it was a pretty attempt.  I set out to walk to the closest grocery/convenience and had to give up before I hit the paved road..  I walked by two lakes and  7 beaver ponds. it was snowing after rain so foggy to blur the hills and pines.  I made it 2 miles and knew I had no reason to push til the road that was a fifth mile maybe more no big deal, but wow, it makes more haha sense to say I couldn’t make it out of the driveway heheheheheh so to speak.  I was a few tenths of miles off as to the distance traveled but I didn’t think I chose poorly to give up.  I was dog tired by the driveway home so those extra steps would have hurt a lot more…. you can hahaha the lazy fat and out of shapes all you want, it’s 9400 ft in altitude and I still walked 4 miles not 6.7 to the store but 4.  I hadn’t eaten prior so I’m not surprised I ran out of gas, my token chocolates weren’t enough to recover.  I wondered if some lady was suffering internally to ask me if I wanted a ride but she thought better of it…muddy out and i’d already did 3 miles  in it… or I didn’t look harmless enough  😉

needless to say, big chair anda splash of the soda I should have taken. 😉 2 hours or not 3.5 on a treadmill mph but 2 mph dirt road 😉  talk about scooting along at a scorching pace! 😀

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

9 replies on “The Big CHAIR”

I don’t know your shape but I think I’d be happy to point out just as I hope I’ve a little blessing for wanting a 3 mile non-stop walking goal of physical achievement anytime which once was 38 minutes uphill and 43 downhill to an hour for to ensure I forever had some level of I could or had to until I could again 😉 is a nice blessing but what about how you like your art and far better than expressive me ever can put linearity in to your stories or words… I am spew of conscious, no sin but not any easier to read either. you enjoy to the hilt things I only dream of too something as simple as star gazing before that went well belly up only to find still better blessings in the land of more and better coffee. – or hug, thanks you for mine. the adobada roast is in the pot, I know it read low 10 hours at 2:30 an hour bubbling in and at5;45 it read warm or did somewhere between there and seven and at 8 again on high is happily bubbling away. the house is not perfect and it’ll appear I only poop walked the puppy room but didn’t get after the full resheet and such all and neglected the heads up the “boss’ was calling- critical maybe not details but hopefully neither is a spoiler in some way… or just like the walk, can’t do as much as I though I used to could… but i’m still not slouchin….well, entirely 😉 a smile you too find your blessings whatever you’d crow after. I suppose it’s time to feed the trats. so it appears I tried….harder than perhaps I actually did. soon enough bubbled apart chilied pork roast.

I bollocks that… 2.2 miles was my old old old old home of the time where much of the day there was you want it? you walk it what bus? 2.2 means that add 15-20 minutes to that time and you’ve just over 3.x mph sustainable. I have lost an inch over the original height meaning i’m surely less limber and failed to stretch for a generation eek hunchover i’ll be already stiff 😀 but whatever point is that wasn’t this above daily but maintained over time and for this I know I can do x.. my little blessing even if this ex is 1/3 of the journey not in this case quite enough yet but easily doable – again now after puppy land and the hope I did enough. I fear suddenly I failed sitting around only hoping I managed but may have bollocks other details not big perhaps but end up being pentultimate. 😉 off he goes.

lol, you asked after another question a simple question and for which hath a book 😉 I’m thinking something salami. I best get after proppering the garnish as a sandwich finally isn’t a sandwich without half a garden on it 😀 I remember that from a junior highschool pal. I til then never by habit like or not would go to all that oomph to sandwich but now i’m less likely to not do so. 🙂

What a walk! YAY! Sounds like some of the scenery was nice! Glad you made it back home!
Altitude can sure make a difference in the difficulty of a walk! Some people even get altitude sickness.
Happy L-O-N-G Whee-kend!!! 🙂

had me my first puppy escape! st bernard face for the win. snuck under the wire …around hut 13…make sure he gets back safe… king rat; 1965 george segagal from the james clavell novel same name. similar to the great escape with steve macqueen but this setting /life was the phillipines jungle not the swiss border none of that town action either. and more along the lines of the great escape is the chickenrun movie…- yeah while not every comment is oo la la it is often that pretty in the state. i tire of the have to be under glass anymore or am cold too often as the wind breeze takes all that warmth away much of the time . as to altitude yeah, it’ll sneak up and swipe all that air away :D. huffa puffa. hope you and coop are after the neighborhood trails again. maybe for the sheer sake of it I’ll have me a hotdog today…those would be chicken gouda now discontinued from dennys dang it but 😉 this house is connected so has itself some 😀

I got my answers 😀 and yeah, I won a round at the yahtzee to delay my demise forever into legendarily clobbered. heh.ammpuomg;u ;pmg e,ao; mused on so if you get one later heh. if not, I ran out of coffee.

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