forever ago.

I learned over the years of what was and what coule be, this is a link to mobile home manufactuerers association or the “club list” of who’s who.

why here? who cares?  etc?  if you want one or own one this is likely who made it so you can get yours in better than schlock condition with tips and tricks or insurance approved methodology/practice to make….money.  One of my friends wishes to make some money selling them and as I think She’s smart as a tack,  I offer this link  buried in a page of bullshit who cares! from it.  I did/do again.

pine grove homes

silvercrest homes


they were my neato’s in that day.  silvercrest because of this model ts-2 which looke d neat then  and otherwise isn’t a ompany focus now but exist in backdoor archiving.

I know it isn’t a home in the stick build sense but it is fast and affordable with some really neat neat neat architectural workarounds to make it YOUR kind of place….maybe.  a simple pad for the shelter of the car in rain but also a balcony! sweet.

then, kitchens sell most homes and all architecture isn’t the outside but the inside to. so pingrove’s French galley wall.  no longer directly viewable from their current site.


this is the French corbeled arch, they’ve other brick or galley hearths.  I happen to like this one most or did in the day.


this is what I can reconstruct in memory in an instant plus a half hour.  I don’t know that you’d want a mobile home but if you do I know people.  and if you’d like them to professionally care that you are cared for during and after sale, this stuff might help them convince you that they care.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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