Joyous Education

Please note that this isn’t presented to claim I have an an education.  this is to delight in the joy that is maybe…. MAYBE, this connects learning to real life.  I may in fact simply be thick as a brick.

this is here to illustrate a process of metal casting… of the wheels at least.      otherwise, understand diesel electric trains caught on like wildfire in the 1960’s replacing steam almost overnight.  the perhaps reasons for this is the very real performance issues of a cold day meaning better performance than say a hot one and thus less power when it’s needed the most plus a blizzartd of maintainance eliminated moving from steam to diesel electric BY COMPARISON.  cost is cost.  steam is great, it really is, but this is as I say, here to illustrate casting of iron.



this is here to illustrate a slight difference in process of sand casting to that of a clay mould and also that much of today is recycled from yesteryear.  we’re also supposed to see very clearly a shift from the wheel to a pot/pan… meaning i’m angling for a purpose of not transportation but something homey.

now we’ve that point maybe.  it’s a fancy grill.    this one is a weber grill which is similar to the one prize just purchased to replace the garage sale special up here in the hills after trying to replace broken burners had me push my thumb through the corroded metal and the other piece you couldn’t find the screw/nut to remove from corrosion there so hence broke, old, worn out, replaced…  this above grill is a cast iron grill box. where necessary it’s brass piping and or stainless steel burner assembly and cast iron grates…rather similar to the cookware/and. the cast iron train wheel.

now what i’m angling here to connect isn’t trains and steel and whatnot so much is that it’s more,  it’s about how simple it is to create both new and old at the same time.  for now we equate weight with sturdiness and longevity… you will never foget the sturdy OLD clanky bbq grill and fire pit areas of parks with tacky and old/cheap, but yet with a lil strip of shiney metal you’ll equate a 100 grill being a cheap chinese special with a american brand even if it’s not american made which i actually do not know, with sturdy quality at roughly 700  ..yet you lift the 169 pound box into a car.  it’s heavy.  it also isn’t pre assembled very much and took an ordinary tools handy soul  8 hours to assemble.    it’s due for virgin run this evening..  I’m just amused though that it’s really so much at heart so much old school .  cast fricken iron?  lift that sturdy beefy lid which wont blow up in a puff of wind.. it feels valuable when in fact it’s at heart cheaper and lesser than budget models for technology initial construction.  it’s entirely too heavy to move easily for one person and in fact usually even 2, it dances over the initial  considerations of most of us to be simply gorgious if not almost sexy valuable by being everything we say we don’t want. weight, predictabily old versus the sexy new,cost being spendy versus thrifty…so now we’ve something built to last, permanant.  fancy that.


and even if i can not yet play in a sandbox quite like how this stuff’s made, it is just that, a sandbox. or a river bank.  so read those books of the romance of idyllic childhood!  play in the sand and along the river (where clays are often found)  and just as in childhood finding delight in what is around us at the moment, in adulthood too, delights of life made of the very areas we’ve played so the cycles return and return and return.

joyous education.everything can change and yet still be the blessed same.  no, not a fancy train, but iron returns and return.  we need to eat.  we want the best, but the definitions change with perceptions in a flash. and it’s still all about ooo look! look at the shiny thing.


Plaid Pajamas

my pups are fed and the shift stomp patrol again errant splatters is achieved.  I haven’t finished my coffee.  I haven’t managed past the Plaid Pajamas.

I oscillate over medication completion of purchase and the wisdom in general of a trip and the heart string tug of youthful indiscretion of saying eff it and going anyways it’s my only shot and month’s elapse to whine about being broker either way.

I’m due home Saturday as the pups will minus one or two have secured their homes and only await circumstance and collections.   there is one moment where I will have that one prior to the above paragraph’s maybe trip.  but overall it’s moving the life toward the next adventures .

-I liken my stay to the jimmy buffet “MargaritaVille” as I don’t know why i stayed here all season – nothing to show but this brand new tattoo, but it’s a real beauty – a Mexican cutie, how it got here I haven’t a clue.  — I mean I can’t personally have tattoos as I have had a psoriasis issue since puberty onset or fourth grade whee! blotches erupting out of tattoos defeats the point so i mean more symbolically say a new to me computer and i know where it came from.  but I don’t know quite how it was this rather than cash – I mean I iknow the reasons, I stand still in disbelief. 😉

