Hash about Ash… H.A.!

Enjoying embers as I look into your eyes all our lives in a look shared over banked down light. Which I love makes the ropes that bind your stronger, the look of truth as new love roars or how your soul sees forever longer as the pub special sour’swallowed gone and that evening is only short moments left before the rest of your days. enjoying embers as potential came and is spent. enjoying embers as you see the light of pwhat forever meaning meant. enjoying embers remembering the earlier roar. enjoying embers as you’ve only so much more. — anyways…

ever think song and spew soup?  ]

Enjoying embers

as I look in your eyes

Enjoying embers

the last glimpse as bedtime’s  nigh

enjoying embers

what is spent 0once echoes light.

remember the roar of passions new

it still shines even in darker hues

do you tally what we’ll forget soon

that so and so is such a loon

it happened over hotdogs not lobsters

I remember once you wanted that fancy bother

I enjoyed the night I also see the embers of your delight

what more can we do but put this mess back to right


enjoying ember

and wine legsblzing glass trails

Enjoying embers

beer’s foam lace as an artless dress

enjoying embers

as we imagine what’s next


which is better burning out or fading away

most of us imagine only glory rather than ignomany

but think on what really last throughout of lives

it’s the smiles we catch as the fire dies

its that moment of truth finally contrasting he lies

it’s the softer or harder meaning of the nights


enjoying embers

what i’d give me to you

enjoying embers

even if our now is through

enjoying embers

finding forevers truths.


enjoying embers

yeouch! the fire ain’t out

enjoying enbers

the words that mean that couch

enjoying embers

hear my lionor judge me slouch.


enjoying ember

cause passion still flickers

enjoying ember

no, no rhyme about knickers

enjoying embers

and shadow tricksters.


when is your light just right?

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

5 replies on “Hash about Ash… H.A.!”

🙂 it’s fun for that fleeting glow of things or a spark of a glance… of course. of course, glances can be misleading 😉 but we feel what we do within them.

I laugh at a memory I can quite remember… red dwarf. we’ve sat out lots of times! we’re pros. 😀 I don’t think I have that quote quite right but 😉 it does remind me of the changing meaning of scenes.

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