Concrete Golblet

Nothing  makes me feel more like a fool

than to look in your eyes and see reflections,

reflections of what I can not promise you-

let alone deliver on

Yet, I





and whatever

bullshit ambiguities YOU

before you, make sure I understood

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on “Concrete Golblet”

oh now! I can have fleting if sometimes repeating thoughts 😀 and why shouldn’t I suffer the weight of meanings when nothing is quite free in this life as it costs…yes even to ask is a fear but so to is to ask when one can not bear the weight of getting what is asked after.

Love this shape-poem! Looks like a goblet to me! 🙂
When I try to post my shape poems on WordPress they lose their shape! Ha! I do something wrong.

But, this concrete goblet (the message) is filled with emotion…as I read it I feel the frustration, sadness, etc. As we all want to be loved. And loved well. (If that makes sense.)


yeah 🙂 but such alas was that feeling. they pass, I’m sure, but it was still there and it returns once in a while … as if what business do I have… of course surprise the wrong end of that coin got reinforced for the double fun of this new game! 😉 shake it off. rather like looking at one with ants in the pants! shake shake shake! 😀 i.e. if I carry that around long it might smell like truth 😉 can’t be having that patootky. 😀 now to breath as I have 5 minutes more til next adventure – the return of the puppies. :D.

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