movies with mom were “Bad Grampa” and “Star Trek 6” as i have only limited internet as the ddsl light reads red, not connected.  I was 21rst in line for my visit to comcast to get what you see before you…limited acccess via another method.  Sis made chili it was good.

you know darn well this skips the bliss that is walking sam’s club to collect a boston cut pork shoulder that i didn’t find at costco only to mention it to sis who snarls the how many times did i say we’re not buying anything til the freezer’s empty.  before you throw popcorn and boo! at this tragedy of life or the potential LOSS *delay* of puulled pork sliders revisited, consider cheering for someone with the good damned sense to manage a budget, limited space and god forbid a quality diet…. then boo and throw popcorn at the screen 😀

I’m telling you, it’s high drama perrenial excitements…. not.  but the movie and dinner were good.

you’d think I’d be dying to travel the state and suck it’s essence dry! as I’m still angling to move on along more or less permanantly.  you’d be somewhat wrong.  it isn’t like i can’t find excitements but simply I don’t feel i’m saying goodbye to living in colorado.  I highly suspect I’m to return here or there like it’s still home of a sort.  also it’s strickly quality budget sense that the first thing i want to do on moving is explore, how can I if I’m dead broke with months of recovery before i can consider excitement existing?  I have a subtle feeling I get life ass backwards.  be excited twice and even through financial crunches.  not stolidly think there is only ONE tomorrow i can afford.  I am not saying sprend broke and starve… just that abundance isn’t so paultry. 😀


I signed on to discuss the crooked aloe club.  i looked on visiting in kc and i swear the boys can’t pot up a straight aloe plant.  this is rather damned sad.  it however amuses me to no end.

so does the silly notions of marijuanna product coated paper to be a “hash” cigarette complete with a:  modern understanding that to stay less than sharp one must mix the different cannabanoids which effect how the thc hits/lasts  and b: a variety of fine if naturally derived flavors to glue the “good” stuff to the paper complete with a novel concept…a sorta filter not really just enough of a space one can hold with a finer and stop flaming hot ash burns to the mouth.  or: the bloody modern construction complete to the draw, even burn, ability to burn out if unutilized swiftly!  .  this means based against what i know… “keef” ofthe resin heads /bubble on the leaves of “dope” is “hash” but not considered exactly so based on the process imagined above which is simpler extractions of this resinous stuff that mixed with a flavored glue gets the stuff to paper then rolled with gun powder impregnations to control hol stuff burns evenly and both glue and the whatever resinous stuff is also checked to burn precisely thus to be a better/safer “” product.  dumbass name for this super stix?  ‘shish’ies  why… everyone has to have a brand.  paper? a mixtures depending on need of likely rece paper common to cigarettes with it’s trace gun powder impregnations  or combo hemp rice.  filter is not more than a cardstock spiral of hemp paper which burns less well.  thus a paper is applied in glue, dusted with the ‘stuff’ rolled or if that’s iimpractical a core is inserted into an outter wrapper/filter.    I know this seems rather odd but to be less lollipoppy instead of flavoring the glue with say methyl anthranilate for concord graper flavor for instance, specialty hops….a cousin to marijuanna anyways can lend that far out fragrances ….deunno.  never burned a hop.  i might want to rethink this some 😀


yes, as is always, i still don’t know why the mechanics of things interests me as marijuanna i avoid for “that” purpose I always end up feeling wicked blue so once i noted it always came after injestion I just avoid it.  so why considering legalities would i care to be the next phillip morris?  dunno.  interest is interest.  so, if you see rainbow ‘shish’ies you know I was read or I got kinky tinkering.

the biggest reason is the interest in how there is a massive process of spiking the tobacco taste to tobacco product and the firing it so it bursts with steam to “puff” this is dried and shaved.  this also isn’t always just virgin tobacco but old tobacco  when stuff expires reprocessed and waste cutting this stuff to get rid of it.  how stuff works did a do up on phillip morris once it’s still on youtube.  I’m amused by hot science.


and pulled pork sliders.

and calling the two buddies who cant seem to grow straight aloe… the crooked aloe club.  if only i had a t u s to make that a funny acronymn.  if only.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

7 replies on “potted”

I wouldn’t want you starting a romur rumor that I’m like sane. 😀 or think i never have hear word one of the stuff 😀 lol. I have however it’s just easier to say it’s kitty urine smelling foul and asside from a mild interest in hemp clothing, I’m not particularly interested the instant it becomes “saleable” which means the “weed” weyes come out and all i end up with ishn’t a crop but crap. and in fairness I can by likenings say the anti nausea for people is more like from their descriptions to me is a fine line between too much cough syrup and a nap. however, just because i fuddy duddy too 😉 doesn’t mean where tacitly legal others can’t have a fine time.

“crooked aloe club”…I think this is a club of aloe plants who meet weekly to wreak havoc…you know…shoplifting “Miracle Grow” and plant sticks from Home Depot, siphoning water out of bird baths, bugging insects, sun-jaywalking, etc. 😀
You should join the Weekly Wacky Weed club! 😛
HUGS!!! 🙂

nah, that only leads to the big blues, we skip the blues excepting blueing for steel or whitening agent for white clothes 😀 😀 herbescent malevalensce 😀 the crooked aloe club. 😀 hmn 😉

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