Plaid Pajamas

my pups are fed and the shift stomp patrol again errant splatters is achieved.  I haven’t finished my coffee.  I haven’t managed past the Plaid Pajamas.

I oscillate over medication completion of purchase and the wisdom in general of a trip and the heart string tug of youthful indiscretion of saying eff it and going anyways it’s my only shot and month’s elapse to whine about being broker either way.

I’m due home Saturday as the pups will minus one or two have secured their homes and only await circumstance and collections.   there is one moment where I will have that one prior to the above paragraph’s maybe trip.  but overall it’s moving the life toward the next adventures .

-I liken my stay to the jimmy buffet “MargaritaVille” as I don’t know why i stayed here all season – nothing to show but this brand new tattoo, but it’s a real beauty – a Mexican cutie, how it got here I haven’t a clue.  — I mean I can’t personally have tattoos as I have had a psoriasis issue since puberty onset or fourth grade whee! blotches erupting out of tattoos defeats the point so i mean more symbolically say a new to me computer and i know where it came from.  but I don’t know quite how it was this rather than cash – I mean I iknow the reasons, I stand still in disbelief. 😉

I blew out my flip flop, stepped on a poptop, cut my heel had to cruise on back home, but there’s booze in the blender and soon it will render that frozen concoction that helps me hang on.  again dried the hell up so it’s not maybe a six-pack for me where’s yours kind of an evening and thus it’s i can say no and if it’s yes it doesn’t need to be more than 2 which is more than enough.  but it’s the point of flipflop being a word about flipflop fortunes rather than footwear even if it reminds me of huaraches which is a food offering shaped like one of corn dough filled with lovlinesses.   I mean it seemed odd I chose to remain here as of moving from the mountains even knowing the dog was likely pregnant mid February I hadn’t then collected my paperwork renewals for identifications and thus can’t expect work so voila natural choice to puppy help.  I didn’t expect the house to catch fire that I’d actually like the hostess, one more older person I did my tour in the fossil farmss i mean I can get along with many no matter the bi polar with health challenges and the strong willed listen to me are you nuts?? i’m a purveyor of YOUR ideas 😉  but do I?> do I get along? no, I’m still lesser about chores and completion times, I might barely be started as she’s nearly done with the day of both work and housekeeping just has to put the times in on visits and a phone call stream.  I the same blood type and competitive at games and truly care about independance for personal empowerment but unlike her I’m not there yet.  so maybe.  but the point is the first world adventure of margaritaville I had a bad day of collecting an owie so lets roll home and simmer in self indulgance.  I haven’t boiled any shrimp though, I really honestly should do this if I can get some attention on the shopping requirement 😉  old bay, red potatoes and shrimp.  bubble bubble strain liquid pour over an inch of newspaper and eat until you can’t.. a word about old bay, there is both liquid and powder, get the liquid.  a second word about old bay… there is zattaran’s and store brands, get old bay liquid… I’m from detroit, not maryland or louisiana, and I’ve lived in colorado forever so much i only have visited really for a summer or three my actual home town… I’m not southern/seafoody, I’m bigboys fish and chips of fried cod and crisp chips with vinegar damn it, but you ain’t getting it to be better making your own substitute shrimp boil with oleo resin? oh pepper and hot sauce yeah! that’s it.  dono’t even. you aren’t getting better than old bay smackin with the fragrances and a smack of heat versus someone else’s  not quite right.  … long paragraph here. oops.  it  still is what it is.  I came to my vacation here adore the hostess got but a hug and soon have to go home and in general I’ve maybe a minor booboo for finances expecting not a computer 4 years old new at but valued at 700 smacks for the effort and a trip to not canada but middle of nowhere missouri in summer’s swelter,  i mean i’ll live, I may not drink buckets but I’ll just bet i’m likely to have a shot at a good time…. might have to duplicate with a simple steak knife and fork cheapy pan and pot and dollar store or better yet chinese meal sauce packets chicken and broccoli american / chinese style with jasmine rice with a whallop of a no bake key lime pie…jello brand cheesecake pudding mix instant, and vannilla instant pudding mix along with a can of carnation sweetened condensed milk and a whole can big of course of aerosol cream and a premade graham cracker crust which is graham cracker crumbs and real butter patted into a pie tin…graham crackers are slightly sweetened unbleached wheat flour crackers more like a cheap biscuit if you’re foreign or cookie if american.  there is eagle brand of borden or new york originally and carnation of California gold rush ish eras carnation is by far cheaper and just as tastey.  now you take a few limes and make six to twelve onces of lime juice out of them or two YOUR taste and sweeten this if you must and pour seltzer water into it and voila a lime aid that sparkles and  fuck the pie.  or take 3/4 to a 1 cup a cup is 8 oz or just over 200 ml to a bit more .  and mix this into the milk and add the puddings and stir til your arm falls off with a fork then more gently fold as in gently stir the cream into the pudding mixes and limed milk.  this will set over a couple hours in the fridge and you can top it with more aerosol cream if you like all pretty.  it’s an ungodly diet devastation of a pie as the only thing needing minor refrigeration is the aerosol creams which means you can effectively make this on a picnic using only an ice chest to bring the cream and chill/set the pie.  it is about one human’s caloric intake  for the die rich so note immediately to bring friends to help eat this or you will be belly bombed and probably regret trying to swimas you sink like a stone.  but this is what I mean the season of vacation to another one?  wow.  I really can’t say it was a rager profit but mmm, it was fun to share company and puppies despite my cranky heart of not wanting destruction are really really cute.

