Denver Dwindles

DD cup breast references whee!

anyways today was go get paid part one simple check / call or web check midday for the first job i worked.

what follows is?  blissful explorativeness.  I walked somewhere I never do and probably shouldn’t have either out and about.  Sante Fe St from louisiana ave to alameda avenue and alameda up  a few block to the train station to get down town.  bliss.  why?  because santa fe is a highway in it’s own right and there are no sidewalks suspiciously on purpose 😀  and it’s a high speed interchange to interstate 26.  yes, i jay walked the two lane highway onramp  and hogged my own lane…okay under construction  and jay walked a few more on and off ramps too.  bliss.  thuroughly illegal and if they’d have know i couldn’t see atop that heartattack.  for those having one, santa fe has a few lights that almost completely  empty the interchange points of traffic so contrary to popular belief I was NOT seeing cars at all while crossing because if i did I couldn’t cross as I already know after 40mph i  see it?  I can’t go.  I can’t walk fast enough.


I visited the japanese market after passing the greyhound bus station without being asked for a cigarette in fact i visited down town without the denver tax.    I have this moment here  to access whether i wish to pack a bottle of absinthe .  I live in a newer less booze friendly lifestyle and such with others too.  I don’t particularly want absinthe it’s not that all that.  it’s just strong and weird.


I am glad of the lapseng su chong tea/ twinnings brand, kasugai and others gummy candies excellence. a hot sesame chili oil for ONE type siz which is perfect for ramen noodle action, a lil tin of roasted eel and of course i can’t tell which is which looking variety pack ramen… the ramuni of the strawberry variety didn’t survive the trip 😉


well, to get after a beer if I’m going to. and get home    I sense I’ll know tomorrow the mechanics logistics of when i’m moving the house awaits approval.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

3 replies on “Denver Dwindles”

yes, to make traveling easier, I was removed from the lease so they could travel on military orders. I was the sticking point being non-nuclear family. so this aurora / denver was to try and get some day labor if to defray the costs some suure but mainly to paper trail be hirable elsewhere. with current verified employment versus an excuse 😉

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