Different Heroes

I see a LOT of high literature going… the heroes of words.  I offer you a different poetry and a different hero.  to your LISTER,  how no matter how hard you try, or how much you think you’ve managed, you can and are expected examples a-blizzarding to be MORE of yourself.  You likely are that voice most of you, but you have one.  it isn’t a complaint or a negativity even if it brings out the whining within us all.  It is simply the best you can forever work towards being as the bar is raised for not one to feel failures everywhere but to not forget to continually achieve not once and couch potato.


I have a zillion work orders in.  it’s about a week before we leave out to graduation part 2 of the Army feller’s new living.  my toilet doesn’t flush as the chain is ff the flapper, the master toilet doesn’t sit well, the stove electrical box was loose on the wall last pull out that broke the door moulding of the oven so it’s time, the tile entry has a broken one which likely needs a gluing unless they suck at life then the whole entry redone.  the carpet is not perfect thus easily never was new on move in on the tackstrips.  this leaves the guest bathroom sink has to have the drainstoper assembly redone and the guest bathroom tub doesn’t leak on the drain but around the outside of it…but that’s another work order and some touch up painting of doors to cover anough scratches ala dog whining is to be put to a list.  this means i start the stain liftings today.  i start light in hopes of success with my computer area’s blackness near shoes/feet .  this may be a stain only or a whole room cleaning.  tomorrow i expect to find a papers box I saw with my stuff so i might find a ssa card to maybe work or if not present curse my piggishness and get another.  during this 3 days of attempts i expect to achieve also another 2 rounds of washing to be close if not done with all cleaned bedding…. clothes etc. thus empty clean the borrowed dresser and pack in tubs everything MINE to move.  yes prior to leaving on the trip and guaranteeing I’ll live essentially out of a box for 3 weeks and then longer while I’m in flux to leave here.


I don’t expect anything fancy food wise.  I doubt i’ll bother.  I expect no luck but the bummer of waiting.  it’s okay!  but it is also time.  as once i’m done packing  the bed is stood up and 18 square feet of wall space is free for a comlete moving situation that doesn’t in the slightest interfere with life for others as I’m gone early.  this is preciely half the space needed for what’s stored elsewhere but its easily piled in this room plus toiletries and other spaces not needing to be fully unpacked.


but the point of this blog isn’t listing yay me, it’s who do you think is that voice?  you’ve surely met a mother in your days.  maybe some of you are that evil annoying 😀  lets be done 3 weeks before it matters because we all know you’re lazy and wont do it but half ass last minute!  or in other words you want a deposit? work to keep it. you didn’t even if you put a thousand work orders in you didn’t accuum daily and thus you didn’t take your shoes off thus you didn’t stay stains light you’ll pay for this and hopefully it’s correctable.  you aren’t bad, you are loved but you aren’t after it and it does suck people are sick of the laziness at real life costs.  get it together! 😉


and when you think you have do it better.  god and mommy love you. 😉  laugh as I took pleasure, yes pleasure, in hearing army guy’s mom after his truck so we can get it to him this coming trip for him having a vehicle and all his sins.  mommy knows them along with your poop face you ain’t getting away with shit.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

7 replies on “Different Heroes”

Hope the graduation part 2 goes well!

Ha! Your last sentence made me laugh! 😀

I guess some moms HAVE to be moms all their lives and feel the need to tell their kids what to do, how to do it, etc.! My young-adult-grown-up kids are more mature than I am…so I let them live their lives and only give advice when they ask me for it. I love that my kids are my friends! 🙂

HA! I like all the moms on the TV show The Big Bang Theory! They are funny moms! 😀

Hope all goes well over the next few weeks…in flux…living out of boxes. Hang in there! 🙂
HUGS!!! 🙂
PS….yes, good moms love their kids dearly! 🙂

🙂 of that I’m sure. and I’m happy you threaten rootbeered silliness on yours which must secretly mean you complain about the poor soap melting in the drain or something in private.

I don’t complain…I feel sorry for the soap. I weirdly assign human feelings to animals and objects. So I think the soap must be sad to be melting and going down a drain. 😦
🙂 HUGS!!! 🙂

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