I blew out my flip flop, stepped on a poptop, cut my heel had to cruise on back home, but there’s booze in the blender and soon it will render that frozen concoction that helps me hang on.  again dried the hell up so it’s not maybe a six-pack for me where’s yours kind of an evening and thus it’s i can say no and if it’s yes it doesn’t need to be more than 2 which is more than enough.  but it’s the point of flipflop being a word about flipflop fortunes rather than footwear even if it reminds me of huaraches which is a food offering shaped like one of corn dough filled with lovlinesses.   I mean it seemed odd I chose to remain here as of moving from the mountains even knowing the dog was likely pregnant mid February I hadn’t then collected my paperwork renewals for identifications and thus can’t expect work so voila natural choice to puppy help.  I didn’t expect the house to catch fire that I’d actually like the hostess, one more older person I did my tour in the fossil farmss i mean I can get along with many no matter the bi polar with health challenges and the strong willed listen to me are you nuts?? i’m a purveyor of YOUR ideas 😉  but do I?> do I get along? no, I’m still lesser about chores and completion times, I might barely be started as she’s nearly done with the day of both work and housekeeping just has to put the times in on visits and a phone call stream.  I the same blood type and competitive at games and truly care about independance for personal empowerment but unlike her I’m not there yet.  so maybe.  but the point is the first world adventure of margaritaville I had a bad day of collecting an owie so lets roll home and simmer in self indulgance.  I haven’t boiled any shrimp though, I really honestly should do this if I can get some attention on the shopping requirement 😉  old bay, red potatoes and shrimp.  bubble bubble strain liquid pour over an inch of newspaper and eat until you can’t.. a word about old bay, there is both liquid and powder, get the liquid.  a second word about old bay… there is zattaran’s and store brands, get old bay liquid… I’m from detroit, not maryland or louisiana, and I’ve lived in colorado forever so much i only have visited really for a summer or three my actual home town… I’m not southern/seafoody, I’m bigboys fish and chips of fried cod and crisp chips with vinegar damn it, but you ain’t getting it to be better making your own substitute shrimp boil with oleo resin? oh pepper and hot sauce yeah! that’s it.  dono’t even. you aren’t getting better than old bay smackin with the fragrances and a smack of heat versus someone else’s  not quite right.  … long paragraph here. oops.  it  still is what it is.  I came to my vacation here adore the hostess got but a hug and soon have to go home and in general I’ve maybe a minor booboo for finances expecting not a computer 4 years old new at but valued at 700 smacks for the effort and a trip to not canada but middle of nowhere missouri in summer’s swelter,  i mean i’ll live, I may not drink buckets but I’ll just bet i’m likely to have a shot at a good time…. might have to duplicate with a simple steak knife and fork cheapy pan and pot and dollar store or better yet chinese meal sauce packets chicken and broccoli american / chinese style with jasmine rice with a whallop of a no bake key lime pie…jello brand cheesecake pudding mix instant, and vannilla instant pudding mix along with a can of carnation sweetened condensed milk and a whole can big of course of aerosol cream and a premade graham cracker crust which is graham cracker crumbs and real butter patted into a pie tin…graham crackers are slightly sweetened unbleached wheat flour crackers more like a cheap biscuit if you’re foreign or cookie if american.  there is eagle brand of borden or new york originally and carnation of California gold rush ish eras carnation is by far cheaper and just as tastey.  now you take a few limes and make six to twelve onces of lime juice out of them or two YOUR taste and sweeten this if you must and pour seltzer water into it and voila a lime aid that sparkles and  fuck the pie.  or take 3/4 to a 1 cup a cup is 8 oz or just over 200 ml to a bit more .  and mix this into the milk and add the puddings and stir til your arm falls off with a fork then more gently fold as in gently stir the cream into the pudding mixes and limed milk.  this will set over a couple hours in the fridge and you can top it with more aerosol cream if you like all pretty.  it’s an ungodly diet devastation of a pie as the only thing needing minor refrigeration is the aerosol creams which means you can effectively make this on a picnic using only an ice chest to bring the cream and chill/set the pie.  it is about one human’s caloric intake  for the die rich so note immediately to bring friends to help eat this or you will be belly bombed and probably regret trying to swimas you sink like a stone.  but this is what I mean the season of vacation to another one?  wow.  I really can’t say it was a rager profit but mmm, it was fun to share company and puppies despite my cranky heart of not wanting destruction are really really cute.

well. and whelp.  it’s time for a puff.  I must vaccuum today here soon it’s so it’s kept about here.  do my last laudries so such is taken care of. and water the little scamperer. so they do not turn into little raisin scamperer nots.  I’ll be on big dog detail so sis can get the summer travel times off.  I have enough for hot dogs and beans of many kinds and basic produces so returning from a likely pack half as much and take twice as much money to a it really costs twice as much as you expect trip will mean pool time and cgrillin hot dogs and tostada bars as frankly I expect financial ruin to visit missouri in summertime whee! bestest ever sounding punch in the face ever!  no in that sense I can be honest I’d almost rather not go.  but, I get no other outlets of enjoyment otherwise so heh.

wastin’ away again in nowhere’s ville

looking for my I lost my mind and it’s probably my oown damn fault

some people say get a woman and play

but I know it’s only ‘friends’ as I’m some kind of lout.



oh for {Diety’s} sake

I’m needin’ a bigger rake

to scoop up this puppy shit-show

can i open my purse string-with what santa should bring

will there be romance

amidst all this toil?


