Cinna-swirl Toast

One way – or another, I’m gonna get you… it’s either a Blondie song or all about karma.

Breakfast of cinna-swirl toast with butter and blackberry preserves figures into this thought as a title the following ways:  It was breakfast and I must eat.  this breakfast contains a favorite pun on sin/cinnamon or even one or two I’ve met’s names.  Sins percieved or otherwise will come back just as surely as the good things we do in our days to show again. or, I ate breakfast and make weird associations.


I started writing an epic email which discloses  how I resolve the reason Jane Fonda is considered rather openly to be a traitor to america yet isn’t imprisoned or worse.  Who the hell is Jane Fonda?  What the Hell on god’s green earth does this have to do with fancy breakfast toast?  Well, I have a lil puppydog still who is a girl merle with a white nose and white starish patch on her neck and as I lookeded at her looking at me…bewre of this one, that cute ass face hides a scamp, a biter, and a lot of not initially but sure as shit now – attitude.  why Jane Fonda? Jane fonda I believe was a fetching thing once and in a movie holding a big old rifle nearly as tall as her – this was Barbarella which is a movie I haven’t seen. I was reminded of what I percieve to be that stance and evocation of attitude in my lil puppy dog.

I should be kind and show my scamp’s picture for comparison.  I failed.


bite me…. I really shouldn’t say that….

so, again who cares about jane fonda?  well, I’m reminded of reputation and karma.  I stould on that slope of a sled hill.  I had just traversed half of it back and made it atop one of the three hills.  I’m carrying a heavy steel runner sled…no, not rosebud…. wrong movie.  *citizen kane for the young ones(  I’m told to move, I shout back I cant I’m tired just one damned minute!…not in unapproved language like this- I would have been beat.  they surely had time to have heard and not gone…. I thought but you try reliving memories 30 some years later and be fair that their meanings do not change.  and because of not moving, a little girl on that tobaggon of people crash/clip my steel runner sled at speed and i bracing steel so their littlest sister chips her elbow and dislocates the whole arm.  Inever did get to date that older sister later in highschool – would anyone be remotely surprised?  even now cruel and self centered sounding that previous line even.

I’m reminded of reuptation and karma as I did not cause their accident nor do I feel guilty because of it but it could easily be felt i might have through inaction like getting the eff out of the way fall if you have to! was party to pain and it did NOT have to in most’s opinions have to occur..  even if i were blameless in the accident, i am still obviously bad luck none the same  with a face and blamability so I get the “karma” and or reputation anyways.

jane fonda?  there’s a point to this?  maybe, maybe not.  jane fonda is free last time i checked and it is long known what occured for her to incur her reputation to some as a traitor… she went on a publicity tour in vietnam and this included prison where she met under supervision from the enemy to our side our serving soldiers who passed notes or what not to her in hopes to somehow build an escape and because of her giving this information immediately over to the enemy servicemen got retribution for this naughtiness and some died of it.  this is NOT a sled hill story.  this is NOT terrifically offbase and or innaccurate.  this skips motivations if any that aren’t known and or believed.  but i add one detail, jane is as I said free so somehow this traitor talk is not nor has been pursued in court  or at least can in anyway stick.  that part of reputation  gets me.  I could be right and still lose.

well, 30 some years later, I may or may not have lost a date here or there. doesn’t mean i lose a friend.  I’m currently not enjoying breakfast of fancy toast but tune stuffed peppers all saucey ricey and meaty.  I’m not picturing these either. and for now must toss some dynamite down amnesia lane so as to make at least a noise about there 😉  but really just to  take aim at memories.  anyone else went fishin in their past for a memory lately…they always come back floating belly up. 😛

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “Cinna-swirl Toast”

Cinna-swirl toast with butter and blackberry preserves…OHMYGOD! sounds like a great way to sin! 😛
I love stuffed peppers (of any kind)! They, however, are not a sin! 😉 HA! 😀 All the spicy hotness cancels out the sin! 😛
Who can think about Jane Fonda when there is such great food to think about! 😉
HUGS!!! 😀

sounds like we should sweat to the oldies tomping on old vhs workout tapes?? 😀 😀 😀 take that four minute wallet draining, take that chilly spank, frisbee golf started with susan powter 😀

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