End Game

I really want you

because of radiations

of who you became

ahh, to be blissfully wanting a lass.


The puppies are fed, and a tad late are innoculated for contractual sale.. I feel the thunder sink into my soul of ONE drink on it’s way.  I never intended to dry out but i did.  I remember all my life wishing I was so cool as to say today is a single or a double after the major points of the business day like on “Bewitched” with elizabeth montgomery when daryn came home.   I am not there of course yet, but i reorder my life not to be the “drunk.”   A blt may appear before my maw and soul.


The Puppies, great dane puppies that will not register due to vagueries of paperwork, got their shots today.  a woman complained of being skipped twice and was furious as I was help for a 10 animal visit…yeah effing right I’d be first or this would be ‘fast”.  I didn’t fail to enjoy the first portion of my outting of a basket of fries at the Denny’s extra crisp with a side of mayonnaisse and the table condiments of hchalulah and ketchup… my other who has to watchdog them for a living as her job pointed out every detail of corporate presentational failure… I was effing jazzed. with what I got.


in fact, ion general, it isn’t perfect but i do not care.  perfect would be idealistically fairytales and i deserve the rude awaking of reality.  it isn’t so rude and it is sometimes heart touchingly sweet.

this morning the returning pestilences were picked up because the call was non-emergency so the fucktard stray captures barked all fucking night in the garrage on their fourth official visit for a pick up by normal hours animal control for 150 per dog fines for the car trip to town x 2 total pooches.  this meant the house dogs ccouldn’t go outside and couldn’t any longer hold it so pissed the carpet and hostess was in the holding loop to go to bbed a week now with pains of so must visit her own aid help soon…another hours of shit and piss and fourth visit and I don’t want to be the bitch neighbor and all the b.s. that is caring of rep and responsibility yet being stuck just there unwell at 4 days without proper rest fourth visit no resolution to the issue in 2 weekends completed and a beginning of the month too.. my life is impeded fuck you they’re getting the animal control, oh shit I’ll look like an asshole! worries about exercising OUR own rights.  I’m sorry 2 weeks elapsed the issue continues to weekends elapsed  compltely and thus enjoy your fine and fix rthe fucking problem! some folk up here spend thousands on fencing to make sure their thousands more animals are cared about and after to not be unhealthy and loved but also not to be a nuissance to others.  the homeowner association network advised them of the  issue and it wasn’t corrected  with photgrqphic evidence of fail to control YOUR dog.  oi.

I know i grow attached here as my time wanes.  damn it.  but i sure did get a hug and if i remember a sparkly smooch.  dag nabbit, reality. I wanted these things forever and such can not be.  but i learn of what can be siimply via vicarious example of what I wont admit I dream of.  not a bad investment and return considering..  yes, this instant i resist going upstairs to be a pestilence of interest.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

8 replies on “End Game”

Glad the pups are shot (not with a gun, but a needle) and are ready to adopt some human-beans! 🙂 Getting on to their human-bean families will make life easier!

Good luck with the lass! Why is your time waning there? Time to move again?


the pup care is why I came. the pups are beginning to leave as will my reason evaporate with the knowledge I still have a lease to honour :). yeah, it’ll be a bit easier and easier tthis next wek’s next drop.

I’m glad puppies will be going off to new homes. Puppies, although cute, are a lot of work! It seems blissfully wanting a lass can be a certain driving force to many things…. I’m stuck in the mode of unblissful wanting. Heh. peace to you

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