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I sit here next to my gift of a Tenzi game. 4 columns of ten dice to be rolled until someone gets all of any given number.

for those of you whom love mathmatics – favoritest class ever! that’s 10  Six-sided dice or 6 to the tenth pwer or something like 46656 x 36 x36 = of a chance to roll any specific roll and6 in that number chances to tenzi from that specific roll.    there are blue with orange dots dice orange with blue dots dice green with yellow dots dice and yellow with green dotted dice. and some instructions.

I’m from Detroit so silver with blue dots thanks would ordinarily be what you’d thinks if you thought home team footballs colors.  however I’ve live in blue and orange now….used to be orange and blue 😛 country of them Denver Broncos for eons. I came here when it was the Denver Bears and even briefly the Colorado Flames hockey later of course to become the Denver Zephyrs and then we got the Colorado Rockies and of course the Colorado Avalanche NHL along with the Colorado Rapids MOS Arena football for a short time and there is even a rugby team in Glendale if you dig that game…and there was briefly times you heard of the Denver Nuggets Baketball team too… in good ways.  so needless to say I was thinking colors and yhtzee and of my die bronco’s fan Barber and that as many  times as I see silly theme things that maybe he might want to have a little yahtzee game with the home team’s colors?

this is about as half baked as I get,  I sit here having seen a broncos trivil pursuit game knowing zilch as a true fan MIGHT, made up such finely thought through game ideas as Addicts Monopoly where meditteranean avenue and baltic avenue where opium and heroin, and various other finely substances where to be highlighted along the way.  I’ve a few facts like the d b’s came to town in 1960 so instead of yahtzee’s usual scoring bonus if you get above 62 you’d get a bonus this one it’s sixty…or a full house is both a three of a kind and a pair.. well with six sided dice this mean the lowest scoring dice combination of three 1’s and 2 two’s is seven, or John Elway’s number..that’s a double bonus for that or something it just has to be!  and this is just about as half baked as my poor mind can contribute to thoughts as it’s just ridiculous to think people’s actually buy yahtzee anymore and especially in a kitchy kind of way I can’t afford to contact the NFL for licencing.

kinda reminds me of when I thought about the power of the earth and the magic of them puffy cotton clouds that of course were misty and soft feeling when you climb into them as you would in the higher places of the Colorado Rockies….. and yet they weigh ton after ton.  the electricity of a lightning bolt literally can fry a soul from alive and marshmellow puffy to dead and cinders and oh let’s us never forget tornados as duh I’m from very close to flint michigan the place of thee most tornados and they’re when a little hot get a little cloud of cold together along with a lil cloud cloud in their and swirls and damn it you’ve suddenly a epic god’s hoover sucking up houses we silly humans leave lying about.  but lightning all it is is water rubbing together and voila sprk.  it takes a lot of water rubbing together to make a big spark but seemingly in my age of super  thises and giant thats why not a few football feild of a complex to rub some water together for a profitable static cling?

I’m not very gifted in ideas or mathmatics – no, not because i suck at ideas… never… I simply have a few hiccups to getting idea to reality.  god bless that I have ideas at all, even if they suck and wont make money for me…which sometimes means they don’t suck and someone steals them and makes money on them…. or what is more likely they in a spirit of creation of which I can foster create their own and as i may not have contributed to the creation obtain no credit therewith.  or

sometimes you must be reminded of that you really did think that way×19552


the links are of halfbakery and something I wrote 9 years ago when I still was the “smallrougeone” in some form or other referencing red dwarf’ bbc/grant naylor productions television show’s the ship.

a tenzi game you can see for yourself it cost 19 in the location purchased for me not including taxes,

an example of a mini football

a google search showing the multiplicity of YAHTzee score sheets versus

a real nfl licensure process link to pre qualify…pre.. not qualify, not pay, pre qualify and i need a lawyer to understand anything past word f-ing one. 😉  I mean I’m not talking a hundred grand for a game design to give one person a novel nifty that is essentially 33 cents in plastic  and 2 cents in ink and 1 cent in paper/glue and maybe anothe rounding now up few cents to essentially making one cent cheaper than a soda pop the game.  maybe. 50 per unit cost soyada.  sometimes ideas are grand but

half baked.


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