closer to making a living, I have to point out i hope one of these notions lights the monetary blaze one of these epiphanies.  in the mean time thank you for your grace.


now why i was really looking up peach essence artificial or otherwise is i had me a brain child of how many houses – note i have build precisely zero of them so far – does it take to make x pile of cash.  at a certain point it’s clear much of the snag of any such thing is them pesky fucking garuntees everyone wants.  well then there’s this b.s. that a community needs only be so big and then there much loved by all has a school requirement.  obviously this is NOT simple as in fairness one notes a gated community is a step to keeping the riff raff out but far better than that gate is a school sign which keep a large variety of felons forever out.  but obviously while making a house into later a lotta houses to a big whopper bunch of housees worth of space together i.e. school obviously possible but here’s the rub  it takes a lot of paid people to make them more than buildings and those buildings cared for and far too many people want ammenities they flat out pay crap nothing for.  bugger that notion of details… but back to the crack brained idea.  I moved to Georgia so fucking fancy brewpub  that’s important to me…. anyways as a potential of community 😀  and what better scenery that of an orchard suitably close to  a lake which between public for a price visitation a brew pub wine whatever hovvel people are gaga about what distinct beer idea would dipshit me also not having built a house let alone a community as i have also never technically brewed a beer either….compounded by i live  in georgia??  green peach white pa.  i.e. unripe peaches, a wheat/white beer highly hopped meaning hopefully not skatole har har scented hops but yes orange blossomy esque? smooth as all get out.  what the hell, sounds distinctive enough .


as you understand this is not beyond reality but highly at this point improbably given my notions not to be overly confident at getting past predicerment of construction and financing such all in that savviest of ways that technically i time out promises and never hopefully put forth penny one of my money really until finalized sale.  it’s possible.  but I’m not good in THAT approach to life and thus have to have fuck tons more money to do it  if at all MY way… sing it franky!


and scavenging space to grow hops while possible i am on a base that oozes space everywhere  in a mile I can seee hidden spaces for many  11 k per acre places to not grow kudzu vines to choke the trees but hop plants buckets on buckets of them i’ll have me some not weed eyes but hop eyes please  seeing the millions not the struggle/reality that such is also potential disaster.  anyways.  that’s your thought for i cant flippin sleep again, I want more beer, I should quit drinking and smoking and dig for my i.d. papers and get a blasted minimum wage job and  stop abusing libraries.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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I know 2 people who brew beer. It seems they enjoy doing this and tasting the fruits of their labor. It can be a complicated business – as you know – but some people just go get the pre-packaged kit so they aren’t really doing their own thing but really it’s good to have a hobby – besides watching sports.

I’m still pondering the move to GA thing. I think I missed a post (well, many really) that explains the move but honestly I guess it’s non of my business why! lol. Just nosy. Are you thinking of building a house or brewing some beer? That’s the question. 😉 peace & smiles