Wanderin away to blink and miss nowhere’s ville

I ‘m minus my mind and it’s my own damned fault

some people say get a woman and play

but i know, it’s only “friends” as I’m some kind of lout.


another decision minus all reason

puppy whelp help for an old computer

nope not cash traded for duties

just ‘friends’ romance again kablooie

I’m only charming when I haven’t a clue


Wanderin away to blink and miss nowhere’s ville

I ‘m minus my mind and it’s my own damned fault

some people say get a woman and play

but i know, it’s only “friends” as I’m some kind of lout.


t’is the year my fortunes flip flop

i plod onward cleaning up plop plop.

oo she’s dreamy just in time for me to behave and go home

I quit goin on benders

even if my health didn’t all-of-a-sudden go  mend lord.

but we try as we all plod on.


Wanderin away to blink and miss nowhere’s ville

I ‘m minus my mind and it’s my own damned fault

some people say get a woman and play

but i know, it’s only “friends” as I’m some kind of lout.




What Day is it?

Sing a little of the old song. Rod Stewart promises it’ll be just fine. Maybe he lies to get thine. i bet you remember a time.
Chaos Coyote (or was it Crow? ) says holidays are holy days. i bet you dread working them now instead of play. Once it was hymns hummed and Boble stories. Now it is green fields and tales of the grid-iron glories.
to be good is to work honest and hard? not really, it’s that play he made any given game day Sunday that is why per game he makes 200 large. Young idiots cheer marijuana and martinis versus yesterday’s lucky strikes and alll that Jazz. Jukeboxes once stole dimes but yours now is your telephone which saves you so much of that face time.
Once you could only treat yourself going out and now who cooks in? wait for it, you know that argument about who has to call the pie order in. Who Can remember when and how it made more sense then?

Friday is now Tuesday

Friday is now Tuesday
Life always is of Time’s Changes
Pizza, Pizza. Squared. Papered
is now take home, Bake-your-own

Sundays resting high holy
Cleaning up that sinnin’ Act
Voicing the echoed words of God
no, no, Game’s on wow just look

Monday, Don’t you trust that day
Work that week began today
Look around your town
Monday now is Sunday, eh?

Woot Wednesday come on HUMP DAY
week way over half way through yay?
Come on out and LISTEN
Junior’s First Knight and the NEW SOUND

Or will you be across town
darling daughter First Chair this School night
Wednesday is Monday’s begun
Youngster’s day under Midnight Sun

Tuesday is now Friday
Monday many’s \Sunday
Wednesday is Monday
and Saturday has no more cartoons?

Step to the beat i dare ya
Thursday get Thor’s hammer tattooed
it’ll be Friday all too soon
Pizza or tacos, buy one get two.


Mister Cook



yakisoba noodles- pretty vegetables in a light sauce from the convenience of preprepared lands will grace corn on the cob.

my beans are a fine dip and I’ll collect more begetables to get them up with but It is a singular drat they were too thick for filling of sesame balls.  I didn’t have flour of all things for those either which had i have checked I might have not made the dip… I mean i have scabengables but not plain jain stuff, odd thing to not see in a gal’s home… not so odd in a guys…. stereotypically of course.

i hope the oils I ordered can arrive tomorrow evening’s mail – I doubt it, but I hope.  I’ve a machine of all things to quickly log the experiement which is a switch from my usual guess and hope.

rather is dead quiet lately for me- that ought keep me out of mischief save cookery attempts..


End Game

I really want you

because of radiations

of who you became

ahh, to be blissfully wanting a lass.


The puppies are fed, and a tad late are innoculated for contractual sale.. I feel the thunder sink into my soul of ONE drink on it’s way.  I never intended to dry out but i did.  I remember all my life wishing I was so cool as to say today is a single or a double after the major points of the business day like on “Bewitched” with elizabeth montgomery when daryn came home.   I am not there of course yet, but i reorder my life not to be the “drunk.”   A blt may appear before my maw and soul.


The Puppies, great dane puppies that will not register due to vagueries of paperwork, got their shots today.  a woman complained of being skipped twice and was furious as I was help for a 10 animal visit…yeah effing right I’d be first or this would be ‘fast”.  I didn’t fail to enjoy the first portion of my outting of a basket of fries at the Denny’s extra crisp with a side of mayonnaisse and the table condiments of hchalulah and ketchup… my other who has to watchdog them for a living as her job pointed out every detail of corporate presentational failure… I was effing jazzed. with what I got.


in fact, ion general, it isn’t perfect but i do not care.  perfect would be idealistically fairytales and i deserve the rude awaking of reality.  it isn’t so rude and it is sometimes heart touchingly sweet.

this morning the returning pestilences were picked up because the call was non-emergency so the fucktard stray captures barked all fucking night in the garrage on their fourth official visit for a pick up by normal hours animal control for 150 per dog fines for the car trip to town x 2 total pooches.  this meant the house dogs ccouldn’t go outside and couldn’t any longer hold it so pissed the carpet and hostess was in the holding loop to go to bbed a week now with pains of so must visit her own aid help soon…another hours of shit and piss and fourth visit and I don’t want to be the bitch neighbor and all the b.s. that is caring of rep and responsibility yet being stuck just there unwell at 4 days without proper rest fourth visit no resolution to the issue in 2 weekends completed and a beginning of the month too.. my life is impeded fuck you they’re getting the animal control, oh shit I’ll look like an asshole! worries about exercising OUR own rights.  I’m sorry 2 weeks elapsed the issue continues to weekends elapsed  compltely and thus enjoy your fine and fix rthe fucking problem! some folk up here spend thousands on fencing to make sure their thousands more animals are cared about and after to not be unhealthy and loved but also not to be a nuissance to others.  the homeowner association network advised them of the  issue and it wasn’t corrected  with photgrqphic evidence of fail to control YOUR dog.  oi.

