the whispers

there is a whisper that the army magic of a new life says it’s time to Georgia.  Fr Benning/Columbia.  Details are still further into this breeze- and thus such is all for the moment I know.  I remember some funnies from prior experiences that are still true or will be again.

I remember a friend of a family suckering me in to another step in line towards heaven.  a move of a fully PACKED as not in boxes as such was our job move where husband couldn’t either afford the help and also couldn’t actually be any help…service committments.  oi. 3 big trucks later I graciously said i had a cat to watch and volunteered my friend right back for the second portion of the misery, that move, driving it to the next location and unpacking!  weeee!  I remember many a grumble about where was the HOST??  needless to say I got a fine lunch as those goat roping older folk otherwise too old and or feeling like snakes in the grass for the volunteer suckering got the hat passed for some lunch, i got ged.

here I face another move.  I have about 2 months i believe or a month and a half …time but the HOST?  serving.  I suspect i shall be buying a box of the best brats in town and both crap beer to handle this beer brats for the grill and a beer bath to keep this warm whilst come and go eating can be managed.  I was seriously jealous of my wisconsin friend from the old internet community showing us how it’s done.  and remembered the big ass grill usually is last to go… so while I too can’t pay properly for the gathering of possible aid…. I can at least care that something good comes of the thank you for helping.  remind me to waste precious freezer space on a box of the good stuff as buns can be got after closer to the time but not more money.


I wont know for a bit what if anything can be achieved on the wrinkle that I do not exist in the immediate family of my sister and her husband.. odd to think of that but it’s crucial to a cost detail. this is being looked into by professionals for the serving man.  aids to his side are that i am legally disabled and that also is also a hinderance in that if this utilized in a poor manner I’d be risking the aid I get from that.  yes, I do work to suppliment this but ticket to real street is that without it I’m sunk.  so pro help is appreciated.  it isn’t for MY sake though, even if I benefit… but it leaves hope that there is leverage to leave this place with them without a tastey extra soaking of a month at market not lease rate atop the already tough pinch of moving.  it is a first with reinbursement type offering scenario.


back up plan is i have other places to be.  however this means one more winter.  if i hadn’t already poach phil collins’ for one more night to be one more game, I could respin that tune to be one more white. (winter)  as i’d have to pay such a bill due so I’d have clean credit to do / move wherever.  this is a back up plan.


I’d benefit from proximity to being in and closer to the bible belt of the south easter united states or “the south”  this could tick it’s remaining sc, ga, al, ms, la, and ar or put me around fourty states of the usa I’d set foot in.  it could offer two or three cultural points worth investigating too.  these would be “key largo” pulling up to the hotel of that movie 70 years ish later- pulling out a pack of obviously camels and having a puff.  there is also mobile al to listen to steely dan and sip a scotch whiskey after dark…however i can not drive so I can’t die behind the wheel unless i take up car theft…not recommended obviously either scotch or driving blind after car theft.  but i can listen to the song deacon blues.  ar is tough as it’s technically closer now but tex arkana not spelled right but closer to how it’s pronounced for a picture of me and a coors dreaming thoughts of smokey and the bandit and when coors wasn’t nationwide..  this is a good culture set, the minors are mississippi for fried chicken, louisiana for more bayou beauties of cuisine, bbq  across the south from a yankee perspective.  does sc offer any reason save racism’s history to visit?  a royal crown cola perhaps with goobers   might round off this notion of explorative notions  and while i am ignorant my own self about sc, I haven’t any rancor for the original stars and bars state that made official the civil war of the usa over states rights… they said but others whipping them say differently.

i woke to 3 miles at a school track which was nice.  I went to bed on a steak and woke to that with eggs as tacos.  I actually have a minor bit of excitement to this idea.  it can go belly up, but MOVEMENT!  we shall see.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

3 replies on “the whispers”

I like the whispers better than the shouts!
The whiskers better than the snouts!
The ins better than the outs!
The giggles better than the pouts!
Okay…now I’m just being silly! And silly doesn’t rhyme with “outs”! 😀 😛

I wonder where you shall lay your head?

I’ve been to Atlanta in the summertime. Hot and humid, but much to see and do!

HUGS!!! 🙂

🙂 hot-lanta. 😉 so i hear anyways. nothing will change my visual for dallas tx having heat radiate in distortions off the ground or how i felt walking the plane connector to the building woof! in charlotte nc when i visited there. or worse the flagging flag of I surrender in lincolne ne. i walked a sissy 3 miles home “” to actually nearly not make it it as it’s 30% not 10% humidity there i couldn’t sweat myself cool. it jjust wont break sometimes til nearly sun up.

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