What can you offer of YOUR’S?

Asian Bistro

(719) 578-8888

1606 S. 8th St., Colorado Springs, CO 8090

near, us post office, cheyenne mountain location of pikes peak library district location (library) and I-25.


it doesn’t out-rate the sushi ring II. I don’t mine this as i’ve not been there for 20 a person all you can eat sushi with appetizer and soup   which mean i skipped the appetizer and got teas instead and STILL left seven richer at the nearly customary 20% tip rate notation… ON SUNDAY.

five rolls one spider, shrimp/mango, Philadelphia, rainbow, and a spicy scallop hot and sours,  and oolong.  ~$43 with tax/tip.

this is also somewhat close to a patsies candies and a fenced dog park with a pretty view and many acres of doggies bliss if yours behaves… one or both are on riot instigations at all times 😛

I would like to know why the greasy cheeseburger failed.  it actually sounded good.  I know why and so do you, I wanted a salad in my heart at the Wendy’s and this sin upon a holiday weekend of health-less grilling along with sis need to over eat the baconator and not wanting to undo this with Wendy’s… it was 3 miles at the track where we usually for a time get a few laps alone then the next owners of dogs want in on the action.  you can walk the poop walk out of there…we …bring bags… we are obviously in the monority.


the beer pup on 21rst and us 24 is reportedly good, haven’t been.  there’s also a kfc combo a/w there ish as well, this is nearly  or is  old Colorado city.  on 31rst street there is a couple of independent record stores one selling kitch heaven t-shits you know you alwasys wanted.


it is possible to grab a hotel and hit up the cheyenne mountain zoo.

maybe you’ll get your picture like that one?