I know i grow attached here as my time wanes.  damn it.  but i sure did get a hug and if i remember a sparkly smooch.  dag nabbit, reality. I wanted these things forever and such can not be.  but i learn of what can be siimply via vicarious example of what I wont admit I dream of.  not a bad investment and return considering..  yes, this instant i resist going upstairs to be a pestilence of interest.


Cinna-swirl Toast

One way – or another, I’m gonna get you… it’s either a Blondie song or all about karma.

Breakfast of cinna-swirl toast with butter and blackberry preserves figures into this thought as a title the following ways:  It was breakfast and I must eat.  this breakfast contains a favorite pun on sin/cinnamon or even one or two I’ve met’s names.  Sins percieved or otherwise will come back just as surely as the good things we do in our days to show again. or, I ate breakfast and make weird associations.


I started writing an epic email which discloses  how I resolve the reason Jane Fonda is considered rather openly to be a traitor to america yet isn’t imprisoned or worse.  Who the hell is Jane Fonda?  What the Hell on god’s green earth does this have to do with fancy breakfast toast?  Well, I have a lil puppydog still who is a girl merle with a white nose and white starish patch on her neck and as I lookeded at her looking at me…bewre of this one, that cute ass face hides a scamp, a biter, and a lot of not initially but sure as shit now – attitude.  why Jane Fonda? Jane fonda I believe was a fetching thing once and in a movie holding a big old rifle nearly as tall as her – this was Barbarella which is a movie I haven’t seen. I was reminded of what I percieve to be that stance and evocation of attitude in my lil puppy dog.

I should be kind and show my scamp’s picture for comparison.  I failed.


bite me…. I really shouldn’t say that….

so, again who cares about jane fonda?  well, I’m reminded of reputation and karma.  I stould on that slope of a sled hill.  I had just traversed half of it back and made it atop one of the three hills.  I’m carrying a heavy steel runner sled…no, not rosebud…. wrong movie.  *citizen kane for the young ones(  I’m told to move, I shout back I cant I’m tired just one damned minute!…not in unapproved language like this- I would have been beat.  they surely had time to have heard and not gone…. I thought but you try reliving memories 30 some years later and be fair that their meanings do not change.  and because of not moving, a little girl on that tobaggon of people crash/clip my steel runner sled at speed and i bracing steel so their littlest sister chips her elbow and dislocates the whole arm.  Inever did get to date that older sister later in highschool – would anyone be remotely surprised?  even now cruel and self centered sounding that previous line even.

I’m reminded of reuptation and karma as I did not cause their accident nor do I feel guilty because of it but it could easily be felt i might have through inaction like getting the eff out of the way fall if you have to! was party to pain and it did NOT have to in most’s opinions have to occur..  even if i were blameless in the accident, i am still obviously bad luck none the same  with a face and blamability so I get the “karma” and or reputation anyways.

jane fonda?  there’s a point to this?  maybe, maybe not.  jane fonda is free last time i checked and it is long known what occured for her to incur her reputation to some as a traitor… she went on a publicity tour in vietnam and this included prison where she met under supervision from the enemy to our side our serving soldiers who passed notes or what not to her in hopes to somehow build an escape and because of her giving this information immediately over to the enemy servicemen got retribution for this naughtiness and some died of it.  this is NOT a sled hill story.  this is NOT terrifically offbase and or innaccurate.  this skips motivations if any that aren’t known and or believed.  but i add one detail, jane is as I said free so somehow this traitor talk is not nor has been pursued in court  or at least can in anyway stick.  that part of reputation  gets me.  I could be right and still lose.

well, 30 some years later, I may or may not have lost a date here or there. doesn’t mean i lose a friend.  I’m currently not enjoying breakfast of fancy toast but tune stuffed peppers all saucey ricey and meaty.  I’m not picturing these either. and for now must toss some dynamite down amnesia lane so as to make at least a noise about there 😉  but really just to  take aim at memories.  anyone else went fishin in their past for a memory lately…they always come back floating belly up. 😛


The Brass Ass? – Kitchy name!  sarcasm.  o_O

I’ve reaccquainted myself with some moldy information on Essential oils and made a selection.  Minor details remain.  I suppose it’s fair for my world to admit i know they work, but why i fell out of favor with them.  i can be swayed in my convictions… not so much core -reality/truths, but choices.

