I got me a hug and a peck  for my efforts of reasonably straightened home and no tragedies.

I went out for my freedom survived shopping trip

hard salami with cracked black pepper

xing tea mango and blueberry flavored green

black cherry juice

pomegranate refrigerated juice

refrigerated dill pickle for that crisp snap

sour cream tub

vegetable soup mix KNORR’s

box mac cheese of the white cheddar along with cream cheese

diet pepsi wild cherry

tonic water

club soda of the black cherry and watermelon overtones.

you’ll note that i don’t have chips on this list I will get those later

I spotted but didn’t wish to bust into my emergency fund for the blue agave syrup which with lime juice is the non alcoholic margarita tones but far too big a jar of said for me to use and there’s already plenty of honey here and it isn’t a big tea drinking home, me not-withstanding.


I then got destroyed at yahtzee 3 of 3 games lost i had two yahtzee scoring with one game with yahtzee 182 for the big L on the forehead. – looking kinda dumb with a finger and a thumb in a shape like an L on my forehead… 😉 hey now, do you want to be a rockstar get your game on go now, get paid. 😛


crushed at yahtzee only to here the YES! god loves me. 😛


I have a new to me laptop.  it is an older toshiba with a dvd rwriter drive.  it runs windows ten but the earlier version of candy crush than the current dandy soda crush.  it doesn’t have office nor the trial to spare.  I am downloading ubuntu sixteen oh four for it now i may have that in a couple of days if the internet here runs as it does turtle myrtle purpled slow.  this should dual boot so windows only things run which usually just isn’t an issue as much anymore.  I’m fairly sure there will be some mechanical vaguery that will not make me smile but usually everything will be resolved and updated within a day of it installing.    I am not lost in linux save to actually effect it’s syntax i long ago forgot dos schtuff, pc or mac systems as in i can follow fairly complicated tricky directions.  thus i hope not to find the majority of use ever ever giving me a blue screen of death- i got one for netkernal checksum violation?? that’s some effing b.s.

thus i have 20 clams still. I have nearly everything I can think of on hand and a few pennies ahead so far.  thus I should be 20 dollars ahead this month.  not twenty dollars behind like this month’s open.

momma dog whizzed twice and crapped the carpet.  no surprise with me only better about puppy seperation protestss, now with another its again me meme whine only AFTER the deed’s done… i.e. protest no smells of other concerns mind but wow, what a lovely thought dinnner! who crapped on the rug? yeah so hungry now :Dshe was

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “Aftermath”

I love teas! I love pomegranate juice! 🙂
YAY for the new-t0-you laptop! Cool! 🙂
Aw, I feel for Momma Dog…it must be difficult to see your pups leave home. 😦 A good reason to whiz and crap on the carpet.
What is your fav Yahtzee yahtzee? I like when it’s all 3’s! 🙂
What kind of chips will you buy?
HUGS!!! 🙂

I got to try the following both ways adultified and weeny yummy… this one is more fun unadulterated….however it was passable as an adult beverage- I would have to investigate whether it’d work with instead watermelon pucker vversus watermelon soda water. but jpom wonderful which wasn’t on sale so ouch, arrowhead brand watermelon flavored seltzer…it’s “sparkling” on the bottle. mr. and mrs t’s margarita mix. roughly one to one with pomegranate juice and the marg. mix over ice with soda water to your desired sweetness it’s realistically adult beverage strength to hide that component if one is 2 to 1 juices to seltzer for “weeny ” strength offering. I got to try this with inexpensive vodka which is best if one goes that route and virgin where the pom is a smack of sweet competing with the tart of the marg mix and along with an actual homemade pomegranate liqueur which was NOT. the way. I will have to adjust this to work with watermelon pucker to see if an adult only works that way where one can source and or substitute better. but there you are on front one, a sassy summer fizzer

I like fours as I get fours the least of any number and they usually are my lynch pin in yahtzee scores. however there is no more evil joy than to have a full house of three 1’s and 2 2’s for a total otherwise score of 7 becoming 25 as a full house… if not three ones of four in the 2’s or if not getting it not really crying i 2 in the one or 4 in the two’s I have yahtzeed the least with sixes.

While I just sit here and smile, I will ask you to pull up a search, printable yahtzee cards. the reason because I’m a family member of the bean-spiller club, you will see something of by perponderance is what I meant about using score points to modern advantage. I don’t know how it was in the old school, just that such is how it’s largely been now, full house independant of combinations is 25 pts. meaning only those rolling 555,66 and 666,55 are jipped the full value of their score if they choose to place this roll in their full house columb. just like I said, a yahzee of ones is 50 pts or multiples of that if playing multi-yahtzee rules, 4 1’s is 4 or a maximum of 10 in the four of a kind or three of a kind. but 111,22 is seven, the lowest combination in yahzee by dice value combined not scoring ability there is. it is therefore like a haha point it is a fullhouse in modern scoring worth twenty-five. yes, I count cards too 😛 I’m fairly sure that with sis and I we’re accused of cheating every game…and it’s typically a surprise shock for people to sit anywhere near where our plays affect them. I personally can’t see your cards if you show them which isn’t because I wouldn’t look or am nice save that god decrees I should be 😉 my sister who can see somewhat normally will spot every irregularity of cards in use and memorize them within 3 go rounds of the games and play accordingly. and for years is far better than i? not just with that minor advantage alone thuroughly trounces me at most games where knowing their cards is important in any way….and technically is better at gambling her odds to the sweet success of them than I am. like in double six dominoes the maximum scoring situation is 35 points in playsixes, double fours, double five and a singular five it’s a painful thing to watch someoneafter a thirty five score nothing .. I didn’t score the 35 I scored 20 and watched everyone else rake it in and got nada tostada and in fact lost that game 50-150 how rude! this might mean that i might lose my mind with social players not hotfooting it to play as how many turns are there I literally probably have each plotted out before the hmn comes across their face. start to get why folks might think we all cheat? score a 35 here while you turn around scoring zilch and get yelled at to hurry the hell up? people might think they’re getting taken advantage of. or we might start a game with a dick nick. the 2|3 domino which means there is zero opportunity to the next player to score zero. while usually leading the next player to score a dime after them… the dick nick.or playing in concert to knowing lock other players out causing them to own the whole boneyard while we sit there scarfing up points and then knowingly one or the other of us will get their points in a lock out … as i said, we’reot any friendlier at uno either or a variant of that called switch. you call uno and suddenly you’ll have 60 more cards and haven’t played for 6 turns straight. the bummer of that waylay trick is sometimes the smarter player to this chicanery simply saves a switch card to the end chosing neither of us for the anyone else but you bastards for the win. 😉

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