The Brass Ass? – Kitchy name!  sarcasm.  o_O

I’ve reaccquainted myself with some moldy information on Essential oils and made a selection.  Minor details remain.  I suppose it’s fair for my world to admit i know they work, but why i fell out of favor with them.  i can be swayed in my convictions… not so much core -reality/truths, but choices.

I’m also looking up points of interest in a tourist /casino town and ran across a lot of simply abominable laughs at name brandy places.  the brass ass casino..anything with a biblical donkey in it sounds laughable… but what about dining at Dynamite Dicks?  I mean we all know we must brand in a way our spots, but what a regretable name for chili’s express type of sitdown join/mall foodcourt offering!  or another, the midnight rose.  I know this is meant to sound exotic and conjour up the such of the night…but it’s a colour…black?  rose?  carnation? odd number of flower is a european  land’s death threat at best?? woo hoo? help!  momma.I still remember though the point is to get out, I love me some slot machines action, not losing mind you but seeing the reels glitter with my good. fortunes coming.  obviously, I’ve lost and adjusted my habits and visitation schedule 😉    I’m likely there principally soon enough to see the thinairtheater, which is and enjoy the “arts” and perhaps maybe lunch and less the temptations to gamble as I’m not as keen on the games/losing anymore… it fits right in with the tested realities of aging, I’m less inclined to risk all for the thrill of the maybe.

oils again.  I choose after single oils known as what they are: marjoram and lemongrass foresaking this moment an additional of grapefruit..  I know marjoram is both a muscle relaxant and traquilizer of the non-narcotic kind as well as a diuretic far more powerful than the citrus offerings.  this means atop having a bang up whiz fuel offering, I can rub comfort to sore muscles and demand you relax.  not to mention a drop in the chicken soup instantly makes this stuff the magic of yesteryear smelling just like grandma’s chicken noodle save your soul soup.  I choose also lemongrass as I love the chinese/american offering of the dish and quite frankly I haven’t seen it made with actual lemongrass in a decade but rather flavored with an oil and the green onions serving to be that “look” remeniscent of the actual grass.  of course, the stuff is also noted to be a mild blood sugar regulator…this guy is very much diabetic… and good at lowering hypertension… mine is bloody high….  I chose against the third option of grapefruit because I can buy juice and quite frankly i have other medication that specifically contraindicate grapefruit intake as it actually makes the medication work TOO well. which for b.p. lowering means you’ll risk passing right out when trying to stand up or silly normal things like that.  I can goose up my teas with juice and enjoy both the sweet and lesser potencies of intake this way versus obtaining another bottle of the juice.


I remember well that: orange oil along with to a lesser degree, all the other citruses improves uptake of vitamin c…if not outright containing it/it’s analogues.  I remember that orange oil is good for having a measured effect toning a bit of fattiness under the skin systemically of course…all body no matter if one rubs some on a specific magic go away area or drinks flavoured waters…  bergamont is part of the citrus group and is well known as the flavor of earl grey tea.  all citrus has to come with a warning for sun sensitivity.

Fennel oil is the best I’ve ever seen change my glucometer readings.  fennel is part of the anise group of tastes meaning, star anise, florence fennel  anything ever black licorice.  this stuff is the sambouca, ouzo, to a spiced sense absynthe’s wormword and jagermeister without the spices to black licorice candy to a fennel steak which i happen to like.  I’ve noted 55mg/dL lowering of blood sugar with the stuff on more than one occassion which is a fairly strong result that may be helpful if one monitors sugars based against a 80-105 mg/dL NORMAL range baseline with conventions of american metrics for measurement… there is a completely different sounding mathematic way to measure glucose with the blood prevalent in other lands.  a note to licorice as an aid.  for it to taste actually good requires a lot of sugar to most of us which wholly defeats the health benefit of the substance.


cypress oil which literally smells like a swamp… is reputed to be good at aiding poor circulation to improve.  again reputed…. meaning I’m not a doctor and none of this is anything other than rank myth not tested or verified to have any medical value whatsoever!! 😉 you’re buying a bit of witchdoctoring at best or a stinky dietary supplement..  but as you choose to believe and achieve now.


