Utterly Ridiculousness.


uch the above is a potato cannon.  maybe you got a little chance to play with them prior to them being always illegal but very quickly this illegal enforced.  they’re rather dangerous as to projectile and force.  that said, if you’re a fool and didn’t aim yours at people but a very clearly empty field for a mile around, maybe you had a little fun in your time.


I saw what appeared to be a robotic in a meme armed with an array of these potato cannons.  I thought…. big stretch here.  Robo breakfast of doom. 😀  high speed hash browns. meals chicken pecking other meals in the grand order of life.  because the cannon needs fuel, nearly anything will do, vodka as such is sometimes made of potatoes. – reference the movie steve macqueen’s ” The Great Escape.”  you should surely smell a fish if the brittish are joining in on an american independance day celebration…the german sausage brains did and discovered tunneling…those sneaky pow’s!

this quickly got blended with Short Circuit and Johnny5 – five is alive and soon so shall be your indigestion…but first,StarWars R2 D2 plots a takeover in the front of Alice the television show with Mel Alice and flo… you know some serious kiss my grits and a mad mel clevering out justice and or crappy diner food.

somewhere in this the notion of potato, vodka dinner sodomizes breakfast, I thought of what now must be a pelmeni stuffed not with cabbage as I like them but chicken potato and drowned in a delightful vodka sauce.  pelmeni are ravolit of a sort just not always with the same american cheese or beer more common to american dining but cabbage different cheese and in fact a host of wildly yum things so far foreign but awaiting your stamp of acceptably authentic your kind of food.

utterly ridiculousness. 😀  I enjoy some moments.

why maximum overdrive?  because the machines take over.  what’s weird in a way is to the times 1986 so many vehicles in the trucking world were powered by detroit diesles which while anything now can beat them in performance obviously – time marches on – what you might not remember is the unique sound they were to their times.

this is NOT it, this is not even a detroit deiseel, but a cummings.  but hahahahaha in today’s days and ages, you’ve a video game for everything… a simulation of having a job 😀 bahahahahaha.

now the point is you can easily here a volume of sound difference as well as a characteristic sound differences… sorry for another respin link.  but it’s honestly better than other options, just as interestingly, the videogame above is better even with sampled sounds than trying to suffer you 20 minutes with timing points and all that nonsense.

had my glasses repaired again free at Sears which interestingly can not make them bummer.  Had sliders at sis work/ Dickey’s bbq pit. pork sliders there not on the menu but for 3-4 dollars ish a fine offer with a water.  it rained.  you know the boring part of blogs that’s not really boring later, but it is NOW. 😀  to you that is…burp.



By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

3 replies on “Utterly Ridiculousness.”

I am glad! hugs for those stories that surely came your way 🙂 I mean duh, yes for some moments lol summer. those doldrums while others have those blank moments of seeming boredom which really are joy of new stories.. 😀 I look forward to a morning where the sun shines a smile. it’s that kind of day. :D. might have to be spent outside as I got that toot from the chilidog fix 😀 but heheheh oh well i’ll laugh…a bit more by myself 😉

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