the other way

I went in search of this hellfire lava death tp case in the freezer hot sauce.  1%er, by Danny cash hotsauces as it was closer to a dog park and the dogs were going.  *we needed to hit mom’s house for a book drop and computer pickup as well…. we tweensed a macdonald’s stop to improve the fragrances on the way home… yes, even plain hamburgers with ZERO condiments was high powered hell gas from one or both.  ew.  probably shouldn’t feed them treats like that.  sh….

My store was both closed and moving.  no notice to this effect was given online that i saw so i was less than amused.  i ordered online my prize.  this has a reputation for hottness it has a name indicating rareness and thus is a dumbass gift to my hostess of those dogsitting the puppy things.  I got a tenzi game and a t-shit.  she gets wicked hot sauce.  I’m a tad cheaper than she.  shamefull i know.  however she actually does like it far hotter than i do and I mean serious weenie pants me here, can’t manage it that hot….  so with any luck i continue the fair trade in smiles.


I went full speed into a 4×4 wooden sign post from a dog at laying flat to barking play!… not nice play…but play none the same.  I lost 2 square inches of shaved skin for thinking he’d be cool…knowing someone already set the magic f-over tones of you’re gonna behave RIGHT?  *recipe for the opposite.  I had them leashed in an offleash park for MY convenience… now you know why. I have boo’s.  big old boos.  I’m not quite fifty pounds over the male, my charge, so even if i am on the case not trusting him to be cool, he easily can pull an extra step out of line.  I trusted him…fail.  I went straight into a sign post i was grateful for as I wasn’t  getting the stomped stop foot just that instant and otherwise it was too late to hold him from the other dog and you know that’s trusting one’s luck to fate. he does NOT always get on with other dogs or play nice… not fight persay but is  easily a nightmare more with worried owners than the incidents..  needless to say…wine.  ah. 😀


I can honestly say today was a breakfast in america song, take the long way home.  it was nice.  no, I am not trading my big critter in for a safer model.  I like him just fine even if I’m sad i can’t go as many places with him.  he’s excited.  we played in the water and he leaped for shear joy.  anyone 1/4 mile closer was a worry but 😉  I like the boo.  I want to beat him half to death to behave better.  I admit that.  I wont because this methodology does NOT often work.  I admit I get mad… but if there’s a way for him to behave a tad better… remember he had a broken back directly in puppy days so he’ll never have the best behaviour he couldn’t be socialized, he was hurt.  he’s happy/stupid and playful but a hand ful.  so if you think i’m a dog whisperer, I am not.  I barely can provide joy for the fellow past a pat/smile.  I’m not afraid of a contusion and I get a few.  but it saddens me that I can’t resort to things harsher as he has seizures on occasion – so I can’t amp up a shock collar.  I can’t obviously beat him like a red headed step child as that’s considered abusive. choke collars are mildly effective but as usual he escapes collars and loses them.  he’s had nothing but back to back pregnancies for a year so is overly protective.  and who wants to beat the life and joy out of a dog just so you can sit your fat ass down for a leisurely smoke?  that’s rude to both parties.    I run with him short distances as I’m fat/old/out of shape.  he can’t really easily associate with others and run free in fenced parks.  hmn.  dog whistle next.  obviously owner wont be available til after the next move or after summer…. so, such is that point.  work it or not.  there is no salvation from the choice.  it has to be made lovingly as you’d expect nothing less of me.  so… no club club xlub behave damn its.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “the other way”

Never heard of that hot sauce. Bet it is speecy spicey hot.

My! Your BIG dog adventures…BIG adventures with a dog…sound like they’d make an interesting book.

Years ago I had a very exuberant happy BIG lab doggie who took me for walks…well…sprints…he was definitely in control and weighted more than I did. So, it was an adventure every time he took me for a walk. 😮 😛

Happy Whee-kend!!!
HUGS!!! 🙂

hence why i say, I wont trade him/her too, but lol not always does life go according to hoyle 😀 I am enjoying bacon cheddar wursts they’re tasty. not likely to go with rootbeer however you might step up to a ginger ale 😉 🙂

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