Faith of a Mustard Seed.

(whether you feel like bibling it up as if i’m only here to jwaylay a person with organized crime like religiousity…. 😀 … the point isn’t exactly religious…to me… but, I use a Christian Quote – if one had the gaith the size of a mustard seed, one could tell the mountain move here to there.  there are 17,250 atoms in an approximate mustard seed….

with the asside of ‘let there be light!” having quite the WRONG meaning here…  it’s obviously not very easy after all to show you exactly how much mountain or what distances are possible in the faith of a mustard seed moving mountains, but,

okay now, you see an evil impish gleem of HOW RUDE teachers always have been to say it’s RUDE for you to have / chew gum in class… meaning all along they wish us to not think i.e. LISTEN “” to them or obey like cattle.  and thus deprive gum chewers even the very caloric intake to HAVE a thought. —  don’t of course share this too loudly, without first,

(Blazing Saddles, gum chewing scene.)

Mount Wycheproof, Australia

I haven’t the math to exstrapulate the approimates of a 141M height to a base area tget the basic radius value to then borrow a formula online for that of a “cone” and thus get a vlume then substitue weight/volume of “granite” so as to end with a weight thus obtain how much force to move a given weight, then bring you back to the point of 17,250 atoms of energy is x, the mountain weight to move is Y and thus there you algebraically with the mathmatics of faith.  I don’t.  I’m  thus switching mountains 😀

17.6 cubic miles 😀 mt ranier which as a brand name for cheap beer “ranier” for cheap beer, vote immediately, you’ll see i have a figure.

( cube root of 17.6 = 2.601183  )

2.601183 x 5280

which must now be converted to meters
13734.25 ft = 4186.1994 m
now make that cubic meters
2750 g per cubic meter granite x above
~222 Million Tons
and my interest wanes….
~1.11 Billion pounds…force.
1.11B Lbs. / 2M or one kiloton is 555  which I list here to show you why i’m losing interest or faith as this can’t possibly correct math.
…I’m not always a brain child…
Amount : 1110000000 feet pounds force (ft lbf of energy units)
Equals : 0.36 tons of TNT (tn / energy units)
Fraction :9/25 tons of TNT (tn / energy units)
700 pounds of tnt, to begin to MOVE a mountain
problematic consideration here are hoow long effectively  one get’s that blast of “tnt” and thus how far one can accelerate a given mt ranier along a “track”  I mean I’m losing patience with this exercise as   mechanics of materials say one can not apply explosive for  consistantly over x area as it shatters things thus much of the energy is chaos or wasted.  but the words do not say the mountain would remain in “one piece” just that it would move and thus here we are again move?  where/ how fast?  thus knowing a hiven amount of force and thus the effective points /thresholds of a given substance…  mind numbingly irritating crap but 700 pounds of tnt will “move” mt ranier.  for how long or how successfuly and how far?  obviously given perfect factors this is difficult to say  but given that little boy was 1:139 pounds of uranium used of it’s overall supply and that there is an area of a sphere… obviously we derive that same said area giving us a model of a mountain thus if one push from below with a boom we could calculate that force.. or calculate the damage to the structure poushing it from the side knowing enough to model the crumble past a certain ammount of force.. we’d get hot with how much REAL force is require.  but for now.
15 kilotons force was released by little boy bomb on hiroshima japan late ww2, I need theoretically .36 tons tnt to achieve mountain movement theoretically,  thus .. if little bo was 129 pounds of uranium of which 1 pound was used assuming fission which a mustard seed is pretty much 100% not uranium so this is b.s. from the beginning….  but here we are,  e = mc2 …
and a whole lot more to ask the simple question of energy potential of a given atom then cover the basic make of blends of carbon, nitrogen hydrogen and etc. of a mastard s’s 17250 atoms and THEN approximate the results by averages.
I mean if you have faith,
math that is, feel free.
oh how rude of me to say i am of little math/faith. 😉  as so many many purely logical souls deny faith /god anyways 😉
butsuch is close enough for you to horsepower nuclear potentiial.
or play the obliteration game.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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That’s what you get for chewing gum. My uncle didn’t like it when women chewed gum. He also didn’t care for women whistling either. Which reminds me of an old saying, “Whistling girls and crowing hens always come to some bad end.”

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