Mission trouble maker.

I am in the middle of Missour ish the opening of august and wouldn’t ya know it? it’s blasted warm here.

I’m here for the second graduation of my house’s army serviceman from his job training  which will shift him and I too across the land some.  yes tag along.

lake of the Ozarks is pretty as is the one before it near a town called warsaw, MO where a previous Xanga lived before cancer snuck up.  I am a tad late visiting, but august in MO is a touch ridiculous…and Kansas -contrary to popular opinion does have scenery… and god help the people using gps navigation as KC renamed some roads slightly  so you’d literaly well drive about lost…. one needs to get from Colorado springs CO fastest way you’d think bugger, I70 but in KC MO you’ve a turn off last exist in Kansas to I670 which remerges to I70 and you’ve  the second exit to take in Missouri so, you rely on mapqquest, you will not get the direction to take this jog and be lost unsavvably forever oh sky is falling doom!  well, not really but it will annoy.

there are a lot of annoying caterpillar worm things that web up the trees with silky spixder webby things.

I literally stopped at a smoky hill winery store and it had 3 foot weeds and a note saying just down the road Wilson’s sold it now…so, nope no action music for hole digging in Kansas nor fine table wine procured from Kansas  but I did spot another label or two that intrigue me for description and other offerings

the varietal is of no interesting whatever, it’s simply the brand that amuses me… loon wine for the way to the loony bin.  nope never thought of Kansas as a hot wine country.


for a description and other offerings!white/c115x



the ice maker was off another fine spot that in the dark.  it’s time for wine and all this fine table wine action makes you almost think snooty here is gonna high class you out of the game before you play so, with this sarcasm in mind and a wink it is time …. for…. what’s really coming next.

Image result for manachevitz


Image result for peach citrus fresca

yes, for the day this kills the pics, that was Manischevitz concord grape wine kosher for Passover and Diet lovely, Peach citrus Fresca brand diet grapefruit soda pop.  this with the ice I await is so hooty snooty, you may die laughing now.

wine spotting in the heartland and I go namebrand from New York or some crap.

mission trouble maker has begun.  now to wwrangle up some single serve -fin hell yeah, Jello and perhaps a fantastic big box grocery club salad for supper.

tomorrow is family day.. graduation the next and I by after graduation for our serving soul will be in KC at some fancified tapas restaurant versus Topeka which for some reason moaners renamed to puke ya…I admit I didn’t adore the reheat sausage powdered eggs but the canned food service biscuits and gravy was edible so god bless I enjoyed a breakfast from a buffet in KANSAS about my all time worst food fear ever.  this is not the excuse for wine. there is only the excuse it sounds tasty.



By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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