Whoomp. There it is.

This new phase of adventure sees me up at four am Sunday, September 11th.  Most of the firsts are becoming seconds.

The most notable food intakes are:

Krystal’s 59 cent sliders between 2~5PM. They are like the dream White Castle sliders that taste good yet are real.

Lakefront charcoal grilled tri tip silken perfection.


By contrast, I microwaved a couple of fifty cent frozen meals.

Yes, I had the ubiquitous boiled peanuts.  Aka the goober.  Tastey in small doses.

Hot road trip notes:

It’s a blizzard of curving one laners here.

Wines can be had for $4. Versus $6 ish old areas.  However the “going rate” is still $12 -$15 for home vinted. Or still 3x ish more for small scale.

Taxes seem higher yet there are little to no hidden fees or built in surcharges so in that respect it instantly is about 12% cheaper.

Thus on your toes!  People’ll cheat ya to your face.  There are deals but not really.  For Instance, I buy one snack stick and beer.  Beer is maybe 25 % cheaper but only one quarter of the offerings.  but $1.79 Busch 24-OZ. Vs. On base here $1.25. Snack sstick !1.69 BEER not checked total?  $4.20 hmm. Seems I bought a round.

Getting about:

Isolated.  I maybe can buy non tag items but can be carded anytime and denied as I.m not military.  I can not reenter base by myself.  Its over a mile to the equivalent of a gas station.  If I update my I.d. losing my Colorado one -I literally have to move and thus I can not vote if I do not.   Easily solved if I am on serving souls orders yet such was the first thing I was told twenty three years ago – I can Not. Be. Anyone’s. Dependant or my income is lost.  Now this is subject to error but seemingly the scoop.  Barring stupidity – I’ll be here till at least january.  As I am on base heh I may go carry groceries at commissary for tips only.  I am not without options and well capable of that walking.

Oh most of all.  It is pretty here.  I missed catching the ice cream truck.  My directional hearing was exactly dead wrong. Yes. And it is still pretty.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

23 replies on “Whoomp. There it is.”

I’m lost… You post frequently and I’m hit in miss at reading (and posting) but I get the vibe from a quick scan of posts you are on a military base or near one in a different state than the state I’ve always known you to live? 4 a.m is not for me. That’s just bathroom break time and back to sleep as soon as I can. Ha. I had French toast this morning around 10:00 I think. Heh. peace & smiles

You would be scanning well. 80906 becomes on bank info 31905 or I*LOST* 49001 or if you’ll forgive a geography pun, I took away a Michigan from Colorado… Leaving me in GA. Serendipity would just so have it, I am of Michigan manufacture… Heh. (Pun value is lost if you fact check.. I am not from Kalamazoo but n.w. Detroit metro.)_((but such is my odd fun of number associations))

For legal purposes visit… But I move here. Hope to visit sc after Savannah and Biloxi ms. But likely first bigger trip is greater Tampa as I have an uncle there. That there is a good enough season.s worth of travels. Which would leave Wilmington DE/ Philadelphia to compete with New Orleans for a further out tier or allowing me a shot at making 15 states left 12 or less. Must hope after lotsa lookieloo-ing as I am after a quince for Turkey day ish. Previous post highlighting a Peruvian purple corn drink.

