PoSH 22.23

  1. A poem with a song lyric involved.
  2. A travel poem.

in the caves of hours- boz scaggs we’re all alone.

oo I’m drivin my life  away, looking for a better way – eddie rabbit

this is it, make no mistake… Kenny loggins

kissing valentine by a crystal blue Italian stream – the bangles

miles away, no you’re never lookin back- I just cant wait anymore- winger

don’t leave me. jasques brill as translated from the french

life is skittle and life is beer- tom leher, poisoning pigeons in the park.

david played a secret chord in order to please the lord but you don’t care for music, do ya? leonard cohen

because two out of three aint bad – George uetz, music sex and cookies.

I don’t lack either funny themes nore serious ones nor even eclectically warped meaning to simply me within words woven  as sentimental for the moment songbird’s sing.  I do lack one that sends me places I seem to want to highlight for you as the latest place to travel.

dah, da da da. dah dah dah..

so swings the feet to the marching beat

Rachmaninov’s prelude in g minor as it

opens all the far away lands exitic as they are cold

but god or happenstance mathematic til lets such be

the land of the midnight sun.

bah bababa bababa ba ba ba ba bah

swells the tune with an aire of explanation

as if my frozen expensive dinner reboiled

somehow makes all the sense in the world

one meal more, one mouth fed as the cold was kept

a reality sure, but dreams too were heaven sent

and then the magic sits with the last note

no more glimmer the snow kaaidoscope

just echoes pelmeni perhaps or borscht

or a paste of it’s probably best not to ask what sorts

dusty dostoevski says it’s unfair I sank the ax deathly in

I’ll wonder on it over coffee, the cold I must escew.





PoSH 20/21

grasp bottle push on cap

one must simultaneously grasp cap and twist now

once twisted remove candy vitamin.


you know? too many b vitamins only leads to vivid dreams

the last was of being kidnapped by the foreign apathetic

only to be rescued maybe by mom being oblivious.

I’m not really sure I was rescued but a choice of direction was made


I awake to squawks as it’s just as natural for sex to mean children

in this case puppyville.

I think on processes like that of sugar fermented is booze but one too many parties later it just means sugar

sugar for a diabetic is a choice too. but so too is no.

no offense, so many choices seem of no more value than if x train leaves at 6 traveling  blah mph, and why from wherever else leaves at whatever going super blah blah mph when is the head-on collision?

I do know, I wasn’t entirely useless at ALL algebra, but the meaning of it eluded me and so did it’s insistence on a churchly way.

I awoke to squawks and visited the pups only to move them to momma to shut up. I counted 9 I know I have 11 I should go check/recheck. one day in and momma wants space.

I’m really not quite thinking – best time to write before the day burns down with the sun came up.  an hour booted to the back of the line for my runts will be nothing new to them….however I feel for them almost

just about as much feeling as nature ever seems to have really for any of us in general.

who ever really comes of age? into their own.

all their ever is is squawking.  I suppose if I noticed the audience changes now and again.

let me make sure mine doesn’t dwindle…just as I felt I wasn’t ever save..yet here I am so I must’ve been.


PoSH 19 – PFEW! then distill.

Freewrite a page on one or more of the following and distill a poem from it: elk, pear, dice, fog, breasts, sea horse.

I know next to nothing of elk save they’re dear lite and deer are ode de frog pond NATY tasting things.  Wondervue co, as with many mountain communities has a crashing of them and I literally could reach out and touch ’em for a pets aw big stompy things.  one tends after a horse kicking to be reminded that they pack a whallop, them feets.

