Suc Cess ful?

Laugh with me… with ironic joy that I left the hills and thus Walmart employ to greener pastures… I obtained employment via temporary agency my first assignment?  Walmart.  Ironic.

4 days, 100+ miles and costs too, 2 distinct cities to work the edge of a third, dunny cleaner to warehouse and or stocking. with the shot if I lie well of capacity to cook (no real large employment history of said but yes duh I know HOW to) all so I might actually get a job as…a “cook”  😉  ( I did put some hot dogs on a roller grill and time them for temperature correctnesses before.  I know this sounds very easy for you to wonder how snotty sarcastic I’m being.  I’m not.  I would like both to turn out for this reason.  showing up to 2 jobs  but first it’s job number one.  I must do something horrendous.  I must report to a Karenat Walmart soon,  I had another Karen at then one in my hills, I never ONCE arrived or worked in correct uniform.  so I must as a NON employee dress to the Walmart Standard just once…more irony?  I’m 😉 not being cynacle nor sarcastic.  but just point out I hope you are saying CESS as in pool / pit you know that word.


suc Cess find me.  it’s so blessed.  it’s very amusing.


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

12 replies on “Suc Cess ful?”

Aw. I am happy for you that you are working a new gig even though it’s an old scene. I am at about an 80% in excellence, so that means someone’s also cleaning up some of my messes (and this is going on 5 years!). I think you are doing all right.

thankfully no bail was needed 😀 your tally all glasss were: herdez hot red salsa, two pickle jars classic vlasic splatastic, and one pimento.. it therefor was in fact a “red green show”. you sing a ssong to their memories. I can’t say of course i acquitted myself within not trying but a first day succeessful showing was rather splateered and shattered everywwhere. wow. if I only knew how to cut cforners better! i stubbornly methodically reorganized the poorly set shelf here or there to actually reflect what those cards where saying…yes glasses to the sticker rail to read… quite a sight to behhold. I did methodically stack to the back the merchandise too. but the view of my work might have been a tad colorful 😉 har har har. anyways to brush my hair and get outta HERE new day and the main thing achieved hired and worked next week maybe dog sitting tonight MAYBE event work maybe not if I get anywhere lol :D.

For one thing I’m surprised Wal-Mart uses temp services. I don’t know why as it seems every place is now days. Following the rules as a temp? You are being quite the rebel. I hope all goes well! (and thanks – now I want a hotdog!). peace & smiles

hehehehhh 🙂 I was looking up bush tuckerman episodes we started one we’d seen and i hollered for a repick and we get the early ray mears todo about samuel hearn. they demonstrate a fancy to me wood bark pot. obviously bark flames nicely in fires 😀 so perhaps all those pictures of indian saunas where they’d carry rocks to the sauna and then do up water for the steam? indirect cookery? stone soup comes to mind and after that pot thing i laugh as the stone’s value is even more keeny ly demonstrated 🙂 but to keep this simple enough you no mindee me tossing some stones in for you to have hot hot dog?? 😉 tossin stones a real stoning of a dinner 😀

You know of course I had to look up these people you mention – just enough to see they are woodsman. We don’t have to go to the all the trouble of a stone and bark fire – and tossing stones altogether. Quick Trip has an excellent hotdog – crazy I know – but they use very good quality hotdogs on their roller grill ( I had no idea they were called that). Maybe within in the next few days I’ll stop and get one — and one of their fruit cups/ bowls to go with it. They have them with pineapple so yum. 😉

july bon apetite magazine of this year at your library has a wickedly over worked array of them to view should you wish to be fuh fuh fuh fancy. 😀 they are on the cover so it’s easier to spot the article magazine issue. yes a teflon roller grill and they’re quite pricey things so lol obvviously I roll mine in a teflon pans andrather enjoy the marks. I belive those the sandwich I got out was very nice it was an italian sausage with also italian beef supposedly an au jus or seasoned sliced beef atop a suasage. on a bun with a heap for me special of hot pepper medley.. the idea has me thinking if you like soups too 😀 you could make a simmered roast till it’s fall apart or. just appropriately done… either way you’ve a pot of boiling liqauid and that’s where you can toss in a onion and have a fine inexpensive salvation of the stock as french onion soup. serve the sandwich slices thin on a warm bread item and you’ve a little lead weight in your belly called dinner. use a device for the big crouton atop the soup if using traditional bowls not perpose au gratin soup thingos? makemake your crouton out of trimmed edges and pan fry toast? if you’re that way or just toaster it and they get close but that means more crumbs then you still can top with cheese and broil or torch melt the cheese for hot french onion soup… don’t matter if you pork instead of classic beef as one can manage this better for one person’s many meals better with a country pork ribs than a supposedly omg priced small roast. howevver it still isn’t the wisest idea to under do pork so saianara medium rare beef of the roastr.. and the bone if any on YOUR country rib can reboil in stock for a pep up this leaves room for a saturday step out for a fancy fancy hotdog.

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