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Game changers

I, like anyone, have to be me which might lead to ….lovely…. sentiments or whatever weirdness of the mind…mine.  so, Puppies.

8 hous to this moment to load this many, ug, turtle slow biblical donkey internet 😀

I know, what? captions?  I honestly am lucky I have any pics up.  but the pics are of their first doggie chow…now you see the emptypan but if it’s full you wont.  yes, multiple feedings are required as some or doofuses and have to get special treatment and some have to have their excitement hosed off…oinks.  There is their first picture together day one/just born.  there is a momma awaiting them after what she did to every stich of my bedding.  I may get a puppy picture of momma dog or two.  and I have one of momma and daddy dog in estes park in sight of the Stanley Hotel.  but puppies.  of course they come just in time for snowy weather.  it snowed again last night just when they could use as could we their outside time…. typical stuff.  beard-sucking st Bernard face black with white and that long right leg white sock is also taken.  I have one of my mostly black runt-twins.  they climb stairs now, so close thy doors or they’ll puppy power your flat of spring flowers.   yes, mr. demill here is the robed one.


About Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 responses to “Game changers

  1. OH MY GOSH!!! I love seeing the puppies! They are growing up so fast! What sweet faces! 🙂 I can’t imagine how much food they can pack away! 😮
    I picked out my fav…but, alas, I can only afford one dog in my life…so I hope he/she goes to a good home. 🙂
    HUGS!!! for you! Belly-RUBS for all the pups! 🙂

    • lol, you’re allowed favorites. I have 14 soon enough to choose from as in Saturday night I get all. mom dad, two house boys here and all them pups for the w.EEK!… 😀 yes, emphasis on the eek. I just swept the pup room… eek.

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