rhymes with fair and?

even if heaven or hell didn’t exist, someone would have invented them after dealing with government errands.


I only had half hell in that my 0- second transaction  was only an just shy of 2 hour wait.  I have a social security card reciept  again.  I have been very lucky misplacing these things 😀  so lucky it only was just shy of five hours to get another in process :D.  I’ll lay odds i’ll not even use it 😀

now duh, I didn’t waste any of that trip, I know it sounds suspiciously like whining about hellish annoyance to government paperwork… but to not have it is worse and yet come on, if you can’t be wringing out the best and worst of experiences – where’s the fun in that?    however, positively speaking, there is NOTHING I can do better than walk areas so I see in my time what’s really there and or available.  I took 2 different routes thus puroosing more of this town i’m about to leave thus making what was once impossible again now possible.  I had the same smaller city hiccups of routes that don’t go all the way this trip , the bus driver pointing out how rude i can be simply not seeing a trash can for a no longer needed ticket that didn’t pop instantly back up so figured was gone.  I found two walmarts! i’m so proud!  I wonder at the safety of visiting my closest or the hellish time to 2 bus to the second.  I mean no part of the experience is wasted including the usual busstop tax of hey can you spare a cigarette?


today is #8 culg head screws @ either 2 to 2.25 inches long and a hot glue gun to repair a dining type simple padded chair.  I will be happy i got after that even if you’ll quickly note that I may or may not touch one iotoa of the event.  so punishment company ride along oh hurt my feelings!  and soon enough one less thing to bitch about.  also i hope it isn’t a punichment again that i bear gifts one or two desirable and maybe lunch.


I was reading my reader box and I wonder if this is the new comparison to it be am radio and we’re not talking glory days of radio either… just blogging my voice to bore you poor things to tears that woohoo, it’s?  another day in paradise…but at least i have the five hours in to make oppurtunities later.


however there is one shining joy to this errand day part two, I may be gifted to enjoy my very own shredding party.  I don’t think you know how this improved my accounting at trade school soul.  always have a pen and your life will be a delight up all night shredding documents :D.. somehow it is brightening me as if I’m defeating someone else. ahhhh.  shredding party.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “rhymes with fair and?”

“I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.” Ha! Feared words and then some! 😛

Your blog posts are never boring!

Your opening sentence is true…but made me laugh. 😀

Shredding party for one, Sir?! (Sounds like a fun party to me…I love to shred paper!!! 😛 Be sure to wear a party hat and blow a party horn! 😀 )

HUGS and Happy Moan-Day already!!! 😀

What? You don’t enjoy government offices? How can that be ;-). I don’t know if finding 2 Walmarts is a good thing. Though I do go to Walmart sometimes it’s not my favorite place. I guess they do have stuff there though. Lots of stuff and half the people in the town are there at any given moment. Shredding party… hmmm…. peace & smiles

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