I have set up my computer which leaves sundry closet organization and finding all of my papers.

my computer wasn’t checked or they used a cheapo battery as it’s clock no longer works as it’s mini battery is toastadaed.  this means random no exception possible errors of security certificates online.  it’s a fairly simple matter to set up the clocck but  funny how important it is.  I rarely know what time it is.


I’m of course going to check email facebook, wordpress, and youtube to work effectively as such is the bulk of minus search engines my computer life.  so I’d think something kitchy like the first youtube on the computer should be ooo yeah that anthrax one about having the time since such was an opening annoying thing… and end up lazily clicking a cover  of anthrax  doing metallica’s sanitarium.  but welcome home which is the title is apt enough.


next as you would suspect something corny how’s about masa herina.  nixtamale corn?  yes, corn soaked in slacked lime til the outter husk/skin leaves with a lil scrub.  why? because such makes corn higher in protein and thus if you needed a super food, such was obviously good enough for meso america for eons.    corn.  corny. har har.    obvious too is that i leave one land of “authentic” mexican food for where i can get something laden with fat  and likely horrible for me but tastes so gooood… save it isn’t mexican.  obvious there is authentic is the last bastion of racism in that who says my way is the only way and that i can even nonhispanic like even have an opinion?…okay that isn’t obvious shameful of me to interject that.  so

if you think i’d talk mexican and not show or mention something rick bayless?  well that”d be a sin.

fancy ass terminology time.  nixtamalization.  this is to say the corn is soaked in draino and delicious.  draino?  okay slacked lye or calcium oxide added to water to make calcium hydroxide which is like sodium hydroxide which we’d know as draino…but not exactly.  and for those frightened that i just remembered my favorite chemical…more proof I should be under adult supervision if not many adults… is calcium carbide which when added to water make acetylene gas and calcium hydroxide  and must obviously be nuetralized as it make a supremely potent batch of the stuff unlike ground up chalk stone.    now as you watch the point of overlaying this with bayless is choices in who wants which tools and the subtlety of the pro versus schmucko home stuff.  and a horrifying reminder of 80’s early 9-‘s laundry baskets I  sadly didnot cherish for their merit.  😉

but here is the point.  corny or not.  I lately like sopes/huaraches a heeping bunch.  I live where they’ve not really an understanding of green chile sauce.  or it’d be here.  and thus my chances for getting bgreen chili not texas red chili fries is about zilch.  I can find my own chiccorones and yet no drowning in green chile save some tin can tasting about as good… so  off the rails of reality i go thinking i actually have energy to do this shit…which i largely and often very much do not.  and horrific I mean to tell you images of gruesome human sacriface by pre arranged calendar  event?  a flower?? war?  and chewing gum loudly is only the prostitutes rebellion in ancient before it was mexico city??    and yet seabgrams makes monte albon and such was discovered in 87?? wow heart of the history there.  obviously there was some kind of period after “back to the Future where knock off  things could be pursued.  whee.  lemme catch the first crowded tourist bus to monte alban and drink canadia mezcal… there’s an authentic spoiler for ya. hmph.


so corn.  corniness.  and how with baking soda previously you can make blue dye from red cabbage… oh wait that was a long time back.  and this place gets little snow so lighting snow on fire with calcium carbibed…well  hey, time moves on and by proximety excepting a bucket of paint all over the interior of the car it fairly safe me being somewhere else.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

7 replies on “corniness”

hence. two not one 🙂 vids on that one using the the hateful amazon acquirement and another using the “pro” shit. I like how i can manage with the ingredients and why even if I’m most likely to buy a bag of reconsituted masa herina from the store, how I know and i actually do that vibrant difference not so much in the taste or texture but of the expectation and how…thanks to a few books why that’s likely sexist shit anyways. good luck with your do up. 🙂

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