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“Free-dom!,” Yells Rocky, the free range rooster.”   To Most of us it’s rrn err rrn rnn rnnnnnnnnrrrn!  which usually produces or elicits a “SHUT> UP!”    I’ve not a free range red rooster in a Wallace and Grommit, I’ve dogs. each and all want 14 first place attentions

Breakfast is served.  I really am most reliably up about 8 about this place high in the hills.  This means most often 4:45 to watch first light become breakfast and so howling.

I enjoyed my leftovers easily reheated, a real thrill of living actually, I have no microwave at my actual abode… it’s denied counter space.  I’m enjoying some evil sounding tendencies and a bit of abusive talk….to the dogs… as momma dog is a forever bark to indicate the way- and I am likely balaam of the bible cursing my biblical donkey/s and the right way because I have a schedule to keep.    Mom is sequestered to her dungeon of puppies and will be as I can’t make magic of sequenceing to dog piss carpet josh clean carpet or josh gets barnyard home and light carpet well marked.  I do not know why this is.  I am physically capable of all the duties, I know how to list too, yet I really can almost only stare at previous tragedies discovered.  I mean I can feed the ups and dogs etc. but i’m not perfectly oiled to follow all these steps.  plus dog momma is  again a forever barker so I have inside time to cut the howl for the neighbors, I can not eliminate it..    the other dogs are Airedales or large terriers which being not happy dopey like dane dogs have different personality needs  one being old male grouch and the other stallion  of the street – both having pitiful barker and yips maybe nips  of pups too all over their sacrosanct abode.  – all need some separation.  and the pill here is momma dog.  no, i’m not out of love which is helpful, I’ve many weeks of the growing bigger arrays of how cute puppies aren’t.

it’s time to check the adult eaters and move the  folks to morning positions part two.  I suppose I should take out a roast for tomorrow I have food to make for me that is.  I have declared that I brought an Asia box up so I can make some sushi ala spicy tunafish, sesame balls, hopefully next month pot stickers pan fried after boil complete with green onioned black soy black vinegar sauce. and of course my main me offering to me, adobada taco/fburrito fillings.  = I add that I need not dessert destroy an array of flowers… I hope I do not channel work luck with gardening, girls like flowers.  but I suppose the deer thinks that’s more tastey than what I hope after to make now and later.

there is much joy in knowing within limits I have a place to be and even explore stuff I like to.   There is no plot of romance more like I can call it romance and be reminded of a look in an older toon of belle rolling her eyes at gastan’s smelly boots before they were eliminated from the room.  it carries with it the anwe/ennui all of which I need save gaston actually being good at whatever he was good at.  probably being evilly good at being himself….looks up to see momma dungeoned and cackles…. it’s not wholely meanness, I literally can not add five hours a day for her to soil the carpets in protest wanting in an out by the moment all of it being NOW emergency!!…eff this, let me back in!  but I admit i’m enjoying lite evil pooing back on her day.    I have a schedule to keep!…Shawshank redemption….evil tacitly or otherwise guards multiple quotations but it a later one of the lesser guard then in charge.

prison warden who likes cartoons… aren’t I a piece of work.  … what is this… silence?  who’s into what badness?


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “ thickens”

So, you’ve been living a dog’s life?! Or have you been sentenced to Life with the dogs?! Is it as pleasant as they make it out to be?! Probably not with a baker’s dozen of dog?! 😉 😛 HA! 🙂 Happy l-0-n-g whee-kend coming up! 🙂
It’s more fun to be good-bad, than a bad-bad or good-good! 😉 😛
HUGS!!! 🙂

I’m tired and that’s BAD. two interrupted nights sleep and I’m kinda caput. such is the last day momma dog gets contact with nursing if I can help it. 2 days light water no puppies normal slightly light food, last contact, without real breakfast outta be a frenzy for her, 😉 I’m hoping anyways. it’ll be a bit of none of that! from here on out. – dishes going as in sink empty second load first was prepared for me 😉 main formal livingroom vacc’d so now the counters to be wiped in bleach/water and then the floor attended and it’s ruggies. then the main lady cave and hall – should put me til nearly feeding them evening time for a outside patrols feeding and wipedown of my smoking lounge/mudroom which will be out of service so it smells clean on arrival sat night likely ick, but no time or energy left to argue just go go go. this will leave spots and the runner rug cleaning tomorrow and proper remuck out of the dog zone. puppies have towels and tarp blanket and buckets enough it’s camping night for that to be dried out and re tootsieroll patrolled. I’m sending you a picture of my unwelcome visiting dog since you’ve no media that way. if I do this right, it’s my last gasp of energy and chances to do what others MIGHT like. be able within reason to come and go as they need to thus I ultimately win out on having been in no rush to be useless to any including my own cause. this is a game of smiles of which I’d not like to lose. this might be my only place left for when I need a favor without pregnant dogs in tow of course. I suppose it helps I really really like the hostess… why else would I ever consider this much not enough but surely better than none effort? you see the goal is to sit in comfort without oh god this needs my attention NOW, a hard thing to achieve as I do not control her work needs which easily or illness injury none present can truly wreck the goal. if however it is achieved oo la la maybe, should be worth a smile. well back to the hallway and then counters or poop walks. I’ve 2 days and no energy to achieve this .

🙂 I think I should just take a levothyroxine and let the world slowly not be against me ;). poopwalks outside done I debate on the office area as I’ll be using it , last thing tonight I suppose. I think it’s wester movie night …cuddle with the neglected attention hound and tomorrow the rugs and downstairs along with a round or two of the wash. this will leave pups to camp out while that area dries…thusly I’ll have down fresh sheet action for the area with the coveted spare… or the major havoc easied. and while not a complete spring clean, you can save it still for another day hopefully. providing ONE rug and two other stains have attention and that window, now to wipe the counters down and feed me and the dogs, they might like food. it’s about to rain anyways one’s deathly afraid of thunder, and thus Saturday If I’ve a free sneak away 😉 I’ll town for card/gift. it’s supposed to be tostada night that night. meaning I need to take out the roast and chili water that tomorrow afternoon. the only hiccups are if the dog pile needs a bath . . I’ll have to avail myself of easy meals again. just in case. it’s all about slippers to a light barnyard puppy room but otherwise half bliss. still can’t figure out my hands to assemble the oven rack/shelf slider…damn it. at least the oven’s self cleaned. again, imagine if I didn’t want after the hostess? i’d be packing my bags in shame and cuing up Rush FLY by night away from here save my life ag-ain. cant remember the lyrics really prolly should play it. I know the only measure I have is that look PLEASE all sad puppy perfect let this be enough.. well to the puppy room it needs me more than the counters…I need after food anyways and they might like food :D.

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