I just typed up a simple puppy sale reciept.  we may see our first of this litter leave today.  pups are over 10 days weened and a week seperated from their mother entirely.  basics of I hopes – good home and care and of course a cost are listed along with birthdate and acknowledgement that these are not registratable breeded dogs which they aren’t due to the daddy dog being from a puppy mill feeling place not wishing competition.  I dislike to say anything but paper must change hands with cash.


I’ve of course double walked the place for tootsie rolls. 😉  I’m not on the real work of scrubadubdub down in uppy room  or the other presentable necessities.  don’t think I do the lion’s share of this care.


I’ve filed a hopefully well recieed ask after homeopathic purposed use essential oils but did something out of the ordinary and asked after someone currently into such stuff hopefully thus changing some pennies.  I know I do not trust that these are “better” than western medication/pills and care; Iknow I don’t have a doctor at present and reasonably am aware of what i’m doing to hope i can be healthy despite this within basic expectations and experience and known risks.  and, lets be honest here, I know fror a fact they’re uber powerful things essential oils and that’s cool if I can get lucky stop-gapping some of my lapsing scripts to pad a few months between my normal cycle of visits to doctors.  that being all vague.  I tlook to substitute a diurectic pill with a diuretic oil.  the experience is the stuff is powerful as a water reliever so can be taken with water internally toget my hydration and let it also go away.  if one has no clue why this is important – the bloated feeling where visibly after wearing socks the outline of where they were after removal and 3 minutes is still visible, the obviousness that one is retaining water thus a water getter-ridder / pee pill is usefull.  I know enough to warn anyone that there is a solid reason why this is only mildly available over the counter as most if not all water relievers help us pass sodium and water/flouid  but have the drawback of not allowing us to pass as effectively potassium.  sodium/potassium balance effects one’s heart directly so this is monitored by blood counts/levels so as not to cause one a mischief/early death.  to take such a risk is because quite simply I don’t feel it’s a bad gamble and more than likely it’d cost me 300 dollars to seek immediate care as I’m without a doctor to get that simple thing versus a more reasonable7% of that.    I have the venefit of prior recreational use to know I’m at least not allergic to the chance.  oregano and marjoram both similar as in cousins plantwise have these pee pill aids to them but over time it is clear potassium intake must be cut- i.e. cool it on the bananas, squash and pumpkins and low sodium recipes that utilize potassium chloride salts to keep the taste of salt there but are bio available potassium sources… same thing with super juices like pomegranate.  potassium imalance is a queezy feeling with visible signs of abnormal heartrate/fevers and sweating along with a malaise….wiped out feeling… it is not a joke even sissy oils have power – the trick is the right amount rightly intook.  I hope I have smart friends.  I’m asking for a “pass” in life because I’m apparently not always smart or I’d not let my scripts expire and visit the doctor more often.  oh I did ask all my scripts be updated on leaving and the last place simply did not playing a game called don’t trust the silly patient from a free pass to skip visiting doctors this and his numbers may not warrant it ;)… unhelpful folk 😉  not stupid mind you, just unhelpful.  for the record, I sold YLEO or young living essential oils a decade and change ago mlm shizzam! good stuff.  I absorbed the collated non-medical usuage lists information of 1/3 of the reference quide to essential oils by connie and alan higley I believe, I know via weights and measure a drop to a mL and thatreasonably how to dose a product compare value/purity.  it isn’t hard, most oils or any drug  is metabolized in 2-3 hours, most drugs however have some toxicity which is balanced by not giving one  a dose 3bery 2-3 hours but every four hours …some are more highly toxic and others not so much but all have risks against benefits.  this impact though along with nutrition says normally on highly watched drugs one is usually with diet and drug 3 months studied so as not to creep too far out of balances.  one drug was so risky I had to go weekly for it as it was stopped within a month as it was far more risky, that was a spirolactone pill to kick my other hypertension treatment arrays into working – it is known as a calcium channel blocker, I am not a doctor I simply remember what I did… it like very powerful diuretics will not allow potassium to pass hardly at all  I had heart abnormalities showing within that month… I didn’t notice, they did, it was helpful but discontinued wisely.  I wish a lesser chance that that all fired up approach just to sub out a diuretic in favor of a natural one and plod along to my next mess of doctor contracting and assessments.  I know enough to ax certain foods more…just in case. and god forbid seek atttention if i can’t walk 4 miles aerobically with minimal effort and survive this without needing a 3 year vacation…or worse resting abnormalities.  but that’s me and I’m probably a hypochondriac but whatever I’m aware and it gives me the feeling I can gamble on natural.  the drawvback of oregano and marjoram especially is that both are tranquilizing and muscle relaxants… this will affect one’s ability to drive a car or climb a ladder or operate power equipment additionally to being worth eventual monitoring for one’s overall health.  again I’m not a doctor much of this stuff is non government tested lore for legalities.  it is always worth seeking a health pro, however while anyone would disapprove of the above stateds, they’d understand the simplicity of the decion.


