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I wnt to the library.  I was trying to hit the luncheonette place but arrived at dinner they were like long gone.  the la casita  place just behind this was the next offering or it was fail with popeyes red beans and rice and make a run for chicken wings at the grocery deli and skip out the library.  I am surprised that the place gets a mean rep for being pricey when it’s precisely at the  premium end of standard fast food offerings and cheaper than a great many of them…and is served on actual plates with real silverware and people bitch that it’s supposed to taco bell it.  I obviously though it was good, better than most.

I stopped at the library and scanned some mags,  MIT technology review and Bon Appetite april edition and July editions respectively.  Technology pointed out that new york state buffalo has a solar manufacturing place online or nearly so for high paying jobs to push american made solar in our country.  woot for high priced jobs in manufacturing.  bon apettite had a thing on gourmet hotdog like the chicago dog was a silly yesteryear anomoly…

I was intrigued by the Bahun mi or however it was spelled thai hotdog as i was just told about peanut fucking butter on my hotdogs?  What planet of whackjob is that all about?  trust me, many think and say I’m very out there with my pallette and hip by comparison and I disagree, i often cring reading this stuff.  anyways imagine the natural casing all beef offering which is to say perhaps a nathan’s for most of you  and a typical but good bun.  this is where hot dog ends.  my eye caught on how it offered pickled carrots which is to say find this fancified WTF is that… ume plum vinegar… add honey cut with water boil add carrot lid/seal chill once chilled product is ready for use.  peanut satay sauce:  1/3 c all natural pb, 1 tablespoon fish sauce, 1 tablespoon honey.  not sure it’s been an hour and i only got to read it once.  top with tomato chunk and cilantro coating i suspect the hot dog in the sauce final topping crushed peanuts.  I save this for easy find its later, but how flippin weird.  a thai hot dog.

I’m glad i went out.  tomorrow it’s breakfast with sis’ mother in law sis and our mother hopefully too 🙂  summer time glee.  this isn’t it but does the grilled corn

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

5 replies on “Sneak a peak library”

That hot dog does not sound appealing to me but you never know. There was once a time when I would have thought “Apple slices on grilled cheese!?” And now that’s my typical way of having them. Peace & smiles

I was querying new jersey and he said it’s so OLD it was pb banana and hot dog in his memory. wellllll? okay then. as to you and apples, heheheheh first it is illegal in winsconsin to serve apple pie without cheese so grilled cheese and apple? not too far a stretch from pie and a slice of cheese. 🙂 you’ll have to forgive me a moment to read your latest offering, likely to sleep soon, earlier day and long, dog got her spaying today I have to be up for some kind of care. no more PUPPIES girlee! 27 is plenty enough. oi.

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