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crying in baseball?

go walk it off, you sissy

I still don’t see right.

Imagine a moment where I am not mr society.  I’m hangin out within church with someone vastly not my age group and finally have a shot at inclusion within a few activities I never was invited to before – what? this church has FUN??  I am no sports hero yet for all ages FUN, the legally blind guy actually hitting the ball is rather worthy of cheer.  I was to bat three times singling twice and in the middle grounding out to short stop.  This initially to a beginning statistician is? a devilish  .666 average? lol  okay, I’m no longer sure how many pitches I actually saw that day for the bias of the number above.  Now, I wasn’t well liked by the peers of mine at that church hinted at, so it isn’t a surprise I didn’t get the inclusions never one mind FAIR.  but my devilish performance that day was against a short stop of competitive talent my age and an eight year old first baseman of their side…or I’m just gonna need to seriously duck, rigt?  Well the last base which against competitive player reasonably the same size might have halved my average instead of making it, the baseman missed the ball tipping it into my eye.  I still can not see correctly as in like efore now after. 27 years later.  I was told the jeers – I honestly know enough baseball to say nevermind what my peers said, they’re on the other side, it wasn’t their job to be nice to me lol.  However, there is always a difference in tones and opinions between rancor and complete disrespect/dismissal – so I’m told and also aware…please refer to the sentence preceeding this run on one.    Nedless to say I was not to another church function like that again nor hung out with said gent not my age group even if it wasn’t his fault or this situation that had pops suggest away from such company.  You just do not hang aout with folks that don’t benefit you, try to get the most along side you.  no parent of note will ever suggest any differently.  but such was the last baseball I ever played, I did the best I ever did no matter the stats. It ended up more of a loss than a win, despite the numbers. awwww?  should I be bawlin?

PoSH  3.4

If you chase the glass of immortality filled with the ambrosia therewithin, or in English want to play along your own self, another poetry prompt’s bit of fun HERE

Zuihitsu, oh gods, I love the zuihitsu… misspellings and cranky punctuations…mine.

Zuihitsu, What? what? hunh??

is it the  Yugo? gumball blue

oh gods, I love it. 😛

still rather unsure what it is, but whatever so I pan a prompt :D…maybe.  wannnnnh!


PoSH 1.3 , 3.3 Nicked-‘Nac

NPM ‘hunt ’16 is you chance to get them words out when you’ve ants in your pants. if you want your pants full of ants… go here

there are three parts to this ‘hunt – you don’t have toshare your favorites part one as I understand it, discuss why you like prosey like something poetic, part two andpart three is to follow perhaps the prompts for YOUR offering?

here I sit all broken-hearted

tried to shit but only farted

an hour later, I took a chance

Tried to fart ands hit my pants

-author probably plagerized, Kmart Bathroom Stall middle 80’s

to be fair about the above- it’s a crude poem.  to be honest, there’s a reason I remember it as a picture of that moment..where I saw writing on the wasll.. I didn’t get TV’s happy days, sit on it.  I didn’t get tommy tutone croonin’! (for a good time call)  I got THAT listed above.  to be honest again, I must say this in all fairness, I watched “Dead Poets Society” a peter weir film with robin Williams…schmoozing on old uncle walt (whittman) and?  ooooo, appropriate running without scissors, to read “Leaves of grass” (Whittman) and? nope, didn’t get it or even like it.  I mean, I just continue without even another bit ofhonesty, I picked up “Homer’s The Odyssey …. or was that Illiad?  either way I read it and I mean tried real real hard like I did with the Prince naps and all….and? nope I love the love others see in the classics but I’ll be fair I see the above, I laughed and was revolted all at the same time.  I don’t have to have the best or the worst, I just have to be moved.  the best pianist might more likely bore the crap out of me because I’ll never understand how technically brilliant he or she just was…all art seems to be that way for me.   you Can move me, but heh. good luck. you’ve got to mean it and then get me to care.

the hole in the corner

each page caresses the nail

john readings  – almanac.