I’m also looking up points of interest in a tourist /casino town and ran across a lot of simply abominable laughs at name brandy places.  the brass ass casino..anything with a biblical donkey in it sounds laughable… but what about dining at Dynamite Dicks?  I mean we all know we must brand in a way our spots, but what a regretable name for chili’s express type of sitdown join/mall foodcourt offering!  or another, the midnight rose.  I know this is meant to sound exotic and conjour up the such of the night…but it’s a colour…black?  rose?  carnation? odd number of flower is a european  land’s death threat at best?? woo hoo? help!  momma.I still remember though the point is to get out, I love me some slot machines action, not losing mind you but seeing the reels glitter with my good. fortunes coming.  obviously, I’ve lost and adjusted my habits and visitation schedule 😉    I’m likely there principally soon enough to see the thinairtheater, which is and enjoy the “arts” and perhaps maybe lunch and less the temptations to gamble as I’m not as keen on the games/losing anymore… it fits right in with the tested realities of aging, I’m less inclined to risk all for the thrill of the maybe.

oils again.  I choose after single oils known as what they are: marjoram and lemongrass foresaking this moment an additional of grapefruit..  I know marjoram is both a muscle relaxant and traquilizer of the non-narcotic kind as well as a diuretic far more powerful than the citrus offerings.  this means atop having a bang up whiz fuel offering, I can rub comfort to sore muscles and demand you relax.  not to mention a drop in the chicken soup instantly makes this stuff the magic of yesteryear smelling just like grandma’s chicken noodle save your soul soup.  I choose also lemongrass as I love the chinese/american offering of the dish and quite frankly I haven’t seen it made with actual lemongrass in a decade but rather flavored with an oil and the green onions serving to be that “look” remeniscent of the actual grass.  of course, the stuff is also noted to be a mild blood sugar regulator…this guy is very much diabetic… and good at lowering hypertension… mine is bloody high….  I chose against the third option of grapefruit because I can buy juice and quite frankly i have other medication that specifically contraindicate grapefruit intake as it actually makes the medication work TOO well. which for b.p. lowering means you’ll risk passing right out when trying to stand up or silly normal things like that.  I can goose up my teas with juice and enjoy both the sweet and lesser potencies of intake this way versus obtaining another bottle of the juice.


I remember well that: orange oil along with to a lesser degree, all the other citruses improves uptake of vitamin c…if not outright containing it/it’s analogues.  I remember that orange oil is good for having a measured effect toning a bit of fattiness under the skin systemically of course…all body no matter if one rubs some on a specific magic go away area or drinks flavoured waters…  bergamont is part of the citrus group and is well known as the flavor of earl grey tea.  all citrus has to come with a warning for sun sensitivity.

Fennel oil is the best I’ve ever seen change my glucometer readings.  fennel is part of the anise group of tastes meaning, star anise, florence fennel  anything ever black licorice.  this stuff is the sambouca, ouzo, to a spiced sense absynthe’s wormword and jagermeister without the spices to black licorice candy to a fennel steak which i happen to like.  I’ve noted 55mg/dL lowering of blood sugar with the stuff on more than one occassion which is a fairly strong result that may be helpful if one monitors sugars based against a 80-105 mg/dL NORMAL range baseline with conventions of american metrics for measurement… there is a completely different sounding mathematic way to measure glucose with the blood prevalent in other lands.  a note to licorice as an aid.  for it to taste actually good requires a lot of sugar to most of us which wholly defeats the health benefit of the substance.


cypress oil which literally smells like a swamp… is reputed to be good at aiding poor circulation to improve.  again reputed…. meaning I’m not a doctor and none of this is anything other than rank myth not tested or verified to have any medical value whatsoever!! 😉 you’re buying a bit of witchdoctoring at best or a stinky dietary supplement..  but as you choose to believe and achieve now.


nutmeg oil.  it like any of the eugenolic containing spices like pink pepper, allspice and cloves as well are mild aenestethics… i.e. like novo or lido caines used by dentists and in your over the counter toothache away medication.  but nutmeg is interesting in being via wikipedia similar to ecstacy or some ilicit drugs of a very illicit nature.  you wont get the effect of nutmeg until you technically pass it’s toxicity point of intake and for the record nuevo hippy here is just going to ask you if you really do wish to maybe feel 2x more likely to tell the truth. and otherwise feel “weird” but not high high weird just weird.  total let down of a high if you plan on chasing one and up front you’re risking a lot as it doesn’t begin to work until it’s toxic to you…hmn  as in for a high.  as a mild bit of pain relief… as you choose, clove is better but all are asking you to be careful breathing too much of it as it is irritating to your lungs…you may want those too.


helachrthum is fairly pricey but takes much of the above’s effects and lengthens the time that they last.  it also is MAYBE…don’t start beggin miracles now, possibly useful in restoring lost hearing that say isn’t from damage water infection but say a medical condition or salt imbalance.  but legthening 20 minutes to an hour of power say with clove using less which again these all have toxicities really is kinda useful to know.


