the PLOT.

I have a vacation coming.  I have the whole week beginning tomorrow to enjoy as I please.  I have 14 dogs mostly puppies to care for.  I have a 4-6 weeks home that appears to have been 14 dogs’ed.  I have to eat/ attend my own days too.  the plot is this:

which balance of efforts ddo I get to get after?

duh, I have to not kill the critters. that’s expected.  but can I lighten the impact of their stay?  can I lighten the impact of MY stay?  even if the tasks are achieved, to what reception will they be treated to?

of course I have my own case of smitten with the kindly competent fun hostess.  of course I am not choice prize or even likely all that tempting.  this is NOT a disparagement of my lack of self-confidences which I surely waffle on – it just is true.    so, who would adore their home 14 dogged to barnyard destroyed? maybe I can lighten this but …perhaps…l not to THAT kind of smile.

sure, i’m more likely to be mean as a snake as I waffle in confidences.  do not ever think any of us is immune from “life”  so, as you heard I survived over a month dry and turned around and had a social tipple then a chance for more and was louder but not overly horrid and then all I wanted and was about  suchencouragementsw to atted the game in progress like “move it, Fatty!” not even remotely said kindsly… you can assume for yourself that I’m lucky I have the ability to find it easier to dry out….but it doesn’t appear i’m doing well in general for continuing on as it was.  I’m NOT apparently patient or pleased at present….but more likely about as welcome as recycled cling wrap for presenting my kitchen’s best.

as to demonstrations of skills, I still haven’t failed an edible dinner.  but I suriously have nothing really to crow about truly eye opening successful noshes either.  i’m about able to make reheated from frozen just a tad different than wwhat a typical dinner might be.  i.e. fish might not be spinach and instant mash but fish baked squash with seasoning…yellow neck not acorn… and taking the baked done finally potatoes and then tossing them into some dice and then hot oil for properly crisped but fully done country potatoes…which I never have and likely never will have the poatience to cook only in one pan over time and such.

I’m thus sure that I have limitations.  seriously annoying ones like the simply lack of hey list then tick off list…wow amazing, that sequence thing… I mean I disconnect here and stare blankly.  I can achieve slowly so, I have that week.  I mightly lighten the impact

I might leave more smiles and make tastier foods, hell even explore a slowcooker, I never ever use the things.  I might succeed  in letting the days pass again mlargely dry- it appears if I want to be in anyone’s company I better as I’m not  but achieving slowly poisoning as I apparently feel poisoned by life’s successes achieved and confidences for more to be pleasant company.  I know no lottery of salvation awaits for instant romance as even here I’m not the one to ask after luck

I’vve a funny about that though… luck… I’m gifted many nights for a moment to spend over a few games.  I’ve on my last sheet about 9 yahhtzees and easily can infer that the other sheets have about 0 ish more and thus for every Yahtzee I get it seems I lose a game not necessarily the one in progress but pretty much to the nines, every time I get lucky I lose.  😉  if you think on this and laugh some more, think now as long as Yahtzee is dry which it  is as I usually am of late, this can lead to cussing if I seem lucky which yes makes me happy and I get to adore rubbing it in… but that I’m overall screwed at the moment 15 games ish down?  i’m getting crushed at Yahtzee.  ug.  I bet this is a glowing smile that I otherwise haven’t squished of a highlight of my time.  I’m also due retributions for spoiling that book I spoiled the ending of. and thus can  and surely have earned to be chased all over for giving me back “mine” – providing

the plot is one I cancontribute to.  I have gotten a smile or three and probably am at 4/5 cussings in progress as you can see not all the stress/cuss is mine but general life…14 dogged house etc.  but maybe I can leesen the cusses? doubtful but moaybe improfve the smiles… such is the plot

bet I look insane sniffing a package I don’t then intend to use of dried chilies so I can dream of later dinners.  I can survive the fake beer with a splash of juice.  I teeter some on the precipesses, but I haven’t entirely fallen for gravity of consequence.  I do warn you against fake wine- the MADD of Walgreen’s is  merlot for the red which tastes wretched, doesn’t spice out to be palatable really, doesn’t blend with juices or sodas/sparklers and thus is a torture even at 4.19 ion special.  but again the fake beer’s kinda nice… sure beats thinking nothing of it and being reminded others just might not be me 😉



By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

9 replies on “the PLOT.”