or I coulde be a maniac hoping to get high…I’ve heard that one before.  or I have weird tastes in perfume-patchouly wearing hippy.  or just like spending money utterly foolishly…I’ve even said that one 😉


whatever, it’s fun to need, to hope, to share, to gamble a touch for a reason however “dumb” and to maybe achieve some I wouldn’t mind knowing alternatives withina I have to have them versus what the hell let’s gget high basis of knowledge.


whee! 😉

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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🙂 wish it didn’t turn my tummy so much 🙂 you live in lots more coffee lands now. bet it has changed what yhour thinking is on good coffee. 🙂

Since the distribution system is pretty good, in these un-united states, it’s the same for me, here. BUT the names are wonderful here; I drive by Big Foot Java almost twice a week. (-:

that’s kinda odd to me. I’ve tasted the differencesd of supply, yes, the same supply roasted two different mega char plants as in their area’s distribution. but then again, despite a cigarette habit, I can actually smell a bit more than some. thus I do. notice the differences between brands of say vanilla extracts thus every version of vanilla ice save the ‘bean” kinds” or baking cinnamon version true cinnamon, new middle and chuck the gross old coffees, adulterated coffees… it’s just me.. I’ll admit I can’t do impossible stuff like tell the difference between a brown and white egg blindfolded or which animal laid it and when, that’s unlikely for most and I’m not a perfumier… but i do smell a bunch…ooops that sounds leading.

no, you’re right, of course. it’s possible i have only Driven by the Big Foot, not spent the dough to go in, or drive through their drive through, truth be told. 😉

