the new kid in town

and tomorrow??  I mean assholes, I can’t drive after you.

such is my disappointment for chasing Huaraches, a mexican food treat.  I know it’s not the same when one isn’t brick and mortal and one chases the bottom line but- damn i need far more time to plot grandness.

I used to walk slowly five minutes to here.  I adored the sopes.  these are similar to huaraches – differing only in shape.  I didn’t have to look for a moving object.  I didn’t have to wake up and pray spending half a day chasing something tasty to come my way.


huaraches (food not shoe)

simple corn dough filled with a variety of toppings and garnished any old way it sells.    I like these things.  i obviously moved to the wrong fucking town to enjoy these things as i have to wake up and chase a tricky truck….it might wake up and decide to be somewhere else, or not serve at all, I wont know til tomorrow.  I wont know and thus more than likely i don’t get to go.

and even if i do it’s to paper plates and plastic ware for full price food… gee thrill. let me find a curb and spill it on myself. wee.

(everybody’s talking about the new kid in town…the eagles.. and a reference to both ME and this particular company.  i love moving closer to mexico to find less of the good stuff …if I chase them and the are out of my treat, that’d just be my luck.  it’s all about luck, and i simply feel this chance is more than likely a butt-fuck, not luck chase ’em to find them only to still be out of luck.)


or, this is a fine time to parody.  carol king’s will you still love me tomorrow?


where are you tomorrow?


today I find my dreamings

fill mine with porks and beansies

today I chase huaraches divine

but where are you tomorrow?


how can I satiate my pleasure

when it’s all day chasin, not leisure

I can’t even like drive.

so again where are you tomorrow?


tomorrow the location aint chosen

such is a food truck’s magic for me undone

so I’m left chasin something frozen

what a fright, I’m left feeling  so glum.


so I chase my mexi-loves

huaraches, sopes – heaven above

and food truck promises time wasted spent

’cause Where are you tomorrow?

‘Cause Where are you tomorrow?

‘Cause Where are you tomorrow?

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

3 replies on “the new kid in town”

I filed the didddy above as a question to the business, tit was not responde to. this am they do not list as of 10 minutes ago ish a location so it’s alacarte or a day off. so, uh, drat on that. I also official leave today for my house/apartment. we deliver one to her home and the twins likely tomorrow leaving the runty boy til july’s placement and right on schedule one’s always left 😉 however it’s our devil grey girl merle with the white neck and chest who is rather visually cute – if a terror, there is an easy placement hope between 3 places for her but all are a small struggle of timing as she’d leave to older dogs not long for the world in one case, a long long drive to another with a pretty yard and active owner or another hope of a different up here local who again has old dogs not long for the world but a shorter term. or in other words the girl’s gone or if you hurry gone to your joint. 8 weeks 2nd shot set monday we can meet somewhere reasonable. same as always 450 for the pooch plus any extra effort arrangement . not a bad run for 11 pups. typical results most easily placed one troublesome one lol and a straggler. and of course now, I hoped for specific yummy mexican and now have to find a nother search pattern as the first result is duddish 😛 kinda classy with the umbrella outside summer feel eh? lot of umbrella feel dining for this july I have to travel either july or august. I suspect july which cramps my waugust huge. but yada.

Good parody!

I like discovering new restaurants, foods, food trucks, diners, drive-ins and dives and hole-in-the-wall(s)! 😀

I love Mexican food. And I’m pretty good at making it, so I rarely go out for it. Has to be an awfully good place for me to go…as I can usually make as good or better at home.

What’s happening!?
How you doing?
I had a very busy, fun fun FUN whee-kend!!! 🙂
Had my (every 3 months) cancer-doc appointment today.
Now I await results.
HUGS!!! 🙂

good luck wwith that c. honestly. I did up mexican tonight, las delicious a chain but often the bestest of experiences. hoping to get lucky, investigated my brother’s offer of what would be available and didn’t say much but it showed what i though anyways….face fell hearing the details. sis knows obviously where we’re headed and i have another option to moon maybe about by that new “grille” 😉

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