4am thinking

I was whined awake at 2am.  I am still up.  I am stand stooping a computer…. bored silly.  I have the oven as I apparently failed to fight the lack of microwave issue all this time here.  I can’t quite see the map with distances so as to get a better idea what I move to. however it’s obviously not a close thing to either base’s end / town beginning or to the px/commissary.  how far is annoyingly unavailable.  or at least this hot second.  so, with the oven on, I think dreamily of what will be.  this new upcoming life wherein I might get to expletive-ly blank blank cook again  obviously INSTANTLY rethinking 4am bull pucky.  I ain’t blowing 1800 on a tray sealer and and a garage I likely don’t have for a few cases of film and trays.  bleep that!  obviously i failed correctly to quit thinking because it it is 4am well nealry 5 now… this is the perfect time to be bleeping cray cray crazy.   30 x 250 – 7500 containers.  a minor superfund waste depot of plastic!

in other words, it’s fairly toothy to get a pr sealer  and it’s LOT of trays /etc. to get.  however


lunch on the go? 30  x 3 people is 90   so 4 boxes of 30 stated such is a collective type talk. 5 families can easily decimate the stocks   what a party of peeps that is.  bring out your crocks!  bring out your crocks.    printer would have to have a box die cutter and everyone would have to fold boxes    a few stripes glue…. last strip for insertion closure.  spend a day saving money  with2-3 meals/sides brought.  diet to your heavly extra weight anyways and watch the money saved spent elsewhere unsaved really but 😀  think of that ddream that is savings anyways.  quick and easy actual home cookin’



3k saved is 85 cents overhead.  why arbitrary  85 cents?  it’s a specific cost of roughly half what it’d cos to make seal print  glue box the stuff and minimal electricity.  double that to replace the machine and stocks  for the sustainable consideration.  file waranties and remember mac cheese is 3 boxes/trays a pound ish for fatty boy meals and 4 for a pound generous and 5 per pound diet ready.    or it’s 1.85 a tray.  considering this is minor saving and can be massaged further with bulk buying etc.  there is a quality quarter’s saving tto be had.  with brutal time eaten away work.  but 1000 quarters is 250 or a weekend a year / overnight that is  trip .



not worth it so much with mac cheese.  but I’m cooking chicken tikka masala and that’s 4 bucks a box cut that to three buck and thats now like a3 year investment for fun a minor defraying with other use that adds up to 2 holidays a year quality conservative yankee thinking if not yankee pot roast too.  and that halmark bliss of making something that isn’t half wasted because being put up  it is correctly to the lazy later usage.


I still think I’m thinking crazy.  toothy idea costwise .  but at least my dinner for breakfast is nearly done. 😀

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

7 replies on “4am thinking”

🙂 lol i bet – just bet – you see joys as possibilities too. I tend to delight in simple things like welded films 😀 or the rise of a slope so as to be a possibility for a hampered soul rather than a block. i’ve seen youmake a delight of a story ala campfire. I remind you to search for “galaxy magazine internet archive” ” I liked reading june fifty two’s gravy planet hearin the woes about the “connies” my previous personel lady at walmart heh but how delightful droll it was to mean commies.