nutmeg oil.  it like any of the eugenolic containing spices like pink pepper, allspice and cloves as well are mild aenestethics… i.e. like novo or lido caines used by dentists and in your over the counter toothache away medication.  but nutmeg is interesting in being via wikipedia similar to ecstacy or some ilicit drugs of a very illicit nature.  you wont get the effect of nutmeg until you technically pass it’s toxicity point of intake and for the record nuevo hippy here is just going to ask you if you really do wish to maybe feel 2x more likely to tell the truth. and otherwise feel “weird” but not high high weird just weird.  total let down of a high if you plan on chasing one and up front you’re risking a lot as it doesn’t begin to work until it’s toxic to you…hmn  as in for a high.  as a mild bit of pain relief… as you choose, clove is better but all are asking you to be careful breathing too much of it as it is irritating to your lungs…you may want those too.


helachrthum is fairly pricey but takes much of the above’s effects and lengthens the time that they last.  it also is MAYBE…don’t start beggin miracles now, possibly useful in restoring lost hearing that say isn’t from damage water infection but say a medical condition or salt imbalance.  but legthening 20 minutes to an hour of power say with clove using less which again these all have toxicities really is kinda useful to know.


obviously I still can triple what little …. believe me it’s LITTLE how much I know of oils but that’s some of the fun things IT CAN but medically is not proven or will do for all.


my principal sadness leaving oils was getting diagnosed with diabetes, making as I did then the equivalent of half as much money and seeing no magic miracles and kinda was bored with the high chasing as this stuff while power just isn’t illicit drugs which I remind you i am not a big experimenter of but we all know or will know of the reputation of such things.  d  I didn’t forget that they were powerful but that I didn’t know how to use them for anything useful save a cheap high and that being blead dry by shipping meant I couldn’t but wildly ove4rspend.  this led me to remember that lesson and that of buying in bulk say from a grocery club costco, sam’s club etc… fantastic savings excepting I spend more on items and throw more away needlesy…not a value.  or lottery tickets, greeeeat I’ll get suddenly 1/3 of my money spent back!

I mean, if you cant smell the sarcasm off of me by now, I’m not tryuing.  but, such leaves me one last point

rugs themselves are rarely bad but the choices one makes on them usually are overall catestrophically awful.  there is a reason they are forbotten…. a shining good reason.  but, if you think i’ve time for hypocracy,  explitive…why bother, i’ve gotten both drunk and high, I have to curb the booze both by choice and it’s generally a good health decision to lower my risks and maybe live longer but in general be far better socially to be around along with wow, i’ve sure gotten sick as a dog on some of the other wastes of an evening chemicals  you’re welcome to them and forgive me if I say they’re all YOU no effing thanks.  I’m obviously crazy enough naturally, I need little help here.


now this all lewts me laugh at names and the power of reputations.  it’s not the most exciting bit of information as it takes so long to list it and why.  can’t be helped.  but, if you wonder at the little joys of life,a funny name or the perception of value within a reputation… it’s neat


now the principal other reason more fully expressed is that oils cost not much more now than they did at the time I quit but as I said i make more now a bunch more.  I left because shipping was ungodly expensive and then the price was in fact 3x more than getting a pill IF I had a doctoring network in place and yada yada.  it bummed me out to remain against them when I dosed them out to the cost/value and remembering that however quality the oils are, it’s difficult to garuntee a best.  or, what a lot of money on uncertainty!…only to smell like a zombied hippy neewfangled or classic vlasic.


the last point is? is a european purveyor of absynth which in 2008 was entirely illegal  in the USA  it is now available wormwood-free/thujone who cares free.  it has been scientifically shown that the green fairy isn’t thujone but wildly potent and in ridiculous measures intook alcohol…not a chemical thujone that is more likely to over time calcify your kidneys ruined rocks.  which so too can spinach as not a single occuring plant doesn’t produce oxalic acid which will do the same thing but via a different way.  i.e. they sell spinach as they do alcoholic beverages rhubarb etc… life is a choice and can be dangerous over time just as it can be one great paraody of a phil collins song one more night?? oh no it would be the poisoner’s song, ONE less night I’ve thee ONE less night.  one less night or down the stairs i’ll shove you. 😉

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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