and some of your visits I’ve not yet been! so 😀 the share continues. brn: MI moving to colorado for much of my life since. as then the majority of the family extended lived in michigan returning via i-80 and i-70 paths so ne, ia, il, a sliver of in, …for i80 and ks, mo il, tn sometimes,in, oh and up to mi the lower way. 0 early co touring leads one to four courners so i have thus ut, az, and nm to add. later tours including my own travels adds wy, prior to my travels to meet a neighbor friend again i saw a garth brooks show at chyenne frontier days and on a later nip around some godfather’s pizza for another pal who remembered them in our town. … now later trips on purpose divert to say mt rushmore so sd adds, and a return trip from michigan mom wanted to see minneota so we did. and a wrong turn in chicago led to a return to wisconsin where once we purposefully hit the dels and took a tour on one of them wisconsin ducks from ww2….. now you get to personal travels and last of the hoorahs with family. ca by plane and nc by plane. later a bus trip and return with father cover pa, adding wv, maryland or md virginia va and nc and a return to tn but yet another side tour had me hop through ky to oh on my own then home and yet another trip on my own added ct ny va, and nj. a flight later to nyc added ft lauderdale by morning puff fl to my list and two trips to el paso added texas and one of the many times to ok. the unlisted trip to a neighbor friiend added id or and wa to my list and this last relocation added al and ga to my list::: this leave south carolina, delaware, massechusettes, rhode island maine, vermonth new hamshire…then westwardly ms, la, and ar . then lastly, mt nd and nv along with obvious destinations hi and al to complete the current states. if you’d like in the dewey decimal section of some libraries is larry mcmurtry’s road’s a y2k set of trips describing the scenes i spotted looking up zen and the art of motorcycle maintainance which i got a retread of from some other guy which in fairness was easier to read but I didn’t finish that and had zen itself read to me courtesy of a talking book. I never finished roads either but then again, in fairness i only had so much time in steamboat springs itself i lived in oak creek… it’s on par of how often do you visit a home depot? surely once and again but not necessarily monthly so you wouldn’t say borrow/rent a hammer and get a 30 charge for it because you silly like wouldn’t return swiftly enough. now, sadly I pissed oh the nh friend maybe so i again only know of a friend of my mother’s there and the state next door a potterpoet of xanga circles so nh and vt are as they were. nh has a coastline but it’d be their corn chowder that i’d want to tourist me up some. vt I think it’d be entirely unknown to me what to tourist up there save they’ve a lot of culinary schools and maple trees and a shore of lake champlain. .. maine holds lobsters duh and perhaps a lighthouse. massachusettes mark t wendell tea importers and perhaps where the famous baked beans arise from boston. rhode island is important not to leave out duh but again I don’t know anything of them really. deleware allows for being a metro across from philadelphia so I can slide that in and philly it too. I have an old aol pal in philly…. south carolina is the sessessionist place! har har so hopefully I find something different to tag them with. on the way to mississippi would be mobile al where i can listen to some steely dan – the call alabama the crimson tide, call me deacon blues. obvious that song requires a scotch shooter likely cutting back to be semi decent to me and others…and i can’t drive so duh we’ll skip the drinking and driving image lyric too but whatever. this is a skip and a jump from biloxi mississippi so i can in truth hope to nip off that state with a fried chicken meal emphasis on a biscuit with honey perhaps not of tupelo…van morrisson… but the feel. I have many who hoot about new orleans so if there la is covered and i mean louisianna. texarkasas is ar and smokey and the bandit with a picture by coor’s har har. that would likely mean the hope of dallas which i’ve seen already so i’d hope my good for an a grade paper referencing a extent nigerian food place might see me try it. murphy’s place a lounge in dallas serves egussi and foo foo. vegetable meat/beef sometimes crayfish stew with a yam pancake the egussi seed is a melon seed so to thicken the soup. — north dakota is by ways closer to winnepeg canada sorta so i don’t have to suffer some louis and clark crap of the louisiana purchase but chile on my way to trains in canada hopefully. montana consistantly comes up with hemp clothiers which may disappear but likely has more emphasis on bison as turner ted’s there he likes bison. nevada can remain as we all know that’s a reno or vegas trip whenever. puerto rico is yet not a state. but islandy. maybe a coffee in alaska possible eventually i have a sometimes resident friend from the first house with my brother there…he tours antarctica as a baker. ice nut. hawaii might also be a real beach of a time har har. it is a shame in the passages of time the only one I know there w something on xanga i think she made sure to only use god references as powers that be. heh. I have a comic of hers and her brother’s. that would leave guam to hit up. i have little need to try to hit up all the us posesses overseas as some of those areas flat out aren’t safe to visit. how do you envision the states you’ve left to visit?

Adventure! You’ll not find a mount worthy of dropping a ring in, but the spirit is still the same. Good luck on getting to the polls. Although this is one many might want an excuse to miss.

