Tossed Salad

such was an entry for wherein I put my name in the pervierbial hat for contest’s sake.  I got the Thrill of a lifetime in that it placed! and was  for about 400 dollars worthy of a plague and a book anthology placement.  it is about the only picture I still have of my picture piles of artsiness.

this comes from the old version of me on fb from the even older version of me then on  as webshots took my picture piles away and picturecave also too went away. as did a decade of meishness – it is a simple flower planter at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Colorado Springs, CO 6/02 on a camp outing to said zoo.

Where For Art Thou, Spud?

By Kiss Rouge Miaz

Sing to me of spuds, browned by coal-red light
Steaming hot vapors, Rising to the sky
Eve’ning Chill beck-ons, Moonbeam’s silvered bright
Scheming up visions, not of what to fry
Just wipe me one clean, seeing glinted gleams
Trust your oven’s roar, heating up for more
More of what but stuff, stuffed with soured cream
Maybe butter or, maybe salt from shore
Cut down its middle, revealing each half
Scoop out and drizzle, dollop and dust thus
Stirring in liquid to smooth out the path
Sailed in crisp boats, this delightful must
Romancing tummy, which warms many hearts
Those echoing mem-ries tossed in the cart

I offered that to a poetry contest called “A Bed of Roses” courtesy of a skit on ” A Prairie Home Companion”  it was when I thought I might start saving better things for SALE maybe… heh. it went blog where it belonged.  it’s placement on a sister site of by then well complained up for being scamtastic not legit should alert you that I wanted to see if I could place again as an “award winning” anything, I didn’t get so much as an honorable mention nor any effort to bilk me for my billions. hence the kiss my red

Saturday, 25 December 2010  Christmas news was this my next save ’em effort was not publishing because the deal fell through…turns out the principals had this scheme going that they got paid by the word, so lovingly solicited all the poets going so their short stories would get paid and we’d, the rest, might get published and paid too no more than7 75 cents at most 😉  the counter deal was everyone submitting got a book in hopes we’d ALL sell more to our family and friends- but the principals were not getting the  case of beer maybe money apiece… just a book and a better cut at higher sales royalties.  all holy hell erupted and the whole deal was kiboshed.  heckavah xmas gift, the last serious attempt I put out for wider appeal/cash.
∙ seppuku by cylinders
gold­eyed goddess storms
judgment day’s sinister turn
our love now for worms
cold, this hand pressing
caressing this thread and its truth
click. chances progressing
wednesday night whiskey
fiery courage torch­lit truth
click. this life’s risky.
whiskeyed words hang
damning one in the balance
believe, I love you
daggered truths be known
I shiver replaying ghosts
our love on rocks shown
click. echoes return
time soon sums up sentiment
salvation ‘s deferred


now that we covered what I thought was a bit better than usual,  here’s what actually WAS

Originally Posted 8/17/2009 7:25 PM ­ 4 Views ­ 0 eProps ­ 0 comments
a proper parody (complete) of “Fire” by Bruce Springsteen but popularized by the Pointer Sisters
in 1978. Bruce singing his own tune, the Pointer Sisters making his words famous
the hiss as the lid pops off
two scoops in the basket paper
I connect the machine
and wish it to “brew”
oh it so healthy
quintessential desire
soon I’ll be wired
Up all NIGHT
I’m staring at an ashtray
contemplatin’ a wasted day
I swear I’ll quit tommorow
I feel it with all my heart
but on sight of sun’s fire
those blued smoke rings
I was sold on these
right from the start
vices so blighted
I didn’t pay heed to my heart
my nerves all calmed
blissful synaptic fuel
it so much a part of my life
but its just got to GO
Coffee, Tea & Cigarettes
and my alcohol’s fire
I know just the stuff to get
but not how me to deny
my health’ll be shit
and we all know why
but just one taste
I say NO, LIAR
get me a grab’n’go WIRED
Suckin’ down my FIRE
Woo! and am I feeling no pain
killing me, I’m
no pain, but killing me
Who’s hooked on the stuff?
the coffee tea and cigarettes lpart or hook came to me on an old front porch stoop I haven’t lived there since 1991 but the echo of hey try new things literarily perhaps was writing sites on msn groups 2002 and then later 2009 when I got off my arse and wrote this as is out. – the original posting got massive interest! 😉  but do not be fooled, this more than about any other thing gains me the hollowed be thy grace, your name and comments.  I’m better off not being so costrained and thus writing non-tuned stuff like the cat bit my hand I can not jerk off now for two weeks bastard…. or quirkiness like the above.
I made that old Xanga’s number one spot before they closed down and moved to newer WordPress servers… it was a cuss about being misunderstood by that  insert unwelcome language here.  thus only via frustration do I truly garner your chords within mine.
bit of a tossed salad  the bits we save or get to remain.
or, if you prefer about the prettiest thing I ever got out
pork chop with rice and salad or a ladybug with a butterfly.
I was simply looking for this next picture… and thus you get a theme down Amnesia lane.
yes about a place I never lived’s versions of Casserole. WHEE! there’s a lip-smacker, Casserole.
Another example of soon enough amnesia,
a game of codes
oh and 11 puppies, 3 other dogs now is temporarily 16 dogs as I’ve two visitors in my yard that aren’t the neighbors pooches.  someone’s getting a ticket.  I wondered what that wall to wall barking was over.  walk out on a long distance call to I have dogs in my yard… yes, even supposedly friendly  smaller doggies aren’t really welcome when I am not expecting and already have to separate every pooch 😉
minor update – still barking, thus still here, lady from dispatch was worried about their personell and lack of immenant danger, I may not hear back from them nor sleep til animal control hours..  I know this is a telling thing but I just don’t seem to come across as a priority unless I’m that asshole. or unhinged..  but gee, bit tough to be 14 puppies/dogs in with 2 more I don’t know and chasing wire fence access or not in the dark and I can’t see but 1/20th of others and it’s night.  we’ll see if I end up with fox/coyotoes or whatever mayhem.  I suspect after the midnight nap I’ll see someone if only to torque the new guy.   – if you need a reason set why drinking is drying out, you’ll swiftly surely see I have a lack of patience and bright attitude.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “Tossed Salad”

Are you a dog-magnet?! 😛 Yikes!
Hope everything works out for the pups and dogs and the human-beans.
Are there any more families ready to adopt the pups?!
A bright attitude IS important. 🙂
Love your parodies!
I had salad for supper!
I couldn’t see some of the pics/links. 😦
HUGS!!! 🙂

aw if you missed the links, they may take ages or you a new email to see them dunno. why I didn’t want to google plus my life, it’s not horribly reliable across platforms.

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