PoSH 1.2 , 3.2

I had two tapes maybe three about the years I did my paper route which was the town paper delivered then once a week Thursdays.  they were: Anthrax’s State of Euphoria, Metallica’s And Justice for all and Metallica’s Master of puppets. – it’s interesting to note that I preferred the anthrax tape for timing reasons as in I could fold my route or bag my route in the span of the album or about 35 minutes ish for 250 papers.    I didn’t like how just as I had to do something else – remember I have a bit of trouble multi-tasking so bible time! whatever you are doing do it whole-souled – and I had no choice but to be biblical about it.. I couldn’t talk to mom/driver and through with headphones on and it was always just as it was going to be another good…. well I liked it… song with metallica’s 60+ album minutes lengths. not 40 ish with a lame last song that can be skipped if need be like anthrax’s offerings.  later I added Persistance in time: anthrax as well, yyou try buying metal as a minor being a good churchly chump with pop’s not mom and pop’s didn’t go very often to church..just try… you get the “look”  anyways stroll down amnesia lane over, the point of this morning was?
“if it’s any CONSOLATION I can take a nap when she gets home….” “I woke up on my day off in time to make it to work…blues.”  so shares a friend reemployed again quickly yay! but boo for that development 😀 – and that ticked this song which I can’t now waste more time writing out as I broke the muse moment as I had to leave immediately to get up to mom’s rare trip for this timeframe of the work week. and? so such is what I got through in the time I had.
Blackened is the end
Winter it will send
Throwing all you see
Into obscurityDeath of mother earth
Never a rebirth
Evolution’s end
Never will it mend, never

Fire to begin whipping dance of the dead
Blackened is the end
To begin whipping dance of the dead
Color our world blackened

becomes, “Flattened”

Flattened on my bed
sleeping came to an end
destroyed all that rest
up now I’d rather not confess

up early on my day off
to brew the coffee pot
instead of sleeping in
to the coffee pot

ne’er returning towards my sweet bed
flattened without rest
ne’er returning towards my sweet bed
tell the whole world I’m Flattened


part 3.2


a poem with gun or knife

like I need to wield such woes

I mayhem with a kite.


if YOU want to play or just complain about the tacit permission given for me to ramble on – go here,  BLAME HER.


Panogrammic grammatique

a-z challenge of human emotions challenge – here

What is a panogram, utilizing the entire alphabet within a sentence such as the tired line – the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog…  more panograms here – I like the “The job requires extra pluck and zeal for the young wage earner…” it jumps DRIPS sarcastic opportunity!  😀

anyways, I’m not able to sum up all of human emotion in one haiku or sentence or combine the two in some artsy farty way clever – so, 😀  you’re left here with a red herring of associations!


A is for A$$hole which upon the road you might say

B along with S to that blankity person is just plain bonkers!

C as if i care which churns the purist of our proper spellers out there

D is a grade I say means depression downnnnn in them dumps, duh.

E is for ecstasy whichreally is exciting to feel

F is for forgiveness an acknowledge sadness that needn’t be the end.

G is for galvanized- which means chemically coated so one item might rust to save the other whol but as an emotion you know that feeling of approaching a situation prepared knowing not hoping what’s going to occur and it is ok.

H is for HA! the joy of bursting out in response.

I is for imagined- the prenostalgia of something hoped after finally coming to experiened.

J is for JAM! that frenetic attempt to finish even if one knowingly frustratingly forces something to be…

K is for Kiinnnky! you know well that saucy feeling of wanting to play as a cat with the mouse of the situation…knowing all too well the mouse only dies.

L is for love as in awash of power connected as if forever to that moment or person.

M is for Mercurial – always a messenger of the greek god’s fleet or fast of foot- I rarely see the word used outside of an emotional context to mean swiftly changing emotions otherwise hiden til POOF! it’s usually all over for you.

N is for nuanced- which isn’t like the active playing of kinky but a different subtler feeling of not saying thanks!! but Thank yo, gorgious one…all slow and deliberate whereas kinky typicallytoying as can be nuance/d the power of feeling is one not to toy but accentuate or add not doddle like kinky.


O is forobstinant.  deliberately line drawn in the sand.  I do not want pasta and sitting next to a jackass ignoring me on his phone but elegance and wine savoring sumptuous carbs I know i’ll keep as a momento for far too long but that look of love in your eyes… it’s worth it ONLY if you’re planning on paying attention to me… not the damn work day done supposed at beer thirty.


P is for pliant- willing less to choose but to enjoy what comes. to connect to hold tight even if one knows the wind will whallop one about allll night, one just is pliant bend to and fro.


Q is for quirk – unlike kinky quirky is also just what is that feeling of coming alive even if you say to a serious dinner Pudding POP please?????

R is for radiant- not just a Ha! but a continuing glow … this needn’t be bliss but also perhaps anger or unease.

