Wednesday Weeds

I’m up for my bag of weeds.  weeding woo hoo 😛  prior to this was the mens morning circle across the street for some sreeching most of us out of tune and some words religious.  one must be loud and proud…pity about the out of tune.  It’s a fairly simple thing, I stay I contribute.  I did more than I set out and support got up so that more is done than I’d ever do on my own :P_  the news is of interesting woes.  one had some paper troubles as did another – one hoping his legal issues well both face some.. one trying to be on track and the other had saved to make easier his and was robbed with  a drunken visit.  I know both face the concept that they didn’t do whatever for themselves yet they tried and “circumstances” interviene.  I find that an interesting thing to see when I have tried to work so I don’t face … just that… being told I didn’t try as I sit here happy i did.  odd.  but the import isn’t lost on me.  try anyways not always will things go to hoyle….expecting ease after effrorts to court just that.  ease.  the point I suppose of the legal is only that it really really counts as it would and does for me that I have efforts and it means something to me to get a bit further down independance road… yet it MAY not go to Hoyle and then what?  one foot infront of another anyways.


Idid get to try thatcher’s cider the supposed grail ‘s contents of English cider.  along with a sheppy’s single varietal and then promptly got picked on for being mr festival.  what do i mean I don’t have a bit of a buzz on an 8 oz consumption?  mr festival.  ha ha ha ha ha.  as you can see for yourself, the Blessing isn’t a punch in the eeth but the encoragement to not consume at all  i.e. a taste maybe but to just not consume alcoholic beverages.  to not expect 2 days of work current to be magic salvation, to soberly expect the joy of life sure, but tobe conscious it might be struggles to overcome too whipped with a sense of joy not woe.  turns out the holy grail of thatcher’s is only that it’s not available without international bringing backers so heh, turns out it sucks.  I waited and hoped for?  something not quite the dream come true.  heard of others efforts turned suddenly soured despite real world effort that is painted as effectively no effort at all…yet such only mean more efforts still with a smile.  yes, this means too to be aware I may enjoy the concept beer forever but probably should continue to remember soberly it’s becoming not worth the taste.  which funny funny the latest catch on tv was henry winkler, william shatner, goerge foreman and a younger host tour the world in “better late than never along with terry bradshaw.  they were eating dinner in japan and enjoyed asking after a taste they didn’t recognize only to be told they were eating deirt.  you know how it SOUNDS but I’ll just bet it was magic dirt for the taste 🙂


with that in mind, the expression of being told youre eating dirt,  I am reminded thatI must also bolster to meet adventure with not just hope but expectation and yet ability to yeild to it not being as imagined.  yes, i even thus have attended church in preparation to meet the bible belt where spirituality spoken of isn’t CHURCH and I am likely expected to be of one  and yet try try try not to misunderstand I may find it hyupocracy central to may way of living thinking about being nice in spirit and action yet some may….well fall short in different but unlike mine all too well known ways and yet unlike me may gain acceptance for being themselves and I not for being entirely ODD.


bad line of the moment… to be a real pain in the pickle I’m going to move again too… to an I haven’t seen you in ages! the Latin man about peed himself laughing.  coporately approved NAUGHTY talk. 😉   now to go about the joy of life trying to deliberately sucker some sucker into marmited toast… marmite is english for vegemite a yeasty extract whatever that is just chock full of b vitamins!  but probably as even yet still I don’t know, tastes like puke or beef steak dependending on what of it you need…if it’s like any b vitamin experience set I’ve ever had.  but heh.  plotting the foodie hoodwinks 😀  I must be evil or at least impish.  I may weed some more just avoiding the rain.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

3 replies on “Wednesday Weeds”

I should note I’m Mils Away again. Denver no longer dwindles it is done. I am in Colorado Springs for a weekish well less of pack and move. So I may just have to hit the old haunts one last instant I mean the thrill of late night shopping here and the like. it’s a travel thing doc appointments and the like that mean there isn’t time to let me through the week because I have to go in one simple moment/insstant or one less person is about to be about for it getting done. as you may imagine I’m going to have to go shoppping as instant movement nowadays means no matter how well I pack I must unpack and thus something my hangables remain up north minus one set of good pants . this is only fair to share in the feeling as in our serving soul hasn’t leave approved and must wait thus full price travel. I haven’t the address so obviously I will know when i’m told like anyone else. there is the HOPE of the last minute previous to this oak creek colorado town visitation which means last day of this season taco stand hit up and the circle r gastro pub just as the leaves change in the higher hills. the taco stand makes a mean mean mahi mahi taco/burrito and circle r surely has something hipster happening on the menu perhaps purple cabbage eggrolls with duck mean which hopefully this time is antelope or some weird high class offer. to maybe hear the train one last time at oh my god thirty am echoing across the hills…. perhaps steamboat for curry and strawberry hills or springs whatever a natural hot springs off the river with a theater imax style of steep hills with fat aspens just changing. or divide colorado to momma in laws to pack up. anyways tonight was yorshire fish and chips and for a change they were good. one last time good. so I’m asked my highlight of 9 days in denver… my response and it’s accurate is? jaywalking the santefe to i twenty five corridor. yes being illegal just one last time. and yes, I bring something colorado along. lapseng su chong tea and absinthe ordinaire. and really distressingly good jap candy. 😀

You are boppin’ around!
Is Friday weed different than Wednesday weed?!
One time, when I was 4 years old I ate dirt. It didn’t taste like I thought it would. 😀
HUGS!!! More good luck and best wishes, too! 🙂

I suppose today i should find the food truck. it’s not like playying spot the submarine but it is a game. it’s nearly two thirty and seems i’m awake in the night. this could mean fancy breakfast thoughs. not necessarily fancy breakfast, just thoughts.

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