Moon day marks.

Monday not x, marks the spotd  I am to find out a home has been seleected and how to get it.  this will precipitate the “move”  I notice sis isn’t visiting so i guess i jumped in line.  I’ve visited the neighbors here at the old house and a buddy all about town.  I got that crucial mark of I can still walk off the street and get work  but I should go get paid for it 😉


so monday has the early alarm set so i could in theory work tomorrow.  I believe it when i’m paid from/home from it.  I did all my week’s laundry so i’m freshly repacked.   I’ve hit the important explorative place food for tea as it was on sale which i’m becoming to detest as such means lesser quality… but I got a vietnamese loose leaf jasmine tea and an oolong in bags tea.  i’m after the oolong now which has a slight grass town yet is good.  the jasmine tea almost smelt like carpet powder tube exploded in the house yet the next morning made a very good tea with a real hint of jasmine blossom and thus jasmine scent as in that unmistakable grape soda scent.    yes, obviously i intentially get side tracked.  what a lousy structure of writing save to make that point wooorrk nope tea.


I thus if failing to get sent out expect to be paid and will likely hit up the mountain town casino for lunch… and depending on how filling it is, will sedriously try after something odd for dinner.  I would hope for oddly this moment not something chinesey overpowering but something simple like sweet and sour something or other…. this means buck a scoop action@


no dedicated restaurant makes a good hotdog as in there is the following and it was four dollars not well spent.  but hold for link.  highly rated hot diggity dog!  I’m sorry my reason for complaint of unwowed is simple, i visited Detroit.  if you visit lafayette’s coney island you might think this kind of stuff just ain’t it.  thus i have a preference. it ain’t mustardy. 😀


I watched the conner v. diaz fight with an admitted bunch of stoners and seriously dug the home made zucchini  bread.  I brought wine spritzers for myself.  oh well maybe a chicken will occur.  wined up.


I suppose this means it all comes down to wether i leave correctly tomorrow with the literal hope I’m not picked for work so i can putz about more  just saying. I made an efforrt 😀 lol.  there is a point to this because it’s reverse psyco.logy.  I expect being slightly annoyed to be picked helps get me picked 😀  I wou’d like to approach what it cost me to get out.  a phone, lunch equipment lunch product etc travel  what happens when it fails time wise etc or truly defray costs which will return again when i move to a new locale.  if not I’m not against taking not the bus to a gambling town i can’t afford that crap especially wanting to gamble so i expect i’ll sneak up to the old old old homestead and hit up the hardest choice going for ME  VS.    I’m reminded that they’re about to celebrate 30 in the old hometown  buenos… i suppose it translates as good times!  but they were too.  I remember mr spanish song singer jim beaming his self under the table at the bday party for my brother’s 21.  jerk was uphill from me and wet the floor so i wore that too.  the next day was a journey to the blackhawk as it was just about to break ground on casino building.  we had to see it before “john denvered it  ”  “tore down a few mountains to bring in a couple more.  more people, more scars across the land.”  colorado rocky mountain high.


but kt’s is seriously a nice sammich and I like the hotter than typical sissy corporate hot sauce too.


but in reality I would travel louisville/lafayette for either or, ting’s place, a perrennial favorite chinese or the sweet tomato which is NOT sweet tomatoes the chain but a independant italian place mmm mmm good.  orf revel not in any of that but the specific memory highschool of walking down to papa franks where we had to sit across from the school administration playing hookey.  i liked the sweet sausage sandwich.  reading a menu of how the owner got his start catering for senator gary hart.  the sauce is old old old school watery like you know it’s scratch made from real tomatoes kinda …. simple yet good.  so is the memory.  i could just as easily hit up micro express for the inexpensive chinese lunch too …or just hop the bus from here to the newer old homestead and do up a kebab and grab a beer at about the only bar that i didn’t feel a wall flower at but for obvious reasons I’m  conflicted here.  I don’t have to quit this instant but by the same token i don’t need to be drinking either so I had me a hoorah already that’s good enough.  but i suppose it’s really time to explore!  meaning I’ll scrub some wall somewhere 😛  which is the idea actually. lol  I have  not forever here but i ‘m not leaving town tomorrow either so a bit of enterprise… hmph  monday.  i can’t trust this day.





By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on “Moon day marks.”

in this case 😉 it was quite useful. I had a reason to “attitude” allll day. many facets. first was this blog wherin i tried to feel like i was being robbed by being employed and went straight to work. thus truly achieving my goal here yes, on paper one job off the street does it, but two is better than one as it just goes to prove I can and will do what’s required of me monday normal am and trhursday overnight shift. … the other attitude points were I waas trying to be efficient and yet obviously lacking site and having to walk that little bit closer only to be pissed off i walked the wrong way and missed yet another bus I was losing time….jaywalking buecause another half mile is just out of the question I’m flippin tired it’s the heat of the day! blah blah blah, this actually is an adventure but it leaves me with a presence that gets me left alone. the next attitude is I finished my day I suffered the getting to and from taking not the fiftynine sisty six and zeero and walking but the seventy six one buddy break one and walking thirty one walking andrealising I ran out of time for tghe mission to get paid so went home and despite sharing my attitude idea as applied to another situation and being told I interrupted as my idea wasn’t the conssensus 😀 shhh this is okay!, then fell aslep watching youtubes of bush tuckerman…but got up to be in my own space and up early too . I mean it’s important to me to utilize attitude. yes how tragic sheeople of me to hate mondays how unstylish garfielf can but I’m not a star so I cant or wow I’m? tragic unstylish hahahaha. wrong. in this case it was deuce important to do the second job out, it was moving jewelry display cases far too heavy to actually carry I mean I personally can’t lift my side of a half piano let alone the piano. however, I wasn’t hired for that I was hired to help pivot which I most certainly can do. and did.

lol, yeah.stopped mid route for to visit barber pal on his day off, prior to this the lady moved her stuff so I could sit in shade and then lost her patience with the little yapppy dog going literally hoarse barking at us 😀 she said quote ish god it’s like I’m at home! which was a tad hard to hear through the jackhammering across the street. I chattered with the bus lady hearing my route transfer called and got off the wrong bu\stop killing the mission as I was not supposed to enjoy that half hour barb er buddy visit lol nor the walks to try and get there on time. I am not positive but after walking about to get away from the mall job, I may have found where my previous boss lives. baased on how people talk about what they’ll get on the way to work you have their on the way home area and around the job areas. well I walked by her target 😀 and past a few gated communities..holes in the security everywhere but what! the intersection by the target on west bowles ave near southwestplaza is signed you can use a crosswalk 3 blocks up so as to \safely wait to wait again on this boulevard esque portion of a busy street to only MISS the bus as it goes by before you can cross. or the other lady waiting for the my getaway noting the quality of the air was methylated smelly and seriously this wasn’t my fault aactive sewer day i guess. enjoying the dinner at where the asian place surely ended up acdross the street which was le dead but it was good food, although i seriouslly could NOT impress on her I wanted the damn key lime pie! lol. hahaha. there thai like tom yum but not tom young oops yum haha actually there…is good. she brough me a big bowl of it and that was like too much so she didn’t charge sensing displeasure. it’s just included in the tip. and of course the later household here chats… mr sociedty. a few people who were asking me if i got ticketed on leaving work ….sounds like coops but it’s just work for the day yay. lotsa people if you think about it.

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