“It’s The Little Things…”

“It’s the little things in life you cherish” – Galazy Quest, Tim allen…. a scene in which the bad guys get to meet the “rock” and get “theirs”

I do not have internet enough to download from here Ubuntu to update this machine.  I have internet for that at my apartment and I have a payday coming up to buy a “stick” to have this all preloaded. in less than a week.  however, such now means the minor papercut of disappointment that it’s FREE,EASY, I’m smart/genius …etc… or even  THIS is major cool versus just functional… evaporate.


Big Daddy dog came to visit his pups and has major momma’s boy syndrome seperation anxiety  and doesn’t get on with the house big boy who instantly pissed on the dining table in front of everyone right after momma yet again bombed something somewhere.  I had to spend the full 40 minutes with pets and no’s for a minor improvement in NO scratching through the doors and yes, you will have to wait for us to get through dinner.  nothing like the knowing you’ll feel the asshole for abandoning the dog needing you and wanting you and not knowing this is how others might feel about me myself and blah whatever.


the return after six weeks to see if the stress abaits and it isn’t me finding negative attention deservedly or non-deservedly so after the visit to the in trainin husband leaves me booted from the kitchen and snapped at this morning for asking for someone to return me my coffee I forgot… get it yourself you’re five feet away and I ended end serving dinner anyways as a gesture not a todo while sis returns not feeling quite well or relieved of one iota of stress so I’m still one snap away from a major fight and booted out of my home i can’t stand living like this  type of catch hell b.s.


I got a nice gift of a computer new to me if you read above so i can enjoy up here on puppy care vacation.  there is 7 of 11 spoken for pups so right on schedule for tthem I got a nice inclusion of a our serving guy’s unit t-shirt and a neato dice game meant as a thank you for my help letting it happen here. it was sorta a boobie prize for losing at yahtzee so I turnedd around and by the power of mom sitting there made a reversal of fortunes occur.  however this doesn’t jive with my notions of what I’d hoped for of an outcome of this return and last moments of this epic upheaval of life-change and moving forward.  I also won’t directly gain. thus go travel i.e. on my own anywhere so it is again reality versus expectation  i might as well have not hoped.  I tend to kinda know better I tend to be idealistic and then surprised by reality…usually badly.


on the real side of life 0 health-wise I seem to remain deadly stable and predictable even if I can’t do all what it seems i used to.  on the real side of things, oh I can cook, but after years of not doing so more regularly, i haven’t the practice of noticably better coordination or skills to present better so it seems like usual thekitchen god’s are mad me.  it seems as if I’m in this new year meant to pinch as prices creep higher always but my wages/earning/etc remain the same if not decrease temporarily as I no longer maintain a second source of income/job, see me ahead at this instant  of the end of the month versus to start this month behind.  in real terms observation thus it’s obvious it is a blessing in progress even if it feels a let down.  if you understand my method of expression, this means i take a cackly quote that is a touch rude if you will from a funny movie and russianesque black humor of my fortunes and my take on them to say, it’s the little things in life you cherish…cackle.  – hey now – you’re a rock star, go now get paid!  not a rock star, suck now, underpaid.  eheheh  the shape of the finger and thumb as an l on my forehead is dyslexic as well. 😛  so to is charlie sheen’s I’m WINNING!”  when he too obviously wasn’t and later obviously timed to check off the planet as well which he hid.



I didn’t adobada taco week.  I did make the filling, it was for fried rice and slider sandwiches.  I didn’t prepare to the nines this all even totally through but shared those last bits of how it came together.  I did achieve slowcooker use to high success though.


I did not fail to keep another’s home to a level of care within my abilities not once but twice for not just day’s but a week with 14 dogs.


I survived puppy escapes, had no tragedies in a place where hawks circle and rogue dogs visit in the night- even if said dog wasn’t a coyote but a cute border collie.


i’m included in a mix that isn’t always without some disfunction…. even if i am not the king within this circle but it fluxes as I and others move to different dreams.


I survived a solid month of blues as even with medications the uptakes aren’t always full or perfect nor is hoow i feel and yet still knew at the core the expected reality despite the consciourness of day dreams city, therefore didn’t completely disassociate from observations to fantasy… I thus do not yet need rubber wallpaper and a more restrictive fashionable wardrobe 😉  but no, this one didn’t come out to expectations.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on ““It’s The Little Things…””

Blues for a month is not a fun month…unless it’s B.B. King or Etta James.

Well, soon the pups will all be gone and will you miss them?!

Hope June is a month of goodness in every way and every area of life! 🙂

I think June is the month for spoons under the moon with harpoons while you croon a tune, or something like that! 😀 Or not. 😛

HUGS!!! 🙂

clouds clear 😉 so far I’ve most have anyways. oddly enough I’m told I should Johnny Winter with some Klipsch Heresy’s off an adt amp…piss them neighbors right of or as one who did that said, “the neighbors didn’t know they liked my music. 😀 johnny winter; blues guitarist. but honestly, I’m not the biggest blues guy, I find all of their bars typically scary and greasy as bbq flows from so many. I might break a nail. 😉 – as to the pups, they’re just fed and poor hostess may have to pass a kidney stone so I’ll be a touch on the case here more…. for a short spell. I lost the 20th game of yahtzee boo. I then had strawberry pound cake… a little sweet to go with the medicine if you will.- as to harpoons and spoons…sounds erotically euphamistic of something very much else…. if so obviously now’s not the time, as to drats, I sat at that moment you too would swear youre hearing your fate discusse, I wrote what I thought unfortunately not hidey hidey but easy peasy pick it up and out truth., then ew, it was read. can’t ooo ooo don’t read that it only heightens the need to do just that. ew. but anyways if I didn’t just admit a whole damn bunch and get caught… ew ew ew. some honesty has a timing point, that wasn’t it. 😀 – pups are fed I’ve much of the day to muck their room and a few waterings if the weather says more or less it’ll be noted. as to that countdown to change again, it’s a comin.

Oh, I meant to tell you…that’s interesting you mentioned that Tim Allen movie…I was trying to think of the name of that movie recently. Now, thanks to you, I know it. I remember that being a really funny movie! 😀 Some of my fav actors are in it…Alan Rickman, Sam Rockwell, Tony Shalhoub. 🙂

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