obviously I still can triple what little …. believe me it’s LITTLE how much I know of oils but that’s some of the fun things IT CAN but medically is not proven or will do for all.


my principal sadness leaving oils was getting diagnosed with diabetes, making as I did then the equivalent of half as much money and seeing no magic miracles and kinda was bored with the high chasing as this stuff while power just isn’t illicit drugs which I remind you i am not a big experimenter of but we all know or will know of the reputation of such things.  d  I didn’t forget that they were powerful but that I didn’t know how to use them for anything useful save a cheap high and that being blead dry by shipping meant I couldn’t but wildly ove4rspend.  this led me to remember that lesson and that of buying in bulk say from a grocery club costco, sam’s club etc… fantastic savings excepting I spend more on items and throw more away needlesy…not a value.  or lottery tickets, greeeeat I’ll get suddenly 1/3 of my money spent back!

I mean, if you cant smell the sarcasm off of me by now, I’m not tryuing.  but, such leaves me one last point

rugs themselves are rarely bad but the choices one makes on them usually are overall catestrophically awful.  there is a reason they are forbotten…. a shining good reason.  but, if you think i’ve time for hypocracy,  explitive…why bother, i’ve gotten both drunk and high, I have to curb the booze both by choice and it’s generally a good health decision to lower my risks and maybe live longer but in general be far better socially to be around along with wow, i’ve sure gotten sick as a dog on some of the other wastes of an evening chemicals  you’re welcome to them and forgive me if I say they’re all YOU no effing thanks.  I’m obviously crazy enough naturally, I need little help here.


now this all lewts me laugh at names and the power of reputations.  it’s not the most exciting bit of information as it takes so long to list it and why.  can’t be helped.  but, if you wonder at the little joys of life,a funny name or the perception of value within a reputation… it’s neat


now the principal other reason more fully expressed is that oils cost not much more now than they did at the time I quit but as I said i make more now a bunch more.  I left because shipping was ungodly expensive and then the price was in fact 3x more than getting a pill IF I had a doctoring network in place and yada yada.  it bummed me out to remain against them when I dosed them out to the cost/value and remembering that however quality the oils are, it’s difficult to garuntee a best.  or, what a lot of money on uncertainty!…only to smell like a zombied hippy neewfangled or classic vlasic.


the last point is? is a european purveyor of absynth which in 2008 was entirely illegal  in the USA  it is now available wormwood-free/thujone who cares free.  it has been scientifically shown that the green fairy isn’t thujone but wildly potent and in ridiculous measures intook alcohol…not a chemical thujone that is more likely to over time calcify your kidneys ruined rocks.  which so too can spinach as not a single occuring plant doesn’t produce oxalic acid which will do the same thing but via a different way.  i.e. they sell spinach as they do alcoholic beverages rhubarb etc… life is a choice and can be dangerous over time just as it can be one great paraody of a phil collins song one more night?? oh no it would be the poisoner’s song, ONE less night I’ve thee ONE less night.  one less night or down the stairs i’ll shove you. 😉



I just typed up a simple puppy sale reciept.  we may see our first of this litter leave today.  pups are over 10 days weened and a week seperated from their mother entirely.  basics of I hopes – good home and care and of course a cost are listed along with birthdate and acknowledgement that these are not registratable breeded dogs which they aren’t due to the daddy dog being from a puppy mill feeling place not wishing competition.  I dislike to say anything but paper must change hands with cash.


I’ve of course double walked the place for tootsie rolls. 😉  I’m not on the real work of scrubadubdub down in uppy room  or the other presentable necessities.  don’t think I do the lion’s share of this care.


