the home arrives

Furniture and other posessions arrived the other day.  woot.  I still do not have the box spotted that is my computer.  I paid a bill for here yay and await more white trash paradise living by stepping outside in my underwear for a puff.


I made a sunday roast where in it had bottom round beef for the vegetable lovers of course skinning the potatoes with the edge of a spatulah which generously had a semi knife cut into it. and a bag of baby carrots and cabbage~~~. two beers this time icehouse and mainly all salt which is aka seasoning salt and mainly paprika and salt  onion powder pepper and garlic salt rounding that out   you heard about this but the joy is today morning the use it or toss it day if you honor any kind of food safety. well it was diced up before bed and I’m told it was a lot better with more garlic and gili peppers.  I have made my first attempt and utilizing leftovers here.


Ihave a great supply of diet soda pops.  which are white grape rite, coke zero black and dr pepper.  I have utilized my tea kettle for not tea I can’t spot where the lapseng went off too but I made a random instant cream of wheat….they didn’t offer the box of choco malt o meal.    I still take delight in hearing the nuts hit the outside yard/house like random hail and laugh as they’re butter nuts but if I type that as “butter nuts” I get a trial of the commercial not pb nut butters and if I type it”butternut” I get all squashy.  and a mild myth I remember from twentyy five years ago was that butternuts where the dye used for coloring the civil war southern side whI’m sure someone would just LOVE to have this edit to proper english and construction but 😀  I’m still a rogue.ere I like live now grey and that’s not wholey accuracurate.  it was many things more so other things like logwood which while washed out is grey but really a lightish lavenderish purple… but these things fade to butternut not the otherway around like I was led to believe.



By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

5 replies on “the home arrives”

of course, I neglect to mention. “we are what we pretend to be” Vonnegut… wherein I read a horrifying weird too portrayal of the “wprst” happening a cherished object came to ruin. I then stepped on a tub of paint to have it all over the front foot well full of groceries. that was crap. same thing I’ve howled which is I’m important and clumsy so your important nearer me is best left to special missions all to themselves or last of the days missions… no such luck. next was seagram’s umbrella monte albon a mescal. reading “the Aztecs….” Richard townsend? I turn to page 184 to read its a tomb rediscovered in ’87 ish which id like me having an alter to new coke or crystal flippin’ pepsi its fine but new. hmph. its a daily litter to live and sweep the back porch … the lounge lump took my leg as a pillow…thanks dog. some thought losts are found. or, lime chokes the aztec life as does justice within their reign of fear within its elevation such is prestige… the spannish didn’t conquer so much as revolting things like revolt came as spannnish treasure. or even here paradise has within it a seedy bar where the restroom ooze a sense of rape impending yet the booze flows as dors the bbq… and loud music of a type… the proper blues bar. paradise blues.

I moved to georgia. ft benning. I live with sis and her serving soul. I likely will eventually have to move as it’s pinching to be here for freedoms but not for a bit as it’s worth it to be closer to dcebt free and on my own. plus I’d like to hit a few states about this area.

Outdoors having a smoke in your underpants! Life doesn’t get any better than that, does it!? 😉 😀
Good luck and bestest of wishes in your new state!
Hope you all settle in well…and enjoy your new home!
HUGS!!! 🙂

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