They say lucky in love unlucky in cards. This might apply to Yahtzee which is dice but still a game of chance. I haven’t played in a long time. I’m glad you are not drinking as it sounds like you realize you shouldn’t. I don’t know about the fake stuff. We used to buy sparkling grape juice for dinners sometimes to be our fake wine with the kids. I like it. 14 dogs/ puppies would make me crazy. I would be counting the days until they were old enough to give away (or sell?). Puppies are so adorable but 24/7 they wear me out – as do kittens. They are cute and sweet and funny but I am so over groups of them. I see them as work. Maybe I’m some kind of grinch. Good luck in your love endeavors. And whatever vacation brings. peace & smiles

pups are for sale, they both as in parents are breed great danes but one parent came specifically papered to nullify it from breeding largely to protect the breeders interests. they have not here but available pictures and contact info -about 450 each which includes first shots and first round of dewormer. – as to romance heh, I suppose I suffer fairy tale it is as if do x get why stumble into some prearranged sunset. nevermind how often I hear rainy days and Monday songs 😀 I suspect further I am always lucky enough to have about a crush a year and a variety of nice friends to share the hope some other sucker falls for the charm 😀 – I don’t so much mind the pups but i’m bothered I suffer from can’t quite get up a list of see what needs doing and do it- it isn’t any harder than that but evil impossible for me. as to loving the chaos… well I try to remember while I might find them a cute sigh, so might others thinking of me oh my. I know which one’s i’d like and no, these couldn’t be further from it…perhaps a mean ass large bird. perhaps a velvety kitty capable of wanting these as snacks… both of which are lousy pet ideas, big mean bird bite and I have only so many more heals left. big velvety kitties like to pounce and rarely listen and gee, explaining my good kitty ate your tasty pet just isn’t a great conversation you know would come or the obvious how many times would I want some listening and get a body full of hell no.’s to heel from…hmph. same thing with them cute turtles, who needed that finger anyways? maybe i’ll take up spiders as a pet hobby? already hate them so this ought be a torrid romance of a pet choice. or maybe them little bastard ferrets who forever smell? nah or maybe a venus fly trap… yes Audrey? would you pretty pretty plant like a tastey tastey fly? i’ll figure it out.

LOL – your run down of pets and why not is funny. If I had a pet I imagine it would be a cat. Some cats have a laid back personality. We’ve had cats like that in the past but you can’t tell when they are kittens if they will be laid back and non-bothersome as adult cats. If I get lonely enough and do indeed move maybe a cat but it’s a problem when one wants to go out of town.

A crush a year is good – you don’t get overly attached. It’s hard to part ways when it goes on too long :-/

🙂 – in all honesty I probably wouldn’t mind a llama, I’m already used to cussing pets…. might even get a sweter outta the deal. 😀 as to the other, I’m pretty much an idiot. I seem to wait past the point it’s no longer easy-breazy for me… which in a way is nice as then I can honestly say people count. 😛

Did the plot thicken…or thin-en over the weekend?! 😉 😛
Enjoy your vacation! Butt, don’t sit on any puppies whilst you puppy sit! 😀 Flying cusses is okay in my book! 🙂
🎲 🎲 🎲 HUGS and Happy Moan-Day!!! 🙂

there is no plot as there really is no story either I’ve actions aplenty to indicate I can wear out a friendship but past a smile that is all there is. I can of course dream all I want and be even sweet in low doses. I may have a different place the same to enjoy after the summer takes sis on the new journey…which is a winter over – plenty of time to smile up the invention that there is boredom to beware of this life 😉 but again, it’s the usual, slowly evaporate the unwanted hopes to proper behavior and courtesy. make sure I steward my light light tasks. i’m expected accordingly very little past keep the messes down and the bulk of dogs out as momma is a pest in and out pisses the rug if you don’t pay attention to her NOW. for the literally next six weeks more i.e. 3 rd week after pups all gone it’s back to normal we got one week that time then she was in heat and pregnant

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