I’ve filed a hopefully well recieed ask after homeopathic purposed use essential oils but did something out of the ordinary and asked after someone currently into such stuff hopefully thus changing some pennies.  I know I do not trust that these are “better” than western medication/pills and care; Iknow I don’t have a doctor at present and reasonably am aware of what i’m doing to hope i can be healthy despite this within basic expectations and experience and known risks.  and, lets be honest here, I know fror a fact they’re uber powerful things essential oils and that’s cool if I can get lucky stop-gapping some of my lapsing scripts to pad a few months between my normal cycle of visits to doctors.  that being all vague.  I tlook to substitute a diurectic pill with a diuretic oil.  the experience is the stuff is powerful as a water reliever so can be taken with water internally toget my hydration and let it also go away.  if one has no clue why this is important – the bloated feeling where visibly after wearing socks the outline of where they were after removal and 3 minutes is still visible, the obviousness that one is retaining water thus a water getter-ridder / pee pill is usefull.  I know enough to warn anyone that there is a solid reason why this is only mildly available over the counter as most if not all water relievers help us pass sodium and water/flouid  but have the drawback of not allowing us to pass as effectively potassium.  sodium/potassium balance effects one’s heart directly so this is monitored by blood counts/levels so as not to cause one a mischief/early death.  to take such a risk is because quite simply I don’t feel it’s a bad gamble and more than likely it’d cost me 300 dollars to seek immediate care as I’m without a doctor to get that simple thing versus a more reasonable7% of that.    I have the venefit of prior recreational use to know I’m at least not allergic to the chance.  oregano and marjoram both similar as in cousins plantwise have these pee pill aids to them but over time it is clear potassium intake must be cut- i.e. cool it on the bananas, squash and pumpkins and low sodium recipes that utilize potassium chloride salts to keep the taste of salt there but are bio available potassium sources… same thing with super juices like pomegranate.  potassium imalance is a queezy feeling with visible signs of abnormal heartrate/fevers and sweating along with a malaise….wiped out feeling… it is not a joke even sissy oils have power – the trick is the right amount rightly intook.  I hope I have smart friends.  I’m asking for a “pass” in life because I’m apparently not always smart or I’d not let my scripts expire and visit the doctor more often.  oh I did ask all my scripts be updated on leaving and the last place simply did not playing a game called don’t trust the silly patient from a free pass to skip visiting doctors this and his numbers may not warrant it ;)… unhelpful folk 😉  not stupid mind you, just unhelpful.  for the record, I sold YLEO or young living essential oils a decade and change ago mlm shizzam! good stuff.  I absorbed the collated non-medical usuage lists information of 1/3 of the reference quide to essential oils by connie and alan higley I believe, I know via weights and measure a drop to a mL and thatreasonably how to dose a product compare value/purity.  it isn’t hard, most oils or any drug  is metabolized in 2-3 hours, most drugs however have some toxicity which is balanced by not giving one  a dose 3bery 2-3 hours but every four hours …some are more highly toxic and others not so much but all have risks against benefits.  this impact though along with nutrition says normally on highly watched drugs one is usually with diet and drug 3 months studied so as not to creep too far out of balances.  one drug was so risky I had to go weekly for it as it was stopped within a month as it was far more risky, that was a spirolactone pill to kick my other hypertension treatment arrays into working – it is known as a calcium channel blocker, I am not a doctor I simply remember what I did… it like very powerful diuretics will not allow potassium to pass hardly at all  I had heart abnormalities showing within that month… I didn’t notice, they did, it was helpful but discontinued wisely.  I wish a lesser chance that that all fired up approach just to sub out a diuretic in favor of a natural one and plod along to my next mess of doctor contracting and assessments.  I know enough to ax certain foods more…just in case. and god forbid seek atttention if i can’t walk 4 miles aerobically with minimal effort and survive this without needing a 3 year vacation…or worse resting abnormalities.  but that’s me and I’m probably a hypochondriac but whatever I’m aware and it gives me the feeling I can gamble on natural.  the drawvback of oregano and marjoram especially is that both are tranquilizing and muscle relaxants… this will affect one’s ability to drive a car or climb a ladder or operate power equipment additionally to being worth eventual monitoring for one’s overall health.  again I’m not a doctor much of this stuff is non government tested lore for legalities.  it is always worth seeking a health pro, however while anyone would disapprove of the above stateds, they’d understand the simplicity of the decion.


or I coulde be a maniac hoping to get high…I’ve heard that one before.  or I have weird tastes in perfume-patchouly wearing hippy.  or just like spending money utterly foolishly…I’ve even said that one 😉


whatever, it’s fun to need, to hope, to share, to gamble a touch for a reason however “dumb” and to maybe achieve some I wouldn’t mind knowing alternatives withina I have to have them versus what the hell let’s gget high basis of knowledge.


whee! 😉

What was that sound that I hear,  whose checkin whose out there puking what up
whose gonna check that fright of the night out of bed me and myjams
there they are howling at the door
playful, nope growled so i stepped away
is it the rest of my life
your dogs keep me awake?
Games neighbors playted away
I get your dogs cause you flunked it
what’ve you got to say?
could i buy it?
just as i lay to slumber under moon and stars
would you believe it?
here he is again, the border collie of the night

Where do we go from here now that all of the children have grown up
And how do we spend our time knowin’ nobody gives us a damn

I don’t want to live here no more,
I don’t want to stay
Ain’t gonna spend the rest of my life,
Quietly fading away

Games people play,
You take take it or you leave it
Things that they say,
Just don’t make it right
If I’m tellin’ you the truth right now,
Do you believe it
Games people play in the middle of the night

Games people play,
You take take it or you leave it
Things that they say,
Are not right
If I promise you the Moon and the Stars,
Would you believe it
Games people play in the middle of the night

Games people play,
You take take it or you leave it
Things that they say,
Just don’t make it right
If I’m tellin’ you the truth right now,
Do you believe it
Games people play in the middle of the night