well. and whelp.  it’s time for a puff.  I must vaccuum today here soon it’s so it’s kept about here.  do my last laudries so such is taken care of. and water the little scamperer. so they do not turn into little raisin scamperer nots.  I’ll be on big dog detail so sis can get the summer travel times off.  I have enough for hot dogs and beans of many kinds and basic produces so returning from a likely pack half as much and take twice as much money to a it really costs twice as much as you expect trip will mean pool time and cgrillin hot dogs and tostada bars as frankly I expect financial ruin to visit missouri in summertime whee! bestest ever sounding punch in the face ever!  no in that sense I can be honest I’d almost rather not go.  but, I get no other outlets of enjoyment otherwise so heh.

wastin’ away again in nowhere’s ville

looking for my I lost my mind and it’s probably my oown damn fault

some people say get a woman and play

but I know it’s only ‘friends’ as I’m some kind of lout.



oh for {Diety’s} sake

I’m needin’ a bigger rake

to scoop up this puppy shit-show

can i open my purse string-with what santa should bring

will there be romance

amidst all this toil?


Wanderin away to blink and miss nowhere’s ville

I ‘m minus my mind and it’s my own damned fault

some people say get a woman and play

but i know, it’s only “friends” as I’m some kind of lout.


another decision minus all reason

puppy whelp help for an old computer

nope not cash traded for duties

just ‘friends’ romance again kablooie

I’m only charming when I haven’t a clue


Wanderin away to blink and miss nowhere’s ville

I ‘m minus my mind and it’s my own damned fault

some people say get a woman and play

but i know, it’s only “friends” as I’m some kind of lout.


t’is the year my fortunes flip flop

i plod onward cleaning up plop plop.

oo she’s dreamy just in time for me to behave and go home

I quit goin on benders

even if my health didn’t all-of-a-sudden go  mend lord.

but we try as we all plod on.


Wanderin away to blink and miss nowhere’s ville

I ‘m minus my mind and it’s my own damned fault

some people say get a woman and play

but i know, it’s only “friends” as I’m some kind of lout.



By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

9 replies on “Plaid Pajamas”

in weirdism, I can not actually remember what lout actually means… you know what page plops before my eyes next! …. 😀 and no, it isn’t that bad, I got a hug and a peck on the cheek -which is far kinder than secrets I’m glad I do not have to keep…o_O ya know? and I got something! which is far better than nothing. I swore I was due to be tossed to the streets before all of this. blessed relief it was something and somewhere else for life to be smooth enough – ya know? but obviously the ennui/anwe remains, what a big wasted time no dough no tween the sheets for a roll. just a couple of 55 gallon barrels of dog shit shoveled. whoopie.

A good write!
You are NOT a lout! And you don’t have gout! So never doubt! And don’t you pout! And your wonderfulness I will tout! And now I’m out! 😛
Are you home now?
Plaid Jammies get checked! 😀 Ha! 😛
HUGS!!! 🙂

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