a heartland home

I am home.  the serving soldier for this trip is on another to his duty post. I stopped a place or two along the way.  I arrived home to the fatal toejame of half my ceiling edges blackening water damage or mold or both what else would this be?  I stole a moment and had a few stolen seamingly out from under me.

Missouri was just plain damned hot.  I live in a dry state that’s notorious by comparison mild for temperatures and. humidity but is somewhat higher up in the sky…a little closer to heaven figuratively.  what shite blasphemy!  I point out that i skip the joke temporaily of Missouri meaning to be a Freudian slip of it being MISERY instead of Missouri.  I didn’t feel like it lacked but one treasure and that was a friend of internet clicks who left us thanks to that nasty C stuff.  oh I knew.  I knew when i rolled by her town.  I just knew.  I sure did notice the heat and the mug;giness along the way too as it just bursts with grean with blond limestone outcroppings.  I know it isn’t perfect when i read of the park i am thefting a picnic spot to be in as it clearly did say private property… but I ignored the signs signs everywhere a sign blocking up the scenery and clogging up my mind.  one of the signs said the spot had a nitrates / nitrites elevation of significant note…. who of the dorks planted the hot dog tree?  thankfully it didn’t flourish but they didn’t go unnoticed trying!  *if you do no t understand this loft joke, it is that nitrates and nitrites are used in a LOT more than just hotdogs but many processed meats to principally keep them “reddish”    I also tried to steal evening time and morning time to enjoy the heat without the heat.  I did this many places in my stops in missouri despite preferring initially to flee the mosquitos – I know what they are, I just have lived where the caught a nasty disease and have been religiously sprayed out of existance in my life in colorado …not here.  not unless one wishes to bathe often in ddt.

I saw a czech egg in Wilson, KS.  it was on the way to collect a bottle of smokey hill vineyard’s pink now orangish thus likely u, o.l.d. “pink” catawba wine.  I doubt it’s better than the other’s i’ve tried.  I wanted it as it’s specifically the reason pink catawba wine was of my thoughts.  of course the label indicates it’s different thus changed, the stores or businesses associating with the company shut down or list closed online thus i suspect theres something to the stuff.  the indication was family tragedy in operations.  if so i again came too late.    why must this be pointed out to me ??  I mean universally speaking.

the czech egg was larger than I and pretty it was a few more doors down to MADE FROM SCRATCH which again of Wilson KS is a restaurant where the foods are more often made from scratch including mashed potatoes, the krytonite of superman eaters.  it took effort to leave after less than ONE plate at the buffet.  they didn’t offer today the fried chicken but they did offer fried fish, smoked ribs, and fried shrimp.  full salad bar, scratcch mashed bbq sauce and white only actually gravy.  peas and perhaps carrots.

brochures offered up OZ and wizzard of oz themed tourist trap surely, the al’s testicle? festival.  a tulip festival. a late july  “after” harvest festval too. and a pretty stone church that while nicely done was disbanded? and only the sruviving parishioners panhandlin donations to keep after it’s upkeep and the cemetary.


however nothing comes close to “la bodega” a tapas restaurant in kansas City Missouri.  that was food ecstacy.   it at HAPPY HOUR was 25 ish thereabouts per person….where much was about half off.  watch yourself.  You will eat too much bread.  You will LIKE eating too much bread.  but do see if you can part the wallet purse for the marinated mushrooms.


I know i can smoke cigarettes more often more places but it frustrated me to see the control of this is done by eliminating ashtrays or trash recepticals near buildings which leads to a LOT of litter.  I mean it’s kept after but i’d rather have option to serve my own habits without resorting to smelling either like an ashtray with a piocket of butts or litter…neither option is acceptable.


prices were higher in KS than in my area of Colorado in many cases and DIRT CHEAP in MO…as in often upwards of 30% cheaper…not including the near 50% of on base pricing which doesn’t require tax.


first watch also of Kansas City, MO was breakfast leaving.  it offers a large array of wow for breakfast.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “a heartland home”

Glad you are home again, home again, jiggety-jog, or jiggety-jig. 🙂
Sounds like an interesting…very interesting…trip.
Sad to pass by her town. 😦
Oh…HA! I’ve seen signs for the testicle festival! Makes me snort-laugh! :-p
HUGS!!! 🙂
PS…I blogged about the nasty C stuff while you were traveling.

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