Songwriters: SOUTH, JOE
Games People Play lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group – Alan Parson’s Project.
yep this time the lil friendly fellow brought 2 not one other visitor, the one got away easy these two got stuck and had to be let out the garage but could I help, no – the one growled at me.. only lady aid for him.  I of course might go back to bed.
I’m sure the hostess trying to pass a kidney stone was really thrilled to have on her 3rd  night of sleeping issues a jamboree of chaos scratching to come in. and still none of us get bit.  no collars none.-  .
I ask you if the exclaimation point isn’t in fact a dog dropping a jewel”” after his yard’s been invaded that you step in.
I’m asked if I can consider  caretaking work.  I mean of lonely mainly seniors who do need someone but not necessarily skilled medical peeps.
as long as it’s clear that keeping a preverbial eye on folks / company is my mission, I’m not liscensed to care otherwise.
it would appear that perhaps I’ve a hostess knowing two people who could use another soul and afford that I’m perhaps that person.
did I mention I like hostess?  convenient that this wouldn’t keep me here where I currently stay? 😛 hahahahahaha.    I mean I vet through state beaureau investigated background as I’ve done activities work and walmart too…odd that walmart….. nevermind.


I sit here next to my gift of a Tenzi game. 4 columns of ten dice to be rolled until someone gets all of any given number.

for those of you whom love mathmatics – favoritest class ever! that’s 10  Six-sided dice or 6 to the tenth pwer or something like 46656 x 36 x36 = of a chance to roll any specific roll and6 in that number chances to tenzi from that specific roll.    there are blue with orange dots dice orange with blue dots dice green with yellow dots dice and yellow with green dotted dice. and some instructions.

I’m from Detroit so silver with blue dots thanks would ordinarily be what you’d thinks if you thought home team footballs colors.  however I’ve live in blue and orange now….used to be orange and blue 😛 country of them Denver Broncos for eons. I came here when it was the Denver Bears and even briefly the Colorado Flames hockey later of course to become the Denver Zephyrs and then we got the Colorado Rockies and of course the Colorado Avalanche NHL along with the Colorado Rapids MOS Arena football for a short time and there is even a rugby team in Glendale if you dig that game…and there was briefly times you heard of the Denver Nuggets Baketball team too… in good ways.  so needless to say I was thinking colors and yhtzee and of my die bronco’s fan Barber and that as many  times as I see silly theme things that maybe he might want to have a little yahtzee game with the home team’s colors?

this is about as half baked as I get,  I sit here having seen a broncos trivil pursuit game knowing zilch as a true fan MIGHT, made up such finely thought through game ideas as Addicts Monopoly where meditteranean avenue and baltic avenue where opium and heroin, and various other finely substances where to be highlighted along the way.  I’ve a few facts like the d b’s came to town in 1960 so instead of yahtzee’s usual scoring bonus if you get above 62 you’d get a bonus this one it’s sixty…or a full house is both a three of a kind and a pair.. well with six sided dice this mean the lowest scoring dice combination of three 1’s and 2 two’s is seven, or John Elway’s number..that’s a double bonus for that or something it just has to be!  and this is just about as half baked as my poor mind can contribute to thoughts as it’s just ridiculous to think people’s actually buy yahtzee anymore and especially in a kitchy kind of way I can’t afford to contact the NFL for licencing.

kinda reminds me of when I thought about the power of the earth and the magic of them puffy cotton clouds that of course were misty and soft feeling when you climb into them as you would in the higher places of the Colorado Rockies….. and yet they weigh ton after ton.  the electricity of a lightning bolt literally can fry a soul from alive and marshmellow puffy to dead and cinders and oh let’s us never forget tornados as duh I’m from very close to flint michigan the place of thee most tornados and they’re when a little hot get a little cloud of cold together along with a lil cloud cloud in their and swirls and damn it you’ve suddenly a epic god’s hoover sucking up houses we silly humans leave lying about.  but lightning all it is is water rubbing together and voila sprk.  it takes a lot of water rubbing together to make a big spark but seemingly in my age of super  thises and giant thats why not a few football feild of a complex to rub some water together for a profitable static cling?

I’m not very gifted in ideas or mathmatics – no, not because i suck at ideas… never… I simply have a few hiccups to getting idea to reality.  god bless that I have ideas at all, even if they suck and wont make money for me…which sometimes means they don’t suck and someone steals them and makes money on them…. or what is more likely they in a spirit of creation of which I can foster create their own and as i may not have contributed to the creation obtain no credit therewith.  or

sometimes you must be reminded of that you really did think that way×19552


the links are of halfbakery and something I wrote 9 years ago when I still was the “smallrougeone” in some form or other referencing red dwarf’ bbc/grant naylor productions television show’s the ship.

a tenzi game you can see for yourself it cost 19 in the location purchased for me not including taxes,

an example of a mini football

a google search showing the multiplicity of YAHTzee score sheets versus

a real nfl licensure process link to pre qualify…pre.. not qualify, not pay, pre qualify and i need a lawyer to understand anything past word f-ing one. 😉  I mean I’m not talking a hundred grand for a game design to give one person a novel nifty that is essentially 33 cents in plastic  and 2 cents in ink and 1 cent in paper/glue and maybe anothe rounding now up few cents to essentially making one cent cheaper than a soda pop the game.  maybe. 50 per unit cost soyada.  sometimes ideas are grand but

half baked.