Pear. both apples and pears can grow on trees at the same time….okay shite English… apples and pears can grow from the same tree at the same time.  apples and pears is  a potential cockney rhyme for upstairs… if you feel like getting working class british for a moment.

dice has two meanings at least, a product/action of culinary pursuits being prepared into a meal- and a gambling device..  obvious perhaps, dicing food makes them cuboid like that of the object dice.  but such such doesn’t so easily explain the expression/idiom – to dice with death…but obviously one would be like gambling in what to many seem a fairly high stakes pursuit.  while the cubed dice with six numbers isn’t the original object of antiquity to indicate numbers as backgammon used to be senet and senet used throwing sticks not dice cubes to indicate numbers chancily obtained. obviously dice are more compact and seemingly more random a way to obtain numbers over that of sticks, but dice can be loaded in a way that makes them  “less random”  diced objects of a food nature aren’t however used to get numbers persay though unless one is a diabetic… if one is of that sugar control issue, all “food” is a number eventually- I say this so so not caring as i’m up after a simple hour’s nap instead of a night’s sleep after dinner having been pleased to have made diced bits of a variety of Mexican quick reheatable bites after a nother day of puppy whelp help perhapsing.  I can say heh I feel rather dicey… and I don’t mean square or cubist but like bits rather than whole.


I’m going to fail to produce 750 words- I simply at this moment can’t think another word much more .

a gambler’s device

dice, randomly assigning luck

Russian Roulette click thrice.



PoSH 18 – w/ Insect

this Yellow Jacket Wasp

hammers forward into death’s wind

charging for that bastard.

20 some years ago the neighbor next door had a slim juniper /pinon or whatever tween our spaces which had a wasp’s nest.  obviously on has some hot-shot on hand incase one doesn’t appreciate eviction – as this insect didn’t.  She charged a full 20 seconds into the heart of that stream of insecticide on a mission to get that bastard.  That time we won, but that can had begun to lose pressure…she-wasp nearly got up close tohave her say…. this can shot about 13 feet of foamy spray and our pal from the end of that made in ten feet closer so as almost to die at our feet.  Viscious Thing.  She Wasn’t coming for a chat or my tea.


the life of reilly continues


it was taxing to move the safety round of pellets for the pellet stove but you’d volunteer too, i’m family by marriage staying with someone closer to my mother’s age- i’d feel a ripe ass not helping.  even with LITE sodium soy sauce with yesterday’s maple chicken wings, I managed to well blow her salt all know of puffinesses – you just watch it so this evening it was lighter safer fare of salmon with tabbouleh and asparagus.  mm.  revoltingly bad tastes jokes for my skills continue with being a fairly decent still massage applier – to have my hand alllll over you…read above the reason is obvious but I will just adore beating the explaination of this into the ground 😀   and, NO PUPPIES, yet. *the real reason i’m here, puppy help.  so, stuck with a bedhog pregnant dog, hopefully no pictures as explaining captions of aww cutey girl friend would really get the big woofs and me no dates ever…with the only salve to my soul here of Imp/bedhog waking to share her love by puking in the hostesses room 😀  – one should share impishness.  and the usual tepidly appropriate comments….  and?

the above picture is a chart of CBM’s PETSCII codes or the underbelly 35 and more years ago for early personal commodore computers…what was used to display for us the English.  I finished the 20 pages of draft of the latest letter to my hostess’ son half through with his basic training for the Army… 20 pages? stationary sized mind but for the letter, in the above code

89 69 83 44 32 73 32 66 69 71 73 78 32 84 79 32 84 72 73 78 75 32 84 72 73 83 32 87 65 89 33 13


even if my cards are index cards a few lines of this might drive a poor soul batty!

but the real reason it took this many drafts wasn’t my memory or perfection, bt I was drafting from a board game it to a paper game simultaneously changing it’s pieces from one type to another yet fundamentally not altering the game – What game?  Battleship!

yes a game.. but

Click to access battleships%20classic%20game.pdf

The above link isn’t mine so thank image searchers to find stuff and perhaps this 2012 posting might have other fun ideas printable for YOU.  While I didn’t adjust the 21% hitsable probability, I did alter presentation and use Army vehicles

