I spent the last many days meeting someone new via the internet.  I loved at the end of the energies one can never sustain long of explosive excitement that one is prone to talk too much.  I’m of course spent now…fried.  out of that kind of energy.

Mom visited and enjoyed a whole series on netflix.  I don’t want to watch tv so obviously mom was netted and I absent from the couch 😀  but i am glad sis again wins sharing something mom likes and again rats! snaps fingers!! a sibling won again.

I hoped to meet up with another and that fell through – icky. hate when that happens.  the replacement adventure not including me was with effectively total stranger. oh woe is ME!  I had to have the equivalent of a cry about that pout pout pout.  seriously of course both the description and the sarcasm of that.  one should realise that sometimes this is to a greater advantage.  or, if you can imagine the smile of peaceful freedom to enjoy life and how that little adventure went?  you’d hopefully have soul enough to smile too.

so, I sit here musing about being a bit drained from an exciting time thinking fried….  hangtown fry…

Click to access hangtownfry.pdf

sorry that’s a link to an older article not a fancy picture for you to scan and pan.

fried oysters and eggs.  oysters are in this case meant to mean kinda male anatomy bits.  and or oysters… aphrodisiac, and eggs huevos…interest in others a tad scrabled. 😀


an oldschool picture of a gold miner of the sanfrancisco gold rush type era.

the dish, hangtown fry, elegantly plated with a background cast iron skillet for that thrill of the old tymes…

now, why i’m referencing this, I’m thinking werid…this shouldn’t be much of a surprise… about how it isn’t the eggs and oysters but… should be sushi.

tempura rolls have fried things in them and egg omelette sashimi exists too. and now pictures of this…

classic Japanese egg omelet and now a tempura roll

now, i’m not all that up on sushi as I haven’t bothered a proper one in years. I can simply make a spicy tuna roll and a tasty to me unagi/carrot one.  so, as i deplore deep fat frying I’d be leary to get up fried oysters but would gravitate to the idea as I associate stouts type beer drinking with them mmmm and have managed a fried clam before.  but in this case it’s a metaphorical muse, meet one which deletes the other as I have a problem with trying still to have a sense of honor and morality of never telling one fresh sentimental things then saying similar to another.  bad move.  people get MAD 😀 or so i see on tv and facebook.    but here i am feel out of oomph after splattering my soul acrossed a LOT of pages rather quickly to the muse of jack keroak “on the road” written in what a weekend?  road rashhhhhh.  I’m not as excited.  I got jilted my moment so my heart felt which we all know hearts are fools as such can be better and as to new people one knows better than to forget we must feel better about what is said to be true independant of their saying it.  one can get hurt real real bad believing erroniously.  yes, people I get insta suspicions late and cold feet.  i think on what it means to connect then sing john ford coley and england dan songs…” yes it’s sad to belong to someone else when the “right” one comes along” then remember how she broke my heart so badly i didn’t sleep for days..crazy by then only to see the kick in the face reality coming in for another, I saw each and all my hopes against a picture of sorts of the actions I overlooked that all along showed how it was really proceeding… if she’s reading..any of them… lol…busted. 😀  and god bless.  I’ve said this to all but fully one…so I still have a lil twinge of deserved guilt.  but, the point is  sushi.  how my emotions really are artfully fried at the moment – the energy less, the risks of utter ruin real and


how is your day going…sushi?



By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on “Fried…”

My day is going great! 😀 Thank you for asking! 🙂

I have raw salmon in the frig…but it will get grilled and served with veggies. So, I has no sushi!

I have bugs on my porch…but they won’t get eaten because I am NOT an Entomophagist. Are you an Entomophagist?!

Congrats on the new internet someone! Is it still fresh or fried?!

I love Jack Kerouac! “Knick knack, Jack Kerouac, give a dog a bone…” 😀

Aw, that someone broke your heart. 😦 Tough stuff. 😦

(((HUGS))) 🙂
PS…if you fry sushi, is it no longer sushi?
PPS…I wrote a blog on my bugs!

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