I have not seen the ’24, ’34, ’63, or ’79 versions of this title. I notice differing stories to this concept in two camps, one being taken advantage of twice/24 and some form of nobler biblical message in variations of stories of helping those who have nothing and not worrying of selfish pursuits so to speak. — I also admit much of the time there is an experation date to the question – I forgot I’d asked or said the above so lack a point for THIS moment what I had meant at the time… so said this current intimate moment of consciousness, I am curious in a similar way likely but not connected to the previous moments logic now lost, to being curious. I suppose i am pleased in a way to not be ‘wealthy” as to me it comes with a high price not of cash in hand but obligations ever changing and etherial to me to speak and or act largely well to. I need not be a millionaire as wow five houses in the correct market/s to see that remain kept after and rented just to say I’m whee, a millionaire! imagine further that I mean i’m not incapable of caring for the units or any facet of of basic management save a better set of slick people skills which i may want infinitely more of, but imagine the hassle to ME maybe not you, ME having 3 leaking toilets one which means convenience store crapping for that house 1 hidden mold issue, one gonna happen you pigs bug infestation and a variety of daily complaints to sort and speak to as people pay cash money for not this sha.. you get the idea. I’ve sorted 8 people in 12 folk and 4 units, I’ve played my legal supervisory part with 64 special needs people elsewhere too meaning 1200 people to notice come and go, I’ve played my part coordinating 150+ volunteers at a exposition… or hint I have done these peopley thing and more as well… but having to care for that five piles of hell just to say I’m a MILLIONAIREW… ug. be honest though, now skip that part and know you can write a check for a brand new car without worrying it’d bounce and that part not the responsibility for pretending or actually caring exists. to me financial freedom is bound just as seriously to other concerns perhaps of little deep thought but still a measure of thought/effort/nuissance. thus when people say they follow their dreams and woooooow the whole new freedom and weight lifted? hunh? wtf are they smokin’ just as surely as it’s one hundred bucks or a day’s light earnings for a family man – or 2500 which if doubled is a good start on the month’s general upkeep or what the heck 25k daily! all comes in to say without words what are you doing with this? or, it’s still an obligation but in fairness, I like having a little so I can see my needs met by my hand/choice. but imagine too the gasp! when playing a bingo game yesterday i wasn’t I didn’t want to part with another 10 bucks for my shot at 10k but sixty-five numbers in BINGO…gasp! lady had tosplit it with another and worse took 20 minutes coordinating that her two winning tickets gave her a bigger split of the still shared pot…half gone to taxes and if you watch these ladies/gents there the litter on their tables says that only let them maybe break even on what they spent./d oi. needless to say I was happy to play but didn’t snare a prize this outting …snaps fingers.

A day late and a dollar short? Or maybe several days. That was bad of me. 😀
My thought is that personal benefit could dwindle if my choice causes a ripple effect. But really,
that’s pretty hard to gauge.

there’s four zones on my home’s smoker they are warm ideal ideal hot- in the first idea tween the e/d if it hits this mark it’s 280 degrees…taylor thermometer / probe digital read. – obviously heat’s required to cook things over time but in a “smoke” this is a results dwindle. yet you’d think it’d be easier to know that- nope. hard to gauge…. next according to what rule is the debate gauged…shhh i don’t much need to know your thoughts on whom- but isn’t it funny that spirit here is exactly NOT one of those items… basic high school debate which i never saw or participated states you must argue on logic/facts not ad hominem or by proxy here “spirit” but if that’s the only rule you ever saw employed to gauge things such would be a blue point win- but it’s fairly clear it’s was also a nice rah rah for the other side too or no ground really gained. hows that for a take on the outcome of that stuff we can’t mention? I’m on a bit of a devil’s advocacy or obstinant opposite kick and will be all month in hopes of being if not original at least seeing things a differen’t or odd way 😀

Well, I am not a church in danger of losing my tax exempt status or anything if I endorse a candidate. 😀 Still.
These debates have become useless, as far as I am concerned. More about putting your best foot forward than discussing the real meat of the matter.

come now 😉 you know we should veggie out more for health’s sake! 😀 mr. meat-of-the-matter 😛 🙂 honestly as this goes on and on like a lecture to a class I had to pay for but don’t need and nothing ‘s close or cute to look at, I’m wondering if it’s come paradoxical finally that to vote mein enemy forward is more significan’t and helpful than my friend. but that’s just me. i’m admittedly a recovered dittohead saved by the salation salvation howard stern who inbetween crassness once uttered intelligence briefly.

I’ve been to Atlanta! GA is a beautiful state!
Glad you are moved! Finally! 🙂
Hope you can get out and about and inflict yourself on the locals! 😉 😀 Er…I mean, get out and about to sight-see (or is it “site-see”) and enjoy some good food and folly and fun! 😀
HUGS!!! 🙂

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