I suppose the point I ignore the meaning thus do it is to try to be interested in something and learn. it really is NOT surprising to me that electro magnetic waves excite particles and the heat…yet I find it surprising that the inaccuracy of jammin out to the oldies seals my food fresh. the inaccuracy is that it’s a set of single tones not a variable as in “music” – just like standing next to a radar machine cooked the developer’s bologna sandwich hence 30 years later we have that nuclear wave machine “micro wave” but I’d not think ‘RADIO” AND PLASTIC WRAP – WOULD YOU? –I WENT SHOPPING AND MY PITIFUL MATH ISN’T SO HEART BREAKING. AS IN RAZOR MEALS OF THE TYPICAL SPAGHETTI’S OR SIMPLE SAUCED MEATS ARE ABOUT 1.29 ish which isn’t the horrid 1.85 fail of costs to arbitrarily cost use for a fancy machine like above… so given that. and knowing only retail costings. sauce even an 8 oz can at 70 cents dividing 4 is 18 cents and one pound of pasta is 1.60 ish divide 8 or 20 cents. meat be it sauce or meat ball is procurable via military pricing at about 3.20/lb or 20 cents per oz or 50 cents per portion or an agrigate of 88 cents fo far for simple unspiced spaghetti. it isn’t impossible to consider a bit of cheddar for americanizing spaghetti/meatbal and spicings to be only 11 cents and still make not a profit but similar cost model minus my effort paid. I learned long ago that the trick to this life is choice. if one spent the effort coupon cutting and cost savings over say 25 years, about the life point of purchasing a home, one couls legitimately save in modern dollars 4-6 hundred a month which over the life of a home loan would cut such in half as such is the power of interest. the tradeoff is the time isn’t paid for i.e. that effort. and at modern rates it’s dubious if one doesn’t actually technically lose money for the effort though it seems they’d be yankee thrifty and resourceful…and the question of who would do it? well it would only work in a model relationship where the home manager would and such even in the 2000’s is still” lesser” social werighted or “women’s” tragically sounding work yet again, such only proves the rise of club shopping discounts people pay for…and as I a single person ONE MOUTH still have to shop for notice the only thing rising is the cost of both the stuff in general and the tools necessesary to save a buck- like no, I don’t need a pallet of trays to make a reheatable meal I can buy less and pay mnore obviously for washable reusable xiplock/gladware type things and llose both space and such. and the fancy labeling. and not have to dedicate myself to a year’s punishment of nothing but all meals being razor reheaters which no matter how varried it’s the same ooo restriction and it’s not one year but basic cost modeling here 3. becauce 30 cents begins to on ly just make up 2700 clams in that time frame. which is skimping deal cutting etc to getset up. and now you think gladware/ziplocks aren’t that much! and so 2 for 5 bucks simple multi-well lidded freezables and 3 x 7 being 21 let’s just call it 24 so I’ve a day extra in case now /2 x 5 or sixty dollars which is a FAR cry from 2700! six meals far less hassle that making 12 or more for a month’s worth but less choice and variety here is the magic.. but even assuming the hell of washing soaked spaghetti off of plastic and let’s just say it fits my insulated lunch bag which it likely just misses as they’re designed for razor meals just a schosh shorter thinner, you have oh say no real reason you can’t get half a year’s use right? well that’s a lot of gladware and experience shows that it’s a chew toy for dogs and never ever put back correctly after washing so without say a matching lid or a lid minus the point I’m s.o.l. for the tool and replacing it. 120 a year though is still a far cry from 2700 hell even double that is 240 is not 2700! but back to that six meals versus a more variable larger amount and special containers and random irritation of replacements most still think one is saving til we encounter bep in materials which defeats the point of being healthy as that stuff isn’t. and that again lack of choice… oooo. so eff it just amp up the meals from six weekly to 12 by weekley and the number of storage units right? well sure but now one is left by weekly cooking a large amount versus all 10 meals once a month and done or doubling the work and space utilized in a freezer which sure and shootin is a premium! no matter this deal works only on the premise that my time doesn’t count as it’s for a goal of savings however small which achievable obviouswly hinted at here is is possible but not sexy like a fancy tool not cools but pitiful and ordinary and twice the work for no gain but less expense but 40% assuming the worst over the same time easily and handily but the worry reused plastic is a devil of that unknow whatever leaches from it is not ading my soul to thrive… so get post consumer paper and weld film to that? same thing again tool. or skkip the tool and buy the carton with the user snap on lid which after freezing and a strip of tape of rubber band is just about as safe sealed as anything else and the lunch bag is washable anyways if I lie. voila but not nearly as sexy… start to get the hint that much of the magic is the gadget rather than the idea here? and the reality is simple it’s possible but only with vicious dedication otherwise it’s a foul waste of space and money? I have to pause to take the pups for a potty and finish the tepid now coffee I got typing excited here. but not really the point is cool as otherwise it failas to grab and keep the motivation going to eat essentially leftovers which is the point here. a life of leftovers. I obviously don’t mind this with occassional now indian yums but i would if variety flunked or work triples and tool misuse over time saps the budgetary bliss and such…but the trick here is that 3 years of only leftovers? ouch as it’s a tool I have to utilize by cost for myself only even if my joy here is to share. 3 years of leftovers. the food’s costed vicously which means it’s also indexable to caloric values so mr diabetic could in theory bring in a list of my entire diet easily indexeded to times and intake. the fear of spills seals is real the size is critical to convenience too as although I’m failing to prove this mathmatically the look of things sells it, the oompah of wow that’s nifty sells it but yet it’s that math underneath that makes it a value in the end. that film is far less mess than an askance lid over but popped from the container even with a slit and upside down thawed is not everywhere and gladware notoriously leaks so thawed it’s all over. or chewed by the dogs in need of a toy bored. reusable means care and most don’t so disposable means woops ruined but cheaper whatever. I’m failing huge to make the point though that no matter what it’s 3 years of leftovers .. that’s cool to consider but i haven’t proven it lifestyle wise that I would make that commitment. and why buy for others to not care? my choice forces no one elses if I make mine right. I hate saying no but obviously I whine that if someone just helped soak up the cost here this would be perfect! half leftovers over three years would be dealable.showing off not suffering is the point. suffering is not choice. and don’t forget breakfast and me is I don’t dore reheated eggs especially in a tortilla . so that’s really four years of living and nowadays that’s begging a lot of consumer products to last warranties or not. 2 years half time is cdool and savings but 4 now is a new life stuck. and I must assume all costs in advance savings or not. if it didn’t save me…shit, what a waste. just like that stick blender I used it and when they came out one did save a penny on the beans making them myself… now I literally lose money buying dried beans in quantities I’ll use before the tool cost! and refried beans is mainly what I bought the immersion blender / stick blender for! but I know how to also make a wicked soup!.. I hate talking myself out of cool because I literally for reason not just money can’t afford it because I wont let it make cost sense of itself.. but erven still the point it there how to make the most of wows. being unafraid to analyze twice the real meanings and accept that there are choices built in to this.

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