Joyous Education

Please note that this isn’t presented to claim I have an an education.  this is to delight in the joy that is maybe…. MAYBE, this connects learning to real life.  I may in fact simply be thick as a brick.

this is here to illustrate a process of metal casting… of the wheels at least.      otherwise, understand diesel electric trains caught on like wildfire in the 1960’s replacing steam almost overnight.  the perhaps reasons for this is the very real performance issues of a cold day meaning better performance than say a hot one and thus less power when it’s needed the most plus a blizzartd of maintainance eliminated moving from steam to diesel electric BY COMPARISON.  cost is cost.  steam is great, it really is, but this is as I say, here to illustrate casting of iron.



this is here to illustrate a slight difference in process of sand casting to that of a clay mould and also that much of today is recycled from yesteryear.  we’re also supposed to see very clearly a shift from the wheel to a pot/pan… meaning i’m angling for a purpose of not transportation but something homey.

now we’ve that point maybe.  it’s a fancy grill.    this one is a weber grill which is similar to the one prize just purchased to replace the garage sale special up here in the hills after trying to replace broken burners had me push my thumb through the corroded metal and the other piece you couldn’t find the screw/nut to remove from corrosion there so hence broke, old, worn out, replaced…  this above grill is a cast iron grill box. where necessary it’s brass piping and or stainless steel burner assembly and cast iron grates…rather similar to the cookware/and. the cast iron train wheel.

now what i’m angling here to connect isn’t trains and steel and whatnot so much is that it’s more,  it’s about how simple it is to create both new and old at the same time.  for now we equate weight with sturdiness and longevity… you will never foget the sturdy OLD clanky bbq grill and fire pit areas of parks with tacky and old/cheap, but yet with a lil strip of shiney metal you’ll equate a 100 grill being a cheap chinese special with a american brand even if it’s not american made which i actually do not know, with sturdy quality at roughly 700  ..yet you lift the 169 pound box into a car.  it’s heavy.  it also isn’t pre assembled very much and took an ordinary tools handy soul  8 hours to assemble.    it’s due for virgin run this evening..  I’m just amused though that it’s really so much at heart so much old school .  cast fricken iron?  lift that sturdy beefy lid which wont blow up in a puff of wind.. it feels valuable when in fact it’s at heart cheaper and lesser than budget models for technology initial construction.  it’s entirely too heavy to move easily for one person and in fact usually even 2, it dances over the initial  considerations of most of us to be simply gorgious if not almost sexy valuable by being everything we say we don’t want. weight, predictabily old versus the sexy new,cost being spendy versus thrifty…so now we’ve something built to last, permanant.  fancy that.


and even if i can not yet play in a sandbox quite like how this stuff’s made, it is just that, a sandbox. or a river bank.  so read those books of the romance of idyllic childhood!  play in the sand and along the river (where clays are often found)  and just as in childhood finding delight in what is around us at the moment, in adulthood too, delights of life made of the very areas we’ve played so the cycles return and return and return.

joyous education.everything can change and yet still be the blessed same.  no, not a fancy train, but iron returns and return.  we need to eat.  we want the best, but the definitions change with perceptions in a flash. and it’s still all about ooo look! look at the shiny thing.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “Joyous Education”

I wont, my list lists beer and slovenlyness or water with medicinal VALUE? oils (last evening after days of fine treatment the baseline bp was 160/100 ish to 175/115 for the progress, however note I had to talk to mom… o_O about being pushed to be the safety company at my expense for a trip for sis or attend after my own medication before all of my scripts expire….or “stress”) the other list is also hooverinand washin’ nothing beyond anyone persay hard, but which list drunken arse or off the ass? I procrastinate them both. ;D (and you know which list will win out too, make lady of house frown or smile…gee, i guess it’s time to quit procrastination for motivation and vroom vroom around the room to eliminate grime and dusty gloom.

Did you get a new girl?! How exciting! YAY! Beautiful! What fun! Hours and hours of fun, in the sin…er…sun!
Oh…wait…that said “grill”, not “girl”. Never mind. 😀 😛
I like when education is joyous…and not tough.
HUGS!!! 🙂

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