S is for sunny- you’ve known when you felt it- the day just comes alive as surely smiles twinkle  for hours in our eyes.


T is for tepid – not quite interested but then again not quite put out either.  greasy cheesebiurgers but i’m not exactly starving and that just sounds a bit lush at the moment tasty sure but not quite satisfying…but I wouldn’t mind exactly a greasy cheeseburger thank you…I’m just…. OOOOOO gyros! now that sound too too! 😀

U is for UN- I’m just NOTwhatever you say UN whatever it is. it isn’t obstinant because I’m not even convinced- just not in the mood.


W is forwobbly – I know all too well wobbly- to know like in the back of my mind yes you CAN do it but NO your really really shouldn’t… wobbly i should call my devil and my angel shouldered as one.


X is for xeno phobic- you can not tell me you wanted to join with THEM-  You cant tell me even WHY you just soooo don’t want that.  turns out you’re right always but it’s irritating when you’ve no justification.


Y is for yahooo! let’s just let it allll l.  be so much fun….momma lost her job yahooo! lets not funk around like it funernal forever time! lets dance for that moment the last moment before circumstance steals away the dance.


Z is forzoning – you just so know when someone’s zoning in or out they’re away wherever that way is.


PoSH pt. 1.1

I guessed precisely right about the first prompt of the pt.3  of the hunt HERE  but i MISSED pt.1..oops.  so –

“Still The Same”

You always won, everytime you placed a bet
You’re still damn good, no one’s gotten to you yet
Everytime they were sure they had you caught
You were quicker than they thought
You’d just turn your back and walk
You always said, the cards would never do you wrong
The trick you said was never piay the game too long
A gambler’s share, the only risk that you would take
The only loss you could forsake
The only bluff you couldn’t fakeAnd you’re still the same
I caught up with you yesterday
Moving game to game
No one standing in your way
Turning on the charm
Long enough to get you by
You’re still the same
You still aim high

There you stood, everybody watched you play
I just turned and walked away
I had nothing left to say

‘Cause you’re still the same
You’re still the same
Moving game to game
Some thlngs never change
You’re still the same

Bob Seger’s  :Still the same” song is my offering of a poem. I like – today’s why is for the love of a shot at parody.  proper parody seeks to either mock the song itself or the performers in some way- to simply rewrite a set of non connecting words to a beat of a person’s work is NOT parody persay, but more often plagiarism. 😉  so, let’s hope I’m not a Dick.
Still a Pain.
You Always Whine, ’bout what? responsibility, some bible’s the only bet.
as if I’m no damn good, even if I believe I’ll win yet.
every eye tick seems to say I’m a sloth
you say I should end in naught
my choices aren’t some crime so I’m not caught….
so what if my cash comes with a beer
it’s work either way so don’t you sneer
life’s a risk whichever road you take
I skip Sunday damnation  and the offering plate
preferring to be real not ape like some fake.
So I’m Still a Pain?
I saw your dismissals plain as day
between the words, each word.
I hoping it’s not always be this way
the ire, I’ll burn in a barn
forever isn’t near enough time
so I’m still a pain
but I still Try.


still no good yet succeeding most times

as if my choices not yours are some kind of crime

and yet again you’ve NO time.


yep, I’m still a pain

epitome of blame

cause I’m not one day one dime

Crucified on a time clock waiting for my time

so I’m still a pain.


Am i the April Fool?

not your paradigm

never you mind and or whine

I’m me and that just fine

if I ask permission

the answer will only be no

I’m obstinant friction.

for my blessing blindness

is to guess positively

not judgement’s unkindness.

more often depressed

prewired blue contrast sunshines

yet who skips the stress?

not so much that well

so, if I were your diet.

I sink in that well.

very contrary

maybe even that is dumb

but that’s my story.

I believe concepts

shams of what surely can be.

heaven’s lofty steps

drama’s sky is falling!

oo oo prepare for the big panic!

control is a blanket.

where I wait out I can’ts

you say fight them through to the win

when ends the waiting stance?

to thine own self be true

be their shadow view of you?

or shine with my own view

as I suspect no prize

no applause for my first choice

but maybe I’ll surprise

yet does it matter?

scattered paradigms litter

dreams do and don’t come true.


second guessing doubts

funny how it’s only choices

here’s a funny

it ain’t essence but the look

neither wrong or right

neither wrong or right

diff’rences cherished so both grow.