the littler things

the store lost 12 freezers and one cold case.

I, after 2 months, am well aware of corporate inspections.  bless them.  your ass may be grass politically but i don’t get as bad a product.

I mention on purpose shit said in the breeze so to speak 2 or more times so that it isn’t any surprise what’s on later.  i get no thank yous.  I get to appear on the other side and yet no decision is made one way or another.  i can live with this.  I know it comes down to pay up and what those decision mean.


I have no headphones so i can’t jam out to shitty 80’s music real loud or soft..  mine missed packing back from visiting for puppies..  in case you missed it, this like many things are “my fault.”  oopie. 😀

since you didn’t know it, it’s lunchbox hour.  i have a variety of hotdogs whith money for extra buns and a few packs of smokes if needed plus a big outting and a littler one treat.  i still have money on my care.  i have made progress.

I so want a greasy sausage right not with saurkraut..  this brings up a red dwarf quote of” he’s chicked us.” i.el the boys were drunk and the smart ass asked if anyone fancied a kebab”  the law one…won… 😉

lunchboxes are beer to fizz, orange juice and amaretto.  .

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “the littler things”

HA! 😀

Well, it is “Toots-Day”…so a speecy-spicey-greasy sausage would be appropriate!

“I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!” Remember that old commercial?!

Non-Gassy-Toot-y-HUGS!!! 🙂

you got me! but no, I actually do not place that ‘mercial. 🙂 sis invited the vaccuum salesman in then booked it conveniently to watch over the dogs. 3 hours later, no sale, I like it but it’s no better in initial testing than other products which to be fair compare in price. and duh, Imight want new glasses over a sexy vaccuum. or move. you know real world choices. investments yet timing of said things.

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