(travel link from roughly my mother’s building not apartment sorry, security! and now? FARE costs busses ccheap but not free.) not colorado springs mountain metro transit obviously have medicare card so that”s covered medicaid doesn’t count you must get a discount card of disability which takes a morning half day trip… or fares are more than double this, don’t forget a limited directional transfer!! either if required or taking multiple conveyances.

that’s one heck of a huge link!  it’s so i can get myself to the bussing and walking of course lol to a office-y type day labour place in my mother’s neck of the woods.  why don’t i stay put?  I’m off the apartment lease officially tomorrow it helps to physically actually be gone!! 😀  also, i didn’t spot this type of day labour elsewhere in “my”town.  and as my brother is on cooridor to contruction type manual labour, i’m hoping a whole lot of thought to this is to make the right steps on time to? get ONE whole day  hopefully 3 nearly three days worth which is designed to make me show on paper legally I make? mor than 3 times rent which is designed in many areas to be precisely  3-5 days work a month.  yes, sneaky how 2 people on ssi can not technically many places rent a simple apartment if one is following a simple 40% rent  monthly income.   sneaky that pricing to price someone legaly and fairly out of a whole lot of not really so huge nice areas as a full contributing resident.


he highlights to this area are:

I’m close to the east european deli  which is my hotspot for fancy russian chocolates…sh they’re likely made entirely in the usa.

masala usa is an all vegetarian Indian cuisine restaurant next to an Indian market/grocery doing well for at least a decade.  i look forward to trying to hit this place up more than about any place in this metro.  i like their crepes.

I really liked the paper thin dosa I got there first however last time I tried a chettinadu one.  it’s weird how seemingly exspensive it is.  seemingy.  weird how value works as it’s technically cheaper than a denny’s diner type array of many of their offerings and like many a place the portion is for this buck fifty pounder i can not finish….a vegetarian dish.

I’m also close to a mega mart called h-mart.  this isn’t as asiany as it used to be carrying many other ethnic goods than “asian”

but as you seee, this is more of a chance to travel on my own to opportunities hopefully I can turn into joys.  it’s important less to worry that this is wall to wall paychecks, sure i want cash! but i more or less want to say i’m a few dollars more than a disaility paycheck.  this may be my ticket to more independance later 🙂  or just a fun shot to see my mother and brother.


obviously i have some fun foodie or otherwise places to visit before this short period of time sees me move to ft benning with sis and her husband.  these can be:

Pino pizza; Englewood – Pizza and wine? classy!  but in reality it’s about the best salami pizza with a red pepper flake bake inside crust pie.

Rodeo 2-aka- los mesones west colfax Denver- it’s a small hole in the wall mexican place but unlike ALL of worthless for them Colorado Springs CO a metro of it’s OWN, I can’t find a explitive added Sopes!!  Johhny G’s a mexican food truck never seems to be anywhere online with location info when I can go hunt all over town to find them not there.  every other place turned out to be out of business.   so is the sopes that worth it? yep. is the pacific merchanitile a Japanese market in the heart of lodo denver for my favorite small sizes items nifty and ethnic.

The Denver Public library which is bar none fun.  why, they do geneology floor cool old real world maps not good ol google but terrain maps with precision measuring??  why?  I want some better ideas of space in a sky and cloud valume.  obviously clouds vary a lot.


and i suspect i want to see a laser show. so 😉

15 museum planetarium lists no laser shows boo!  but tween them and the imax it’s a spendy outting but a thrill.   imax and planetariumshould be like extra lol.  7 imax day time showings require museum entry as does planetarium which is 5.  …  i wonder if my one time camper still volunteers wednesdays? it’s only a 15 years later. lol.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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I can’t keep up with your moves.. heh. I’m wondering how many places you’ve lived since I’ve known you. And of course you mustn’t tell the apartment but all of us can go linger outside the building until we spot you coming or going ;-). You know all the good and bad on the food circuit – don’t you. peace & smiles

I enjoyed the huaraches. bit of a bust feeling on the shope my resume but I owe the lady a thanks. I looked up the job she offered. it is mostly to find out I couldn’t really get there and I cant without cabbing as it was a Friday 5:30a start with no bus that way only for it to be and I state this on paper application process I would run into needing reasonable accommattions based on sight issues as in mine’s poor …to do “electronics assembly” at best this is a frighten me I wouldn’t be a fit a it’s speedy and fine detail stuff. I … well stop. someone offered me the best they had available the closest to my home listed and even still tried to help me by shopping my resume about which is a security thrashing for my privacy … but I admit it didn’t feel like that when the lady didn’t take my id/social security card meaning I wasn’t hired and no drug test so I’m NOT ready to go anywhere legally, justa viable to begin again buy to get change. I walked by three financial institutions all on the wrong side of a very busy street and thus it’s 2 hours to got from 3 miles ish or so walking about in circles to then at the Mexican joint have it more than the cash on hand so a card transaction and then forget to cash that bill again hit the store to finally buy something… wak to the buss try to enjoy a bit of that on the way. I meanthink now I’d not have had huaraches a damned hard thing to find at a place serving it well that s a single person still served me. alone. chipsand salsa. now I know this is hard but there is more I get home to write late it turns out my resume and have it in process of vetting as to make it succinct and brief it would simply show me as a six weekwalmart worker with 10 year of almost zero employment instead of 2 years never missing a day ever plus rockstar employment with sensitive people in a position of trust. or that while I do odd jobs here or there wildly divergent ones too I do my very best and that best is what most want dependable….or it is about that GRACE 😀 I mean I’m not writing a resume for the circular file and all my shiny points not available. hmn or security. I rarely put it out where I live and thus lol neat. so hugs I look over my glasses at you in that universal look of you must be kidding 😀 –so do you want a root. beer. think now, I told you that the funny aussies say rootin is about having the sexual coitous and beer is back to not soft drinks but road soda for adults. do you want a root. beer? lol. you have another mail yon today… lol I moved furniture and vacuumed as it needed it for mom as in under couches all the rugs top underside and underneath you know a REAL job. heh. paid better too, fresh panini to order tea and other yums and welcomed in sweats not pressed churchly’s

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