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Passionate Shift

I started out with the please please whine of it’s TIME as in let the pooch out. I walked down the hall to the stain it’s too late so I could only pout. I fired up the coffee and read with joy – so much I had to respond… too bad my coffee ran out and this one snarky and or despondant. For Days that run downhill….responses that at first chirpy end with a flourish of a poisoned quill.. I can be naughty on my own time and in my space. maybe okay, a lil privacy is….a beautiful place (aka time to spin purple bamboo again where’s that Nirvana????)  Anyways….

Maybe, Maybe
to the tune of Amy Grant’s “Baby, Baby”
from a kindly response to “Dopelife’s” Passion article available here

Maybe, MAYBE,

I’m searching for a passion

What am I – Oh Please! – nothing modern Fashion!


Maybe, maybe

I’ve some talent I can grow some

‘ply all my life perhaps be remembered from

Now for an Omelet

Maybe Romano ‘Shroomed.  Divine, no?


Maybe, maybe

religion awaits with its truth

and so empowered, I might just flower serving you


Maybe, maybe

I’ll suffer boredom, that crime!

But such are moments that pass with time

Now’s for discovery

Maybe toil and drudgeries, oh no!

NO! because bread on my table leaves me just no time

maybe I’ll cherish it, those moments stolen from my dues

Maybe, maybe

I’ll pursue our “together” –

seren-ading us with “always and forev-er”


Maybe, maybe

it’s English arts ala sewer

Chirpy couplets stained blue my whimsy doth render


Now for my patience

Maybe I’ll breath and’ll be fine

YES! because , OO! oh my, I found myself some lotion

Maybe after “me time” T.M.I.!  Clam it! before they spew!


Yes, passion might be blue -yes, it could involve some lotion

maybe you’ll cringe this response spins round’n’round toilet bowl  motions

-flushing down…

Maybe, maybe

I’m a mad hatter


Maybe more coffee could

help  me not invent such rude rude piles

Maybe, maybe – a lil less CHARM

maybe I might complain

cuss my lot – oh lord above!

Cuss my lot, nah

Maybe I’m just bad – less than divine

maybe you’ve just been had

maybe my passions are WHACK!

Or I’m a criminal in jail with my file.




About Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

7 responses to “Passionate Shift

  1. Were you in jail with a file, you’d be out of jail, in short order. A life on the lam would be your meal ticket, in a book written in pseudonym.

    • 😀 . not my best of social skills plied moment bt hopefully I’m honest and a little thoughtful to spoil my own space not others 😉 snark snark snark… now for more coffee and an even naughtier smile 😀 impin along being ever so wrong when will I behave so much better?

  2. kaylar

    I’m not thinking thee lacks for passions. *smile* & none of us lack for frustrations, these days. (-; my new mantra? contrast brings clarity. oxo

    • I suffer a fine case of ambiguity today. it’s 20 til pup times, first transport and feed try to make sure they’re not hawk-bait as I have to also muck out their space too and momma dog is a food filch so wont in any way help guard but just steal their chow and run away from them otherwise. lol – I want to help, don’t get me wrong, but obviously I also disdain the task list and risks. Immensely.

  3. Definitely a good write…not a maybe write, J-Man! 🙂
    I know I’m less than divine…way less.
    Hang in there! You got passions. But do you got milk? 😛
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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