What Day is it?

Sing a little of the old song. Rod Stewart promises it’ll be just fine. Maybe he lies to get thine. i bet you remember a time.
Chaos Coyote (or was it Crow? ) says holidays are holy days. i bet you dread working them now instead of play. Once it was hymns hummed and Boble stories. Now it is green fields and tales of the grid-iron glories.
to be good is to work honest and hard? not really, it’s that play he made any given game day Sunday that is why per game he makes 200 large. Young idiots cheer marijuana and martinis versus yesterday’s lucky strikes and alll that Jazz. Jukeboxes once stole dimes but yours now is your telephone which saves you so much of that face time.
Once you could only treat yourself going out and now who cooks in? wait for it, you know that argument about who has to call the pie order in. Who Can remember when and how it made more sense then?

Friday is now Tuesday

Friday is now Tuesday
Life always is of Time’s Changes
Pizza, Pizza. Squared. Papered
is now take home, Bake-your-own

Sundays resting high holy
Cleaning up that sinnin’ Act
Voicing the echoed words of God
no, no, Game’s on wow just look

Monday, Don’t you trust that day
Work that week began today
Look around your town
Monday now is Sunday, eh?

Woot Wednesday come on HUMP DAY
week way over half way through yay?
Come on out and LISTEN
Junior’s First Knight and the NEW SOUND

Or will you be across town
darling daughter First Chair this School night
Wednesday is Monday’s begun
Youngster’s day under Midnight Sun

Tuesday is now Friday
Monday many’s \Sunday
Wednesday is Monday
and Saturday has no more cartoons?

Step to the beat i dare ya
Thursday get Thor’s hammer tattooed
it’ll be Friday all too soon
Pizza or tacos, buy one get two.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “What Day is it?”

I gots me some 80’s love trash on the head phones too. sis is up in the hills with daddy and momma dog arguingplaying with each other and the pups left. the moans and surely there are some I sat the lovliest day at a bank, 5 different people asked to help me, the same ass bank that threw me under the bus 21 yars ago asshole fuck them for life! I almost wanted to open an account depending on the out come of ‘business” which obviously was legal and polite but not necessarily glowing helpful in their helpful send. I didn’t open and account nor will but as they broke the banking laws to help I’ll remember the incident..

this is fun.
the pups are all gone? that seems so fast. well done.
it’s tuesday, i think. two shot tuesday. my radio station plays two-fers on tuesdays.
summer is exhausting. my casual schedule hurts almost as much as the regular one. not that i’m complaining. i don’t mind the loafing.

Your kind of loafing might exhaust me. I’m not sure i would be so accomplished. 😀 i bet youcover at least 10 items achieved by 10 am. 😀 hug. you know hump-day hug squish maybe a jiggler finish.

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