Summer Starters

this is about the closest to the look of Lake Pueblo, near Pueblo, CO a state park.  we caught a lil spot nearer the marina  which was secluded and a tad rocky but perfect when you’ve two great danes that while loved might run amk.  they remained on lease even in the water.  big momma decided hmph to this and proceeded not to want to go in the water then be seriously pissed daddy dog splashed it up to his hearts content and was having fun then tried to start a fight on the land of course…this got her 8 6’d to the car….where she gtot busted again for being too slow to steal the leftover taco…which were their naughty treat but not yet at that time.  I can’t say i forgot entirely what a mosquito was but it’s so much rarer i see them having lived for a good 20 years now wher most munipalities spray for them to squelch lime disease potential lawsuits.  so when what? one mosquito landed on me I was like shocked they still exist.  I did come in swimming possible gear but essentially skipped this walking socks and shoes and all with the dogs into the water and that was good enough… I didn’t get the full frollick of daddy but he leaped and splashed with me too, you hold 115 lbs pound of leaping joy…it will MOVE you. 😉  at present sis didn’t upload those pics if any so boo hoo for you.


that was a fine waste of 11 dollars including the can of pringle…strawberries should have went on the top as they get waterlogged in the ice at the bottom when it melts.  but you just sit that tailgate chopping strawberries with a light breeze in that shade?  delicious.  so was the powerade lemon and the first heath bar in god knows how many years and it shouldn’t surprise you that when i arrived home it was indeed time for a lil nappy poo.  while I didn’hate it, I didn’t adore the cheesy beans and rice thing from taco of the bell. i should have got the dog’s treat potato because their meats give they horrendous gas and beans will kill you.  but this is okay.  11 bucks and a splash and a nap. ahhh.


I was overhearing the next visitors of the previous hostess and feel special.  she liked me some and not so much her current friends children grand childrean  of her brother’s  i guess broke down she helped they currently work for one of her stores to build the money to repair and relaunch their adventures.  I am surprised because apparently their sins i’d probably share  yet i get pardon.  none the same it’s like a lobo song.  me and you and a dog named blue – travelin’ and livin off the land…. they’re young broke and adventuring.      but as i said, I’m curious as I get a pardon and these lot don’t I guess i feel special.  and laugh as I got that smile to hear of if not quite in voice email sure voice no from my summer began early with the pups pal.

-actual summer’s open was spent buying and returning dvd players – i guess your supposed to double check it comes back in the original package even returning it lol, I missed double checking that detail and because i wasn’t dressed to impress or shaved and perhaps because of that marijuanna shirt I was wearing…grandmom checked that detail and in fact every detail of that story finding it didn’t match return policy lol thanks sis, toss me under the bus with a bogus return.

the adventure of bus travels continues with the real quick free spot foam whatever test from the traveling people.  they are Kirby Vaccuuum salespeople, the demonstration lasted 3.5 hours til nearly midnight – the shampooing was last.  I will be polite and honest the vacuum works as ever  fabulously.  the new gadget addons and change overs while of great engineering and construction are not simple and easy to operate for the demonstrator let alone me trying to see fo myself in lower lighting – i utilized the target debaucle to buy lightbulbs but even still, it’s a tad hard to see – so gadgetwise and a good ONE area but go over areas 2 and three for lightening stains at least was a 20% at best on the lesser treateds and 50$ of the heavily treated one… or sorry, the store rent-ajobs do better and this machine is over a grand if you want a proper warranty so um see for yourself, it doesn’t match my surroundings  however powerful as it can not deliver on the system promise in my demonstration – remember 2 dogs ground in stains HIGH traffick spot areas.  but as i said, 3.5 hours…sis invites them in and then goes to hold her dogs while I’m left to hear the schpeel.  bahahahahaha.  I am sorry to report it’s still only a vacuum to me….which 😀 is your parody by gum

billy joel’s She’s always a woman to me.

is now, kirby’s only a vacuum to me


Watch as the dirt’s lifted before your eyes

You just vacuumed you’ll look like you lie

Try our FREE dry foam spot test

yet it’s 3 hours of a wallet molest

It is so well built your no will leave you the fool

what system? it’s only a vacuum to me a tool

pay with your soul as only fools don’t invest


sorry attachments are lost  to every vacuum in being

yes it’s but a vacuum to me and one with parts

ever so close just at the wrong time

midnight vroom vrooming tjust ain’t right

I wonder if they’d have sold me during the daylight time?


I was hoping to say hours of hell

yet in morning light I was he couldn’t me sell

I’m sure i lost my soul to have not bought oh well


yes, it’s a fine vacuum but that’s all it is to me

ever so close just at the wrong time

midnight vroom vrooming just ain’t right

I wonder if they’d have sold me during the daylight time?


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “Summer Starters”

that photo is gorgeous!! sounds like a good, but tiring, day.

except for the vacuum salespeople. I didn’t know there were still door-to-door sales. I won’t answer the door. You would never believe the things we have bought over the years. No more. (And I don’t think I’d let someone in my house that late in the evening. Not in this day and age.)

Beautiful photo! And YAY Summer season! You never know what will happen! 🙂 I love dogs who love water! When they get to splash and swim, they get even more gleeful than normal! 😛
Good parody! (I was gonna’ say “sucky parody”…you know, because it’s about a vacuum! 😛 )
I should use my vacuum cleaner more than I do. 😀
HUGS!!! Happy Whee-kend!!! 🙂

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