Freedom Update

I took the oven racks out of the oven and fired the self cleaning cycle for the used oven. now the slide out shelf wont reassemble…infernal contraption.

I went to unload the dishwasher it was not ran, weird I could have sworn it had had been.

I am two days nearly with momma dog separated from the puppies and on litghter rations nearly zero water – to kick her out of milk productions – there was only one significant whine about PUPPIES! mmmf mmf.

I had the visiting riffraff pack of doubled trouble two dogs, I saw one clearly enough to be an all well mostly black collie type  but the nose was flatter so mutt and I didn’t get a good look at the second but it had a bufhy tail.  hostess was on phone when they arrived so she called after that the dispatcher gave me enough stink that I said ” call me if you’re NOT coming!  needless to say that was a one-thirty bed to six thirty rise.

I hope to clear the sink and vacuum tomorrow maybe tack a nail for the where’d the other one go? holding the curtain lace.  this allows me to waltz to the closest six point seven miles away each way store. – remember hostess has a birthday one Monday but the when isn’t the point it’s the remember it without help point.  if this goes to plan

Friday I get to dust  perhaps spot shampoo light laundry heavied with my own needs of no me stinky.  if this goes well

I hope to have a shot at a cupcake rum /raisin, with a back up dark rum and cokes availability. this means juice up and a something non alch for me and by gum, I believe that’s all I can carry!  the house wont be in “order” but it again will be tidier just slightly that it was left me.

of course i’d like to oil the floors, soap wash the wood ceiling, power clean the living room mop the lounge, powerscrub the mudroom top to bottom attend the dusting and make my bed up hospital corners… but… I’m afraid I do not posess that energy or skill sets.  I will be able to attend the worst of the pawprinted windows and vacuum and have the dishes emptied and put away and a nice space with all the dogs I was given alive to annoy a person.

to this end I haven’t killed the critrs, everyone is separated somewhere to their adult own ends/paws ran the dishwasher, have my bed stripped to wash the sheets with my robe and then the rest of my laundry  which means much the pup room and walk the tootsie roll patrols, water the flowers tomorrow evening so they have survival til noon Saturday, then get a walk in…yes, real close to town ain’t it?  but it wouldn’t feel like a bitrthday if I hamhanded a ride with the birthday soul for their gift./effort. bit bullshit that.  so I suppose I’ll be a good housepet my own self

if I can at least figure out that  blasted oven shelf!

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “Freedom Update”

I did a poop walk, I have sheets enough to bleach my tarp and collect much of the new offerings and leave it walk-inable. I did manage to wipe down toilet and floor . I got the kitchen counters and floor attended as well as the sink bleacheched/scrubbed. I vaccumed and have only the light redo of said. this leave a choice between my sheets or the puppy spares to wash, a light redo of the pup-room, it’s liable to not be pretty enough to put pups out so it comes down to chiliwater cooked adobada “” pork roast smelling the barnyard away and having it tidy. not scubby twinkly, just good enough to sit down. a spell. and get maybe stuff put up out away and ready for another go round the next day.. I think by my hopes standards I ran right out of gas.. but lol oh well. it’s not entirely an embarrassment about the place. and momma dog is effectively not entirely crapping the house a spot yes but holy terror no about being weened down to a normal diet and away mostly from pups so… ultimately an on schedule success. I even took a stroll… would ‘ve been my last place if I pushed the shopping buggies half the way and ducked in every half mile for a bathroom check or inside buggy storage adjustment… because I took the sroll and it snowed and rained on me but who can be cold if bundled some and constantly moving? that part probably more than anything is the success as if I don’t exercise which largely I wouldn’d here just lay around in a robe…. might mean I can still be here and fair to middlin. . I’ll need to order some water pill oil..marjoram so I can continue a bit longer off radar ala doctor that’s about it past fill a script or two this month. providing others do their tasks, I’ve connected enough dots that I can. I can not however sleep at the moment so I might as well cook a roast now.

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