School’s On, Seriously! *sos

School days, Stanley Clark with Stewart Copeland. 2012 live.


chunky actually, despite having Virtuodoist of their jobs.


Here’s another LIVE offering via David letterman via NBC days. not CBS.


I’m moving.  the trick or thoughts are best towards where.  I’m not steamed although I admit I was but the direction is worth thought still.  it appears as if I’m going to pull a douche and let it appear I’m mad and or whatever to just bail on the plan and go a different way.  what follows is a literal dart throw as to where.  I apologize, it’s a copy paste – I cover about all that’s relevant minus a better idea link to costs but not actual ones.  to make this clear as day, I require literally 1 hour above what I make a month to afford modern adjusted costs but no, apartment finders and a business day didn’t see a response to my inquiry so I assume it’s cell or fuck off out there or worse whatever who cares.  but, I have?  a start on different idea.

the following is an idea.  it will contain hard copy information to places I want or need handy.

it is also close to two other places in case it’s not vacant

they are beacon hill I believe and chapel  something or other

this place is on a half course meaning i have walking.

it is roughly 1/2 mile to a triple j convenience store

1/5 miles walking to the Walmart or Albertsons groceries with a Walgreens

it is NOT within a school zone which i can see which is not as much fun but it is on a golf course which tends to screen out some schlock

*this and google or whichever maps also.

seems to be the clinic  as i would need a doctor of some variety interesting that they’ve eye one’s too in network.

i was told they also accepted Medicare but this at least is a secondary doctor notion

however, the first with multiple location seems sufficient to have a pick and back up.

neither seem within instant location walking so this would be more of an arduousness

they have a listed dialysis clinic as well accepting Medicare if said eventually is necessary

aside from the grocery, there is a small array of motel and fast food concentration and a movie theater.

cost list within the legal x3 range of my income 1/3 rent limit

busing exist

greyhound package pickup is close so would be a stop for same said

  • 1:55am.

    1 transfers


  • Travel to TEXARKANA, AR

    10:55 pm

Buy online price : $84

obvious, I am not in DIRE need of this information, we all have momentspears the question is whether or not fuck it, why not while the other option is with family and maybe awaiting the next blow up, or here where there just is shit nothing to bind me to this dart toss say save the reality that here in this state I just can’t afford independence alone, it’s always going to be a roommate and the risk it blows up and they leave as pleases them at me holding the bag.  I can do all three.  I have a HISTORY of all three, it is simply a thought that lingers.

I lost my password and can not reset as I lost the email password too so I’m off facebook again..  I don’t own a cell phone so it may be a moment before I find an option to restore or renew this.  I’m half tempted to say the obvious, I’m sick of what option works best for others, and having five thousand accounts for other’s convenience.  but reality is I too need the feeling of friends and we only put out what we can where we wish to, this may mean I may restore somehow.


I’m not traveling to graduation unless it’s wholly paid for.  I can’t afford to go and move.  I have not paycheck past the main set coming in so as I can plot how on paper possible it all is, I’ll just assume in reality that it’s POSSIBLE but it’s best to count chickens after the eggs have hatched or paychecks are legally earned and reliably on their way.  it isn’t much.  but it’s quality sense.  maybe.  admittedly this is expecting failure’s scent everywhere, but in realiwe don’t wish things achieved but earn them in reality.  reality leans that I’ve no business necessarily at home mooching or here feeling I only await another meltdown or shoehorning in with another family member who hasn’t space free or the hope of a hills romance either it’s get after what’s needed no more and choose well.


beer anyone? it’s shit tastic cheap and tasty?ty

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “School’s On, Seriously! *sos”

Love the vids! 🙂
Oh my. Good luck with the move and all it entails. I hate moving. Although, after the hard work and resettling things are always good.
I hope things fall into place for you.
I’ll have a rootbeer! 😀
HUGS!!! 🙂

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