😉 coffee is more of an ardent religion in the pac/northwest. I know this seems odd as it’s actually a religion of the morning worldwide and little edifferences of supply tastes occur here or there, but such is “place / perceptions” I actually like the “new orleans style cheaters coffee with chicory which is also labeled due to new orleans being a bit more french in culture as a french ish coffee too. it has that toasty quality more prevalent than if it were just a bit of beans from brazil. then you travel if only by aisle selections to the foglifter of san francisco but pac/northwest by reputations and not actually being there of that type of strong breakfast oomph. then there is the oft heard horrors of ship side coffee/ navy coffee which needn’t be “navy” at all in that you add too much coffee and boil it longer/stronger and add salt to it why? so it tastes different but also is yet stronger still as the water would get hotter still and extract more coffee oomph, the last time I read an instance of this was a book on a navyman serving in china during the “war”*Version*=1&*entries*=0 it is of course 1926 and china as it moves towards it’s 49 ish revolution, I admit I don’t know all the revolution dates of the world. the book of the same name is by richard mckenna and the movie is nearly 3 hours long obviously – I soured on the book as it got cliche redemptive during the arc of the story puke. i would now that i know it’s a steve macqueen movie probably watch it eventually once more revisiting the tale. it’s just how i found james clavell’s King Rat also a similar era movie this time with george seagal but I found the books first at…an institution… bored. little to find or do yet I’m wrong as dusty or not the treasure’s there for a bit. kinda like watching fifties scifi and it’s all ship this military that and dopey almost because of that seriousness that as a civilian I’d never understand having not completed military service or for that matter attempted it as I wouldn’t be selected and yada. I don’t know any coffee descriptions more potent of this that sparkle any. but it’s precisely the advice of better recieved writers…describe describe, describe. even a shitty story with a few gems of memorable things like a proper navy coffee make books memorable and talked about. this book is not shitty just cliche redemptive during it’s telling and it jangles to me but I am not someone’s obvious eyewitness or early on heresay of legends so it’s probably accurate. it probably happened. thus the complaint was and would be the description of motivations is inaccurately relayed so as to seem incongruous. we all just percieve things differently. and, also it’s like seeing the world of legend that obviously changed during time from a country taken advantage of china to what it is now a rattler of it’s sovereignty like the best of them. kinda like the tales of foreign lands as visited by later than initial travelers not pioneering colonization but telling of the thrills and chills of places be it tobago dutch for tobacco island otherwise known as treasure island by robert louis stevenson or heart of darkness congo by joseph conrad where while these places aren’t 18th or nineteen century now but right here in a now, still hold a whistle of the vibes of what made the stories sparkle… you can say still imagine a deserted island existance if ignoring the people and change in tobago, you can still find jungle and vast amounts of darkness if the train stalls in congo. I haven’t a vid /movie story of tobago but you can watch if you find it congo from anthony borurdaine no reservations just as you could catch the hotbed of interest that is him getting stuck in lebanon requiring evacuation. and imagine the unrest that is literally the “middle east still” which would make an underlining if you will of perceptions like that of iraq losing us an npr photographer with military personell. it brings home that it’s still not well there even if syria has a better claim to big nasty going….and libya with bourdain too also wouldn’t leave you cheering that kadofe is gone when women surgeons saving lives of the victorious change are second class even still – it’s a real fuck them bastards kind of feeling why save them or care backwards nutjobs better to send love notes to kadafe on bombs than the change that isn’t any better. wrong people won the toyota wars chad/libya. – anyways stories, the world has more than i’ll read and changes thruogh time to add still lives more of stories. you might have skipped bigfoot coffee for now but what of the more king rattish tale then of tobacco manufacture using tea to soak the local baccy to dry back out and leave far better smokes- krog thips which a friend and previous roommate returned from thailand with emulated that taste with a grassy tone to the smoke that reminded me of the hey pick me up some and that it was excitingly plausibly true. by no means rich american tobacco from the american south east. but wow for it’s own reasons. obut as this was going coffee, perhaps you too might fancy up a latte which it wouldn’t e by strong fresh best you can do with what you got coffee with shaken sugared milk all frothed up tasting then like almost a marshmellow poured in with thus a foaminess of a latte sorta again shaken milk isn’t heated steamed milk and a latte is esspresso not coffee coffee and prepared slightly differently.. but again, it’s the feeling or echo of what it means or maybe you’ll put a teabag in the basket atop the grounds and make a blueberry coffee which while not the best i ever had has a sour tone of blueberry as if from juice and really is evocative if a bit more of a risk of stomac malfunction.. or straight up put a LITTLE tea bag of tea tea atop cheap store dust and note that it this cheaper coffee is smoother and more delightful as if you again were far more well to do than perhaps that is true. just like a lil stirred up differently tunafish salad made usually with mayonaiise a town of minorca an island off spain’s easter coast taken temporarily by the brittish so that they now like gin and english architectural windows and we the rest of the world sometimes like mayanaisse with things …but tuna drained and mayo to taste some adding additional things like onion or celery or etc… to make this excitingly now asian is to cut in half the mayonaisse and add a dash of both hot sauce and soy sauce- this keeps consistancy yet alters tastes… you have the filling for a spicy tuna roll sushi. plop this in with rice cooked without oil from cold water til boiling/cooking which makes it always that sticky rice like chinese restaurants way and add a sprinkle of black sesame seeds and that crunchy green seaweed bits and you’ve a deconstructed sushi … obviously a mat and a lil effort you could make some maki albeit not high class sushi but sushi none the same and not even classic sushi but “modern” foreign devil special stuff 😀 I mean such is how ideas happen and edit obviously as I can’t sushi chef for shit and am not japanese nor chinese nor nothin’ but I can get a LITTLE closer to that magic. and yes, alas the last bastion of authentic racism is authentic food. I could know a book about what I’m doing and yet not be of a culture thus not make truly authentic food, it’d be like me saying it’s mexican night, it’s not it maybe at best mexican LIKE. didn’t matter if i whoop the joint down the street for taste, it ain’t authentic. just the same way the all above is just allusions and evocations…not necessarily reality.

You say tomatoe, I say tomata… 😉 i will have to try that coffee basket trick, at least with a couple items. I’m kinda simple, so when i want indonesian coffee (thank the gods for cookbooks) i just put a couple slices of ginger in the bottom of my coffee cup. yum. healthy bite. (-:

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