okay then for the nose that doesn’t know. I really don’t ponder much past what i post so in a way i remember it always or am free finally to forget it utterly forever or just a moment. last year i filed notice to quit work at the dinosaur museum 😉 and or the nursing home. you might too if you felt and this is a joy of life that real feeling of choice to look over what i could do what was likely to come of it seeing all my romantic hopefuls move or show up surprisingly very very attached, boss of years gone but i not really in line to replace save for a few days wearing the bbig boy badge, the new one to be politeI didn’t like her thoughts on stability bitchny jealous of me eh? 😉 and a routine of slowly trying every beer in the cooler.. whee thrill. so, i moved to the “hills” and for my dedication and devotion I was almost not hirable, hunh? but during this notion of moving I was warned the sis and later hubs were changing lives, then it was a push to not the army but state police but the notion was serious and the army accepted. this leaves us to decemberish prior to it being a complete garuntee? and we all were moving so a: the two could marry and b: get a vacation finally, c: truly move on so hence the springs. as you know the army did indeed accept and while it was a delayed deploy to basic training and classes more march hit’s and he’s gone. during the after christmas to mid march it was obvious the dog was pregnant again just in time to be a royal pain in the keister and as you heard sshe had even more puppies all living thank goodness but oi. this meant instead of working religiously anywhere i went and lounged some and was available for doggy care and light and believe i’m sad it was so light puppies are a nightmare mess but the three often adults were just as much too. the trips came and went one i was on pup care the other i got to go and a boon of a complex i lived in sale allowing me easily off the lease because who cares!? which meant we were able to move although they ended up with a feeling of an extra month’s rent paid anys…not real sure if it was provably more than a feeling, I needn’t worry myself. I paid MY ends. so then the move bit odd having the military move them as in you cant help as they pack and of course inventory everything! then move it and sometimes store it either way many hands touch your stuff so you swear they carve out what’s stealable long before anything gets too far 😉 and for the people/dogs a long roving holiday drive across the land. fairly spendy even if I largely was a sneak in. yes reimbgursements may come to them. this put me here on sunday I belieeve the third with labor day being like the fourth calendar not up. we hit for me quite a lot of sights in ks, mo,tn some of il, al and ga. the best meal being the arthur bryant’s in kc, mo the neatest snack a cheese sandwich as in two slices cheese with a slice of salami in between closely followed by the latest chicken schezuan flavored potato chips. for my opinion. the neatest place was a cross between simply looking about in hermann mo which is very german. and the picker’s creek winery outside nashville tn where it was a thrill to sit yes even outside for a wine tasting herman’s people were hit or miss warmth wise, none unkind just hit or miss and i’m sure you understand that feeling. the point of here is obvious enough, i like adventure and I’m otherwise not fully able to achieve all this on my own so am semi pleased to have the chance… why not wholly pleased? because I’m a touch of a pain to live with wanting just a tad more than what i get…which is a polite way of whine whine maybe wine 😀 whine. cheese please. for you seee, i’m slightly pessimistic sky is falling dramatically less able for it to “be cool” and thus i can light people up being one more stress on the pile. this of course lessens my securities further in perception not reality perception. now that said, it’s not my fault i’m perfect in every way and it’s often about me me me testing one one one me me me attention lady cats please form a queue no squabbling. 😉 har har of course. now this puts me closer to a: more states to visit and within a rental structure about 20 cheaper than what i ad been paying in colorado. and that’s about truthful and far moneywise, thus i have the most chances to leap lightly into something different from here this particular now. I have to behave a few months of course and nothing is without risk surely you know something of living with others, there isn’t garuntees my good days might not meet others less than favorful or flavorful ones and catch the feelings. but, just a few moments from now I may be flitting about after all manner of adventures. I might be able to afford two to three states more ticked off and a visit with the extended family some. as in to move again not feel stuck nothing happening no winds of hope it could anytime soon, movement! I suffer a few rules meant both for my fairness and those serving to keep THEIR perks so in truth I can not move this instant very independantly past perhaps a soda on my own but why isn’t a hinderance here a blessing in money more guardedly weilded? or. there you go, asside from full disclosure of and skeletons carefully concealed, my year and a few weeks. and the ‘why” perhaps too

the only rootbeer0in I have is as follows: to make A root beer such as it’s wet brown carbonated and fun is take a church cooler for drinks, mix to sizing and ratios for the water, sugar or substitutes, and add rootbeer extract and then a big old lump of DRY ice with the lid off so it bubbles foggs and whatnot and you have a witches brew suitable for halloween. i have not made this but as i can remember reasonably well the directions, i can. b: root beer is mainly saffrole free which is typically an “artificial flavor” because of how the saffrole is extracted which is a co2 process which strips the flavor out too so some has to be added back which makes it….artificial – please understand i do not know this for certain just inference and it makes sense. it is cheap as processes go but disfavored in that it’s too harsh and who likes reading coffee with artificial flavor? not many. coffee isn’t saffrole but similar processes are used to rid it with caffeine but the water process is favored as it is less harsh….and 100% legally speaking natural….so much so they don’t have to mention it’s use. no such water process is possible with saffrole which by law has to be removed as in the sixties it was deemed carcinogenic and illegal. so all rootbeer is artificially flavored by law. for your safety. birch while not the bark or root of rootber is a popular one in that ILK of making colonial beverages it lends a decidedly wintergreen tone like a mint to the batch. I was less successfull proving the inclusion of miller grass to the list of ingredients or in fact any other ingredient to destinctive “brews” I did figure though that root beer isn’t always roots, but barks and other bits too. for instance barq’s the one that has bite, like the name suggests doesn’t use roots but sassafras bark to make it’s taste or at least one time did so. – so while igredients goes like so, now to what’s the diff between a sarsasparilla and and a rootbeer, plant used! but tastes wise not too terribly much. thus you can expect that while names in rootbeer came went return went blah blah- much of the differences are are fleeting and or inconsequencial excepting such and such might be YOUR favorite of all time so i hope you like it and a lot of others do too and buy buy buy. — thus to conclude, you have a yes, i can possibly brew a rootbeer. I have brewed before and survived with a smile even the results, i know A root beer recipe even if it’s only a halloween stunt. much of the magic of how root beer was origiannly made is lost on me and not being mormon i can’t skip over to a church without risking conversion to really ask.

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