Humvee with stupid best I can manage with practice! graphic 2 boxes

M1135- NPV-RV or nuclear, biological, chemical and reconneisance vehicle…my serving guy will likely understand the choice… 3 boxes

m1A1 abram’s tank 3 boxes

ah-64 “apache” helicopter 4 boxes

PAC-3 or Patriot Mobile Missal Launcher 5 boxes.

all on a 10 x 10 grid…

x equals hit; m equals Miss!

x in petscii is 88

m in petscii is 77

grid x axis is 1-0 123456789 ‘0’  as ren requires a second digit losing me space.  y axis is a-j  so for example the notation possible is,  Hit at 7c in simple petscii would look in notation to be 885567 and a Miss at 10b would notate as 774866   I do this IN MY HEAD, covering the required representations of a board game possible on paper  another example of mine was a clone of Mastermind.  I had to use abc’s and only 3 choice puzzles at work as even then a 27 solution puzzle is difficult for some players. yes, a b c or 3 possibilits x1,x2,x3 3 to the 3rd is 27.  but I made mastermind this time.

I also made the lemony tabbouleh and a mess adding the parsley fairly late in the process but it’s still edible and tastey – along with a make shift tarter sauce of mayonnaise, horseradish and pickle relish with a little additional onion powder…as we forgot the tarter sauce at the store… it isn’t bad but I am not in a hurry to try and out condiment anyone.

hopefullymy letters are read, I only sent three requiring decoding now I send a decoded version as I don’t want  BIL to hate me or not have enough time for writing sis… but no one needs to forget the mind is a muscle too.  even if I can not make the house here’s printing calculator display xx xx xx xx with its imputs available I know something simple for one handed entry can be cobbled together to make this a fun vintage data entry skill, all this petscii crap which… within trying to be semi thoughtful, SENI 😉 still have a touch of maybe shared fun learning.  so far the punctuation is difficult as I don’t use it but as the chart isn’t visible here this instant…

13 – carriage return or next line

19 home? or top of the screen first available space.

32 space

33 !

39 ‘

40 (

41 )

42 *

43 +

44 ,

45 –

46 .

47 /

63 ?

48 0, 49 – 57 = 1-9

65 – 90; a-z

I’m missing “@ proper hyphen to remember enough for most simple url’s and email notations. and a few other punctuations for fancier things  this is thus means stages of learning/ speed and later I expect to eventually swiftly utilize the entire chart however I suspect at that point I’d hope to learn by sight  the concept of braille versus re-learning this as modern flexi-string length Unicode 8… which is xxxx not this simpler xx stuff.  modern Unicode is similar to the above save the version of ASCii for Petscii is older thus different this stuff being utilized mainly for telephone connected tele typewriters.  I mean I know they had modems and computing in the sixties and the email utilized the xxxxx@xx.cxxx back in 1967… but it’s still amazing how ultimately new this modern life really is….and how fun it is to be odd communicating.


PoSH 17 (edited so a few typos are gone :D )

I cheat slightly the point of this 17th prompt as I got my hot trendy color names from a Walmart visit – not the “” hardware store….one will just have to howl horrendously about my cheating ways.

arbor rose within universal grey

so it says, “Woman, you brighten my day.”

now night hides moonlight bright but that one thought

I laugh and I cringe-I can not be caught.


of course, such lets lusts hijack my eyesight

I must look away, damn my appetite

to revel within the moments given

not the Chinese box of wicked sinnin’


I wish for coffee to chase away moon

coffee’s call AWAKE from sleep which don’t loom

so hopes horrible were a shared danced tune


but I sit so swormed by my thoughts – the flies

hey dream, want to sigh, hey dream, I’ve your lines

where IT is going – sure aint no surprise.




Up and Away


pictures are merely representative.

opening my stay “up and away” here in Divide, CO’s 9500ft or half again higher than usual, I start my mountaineering with fish taco supper.  This evening, I reprise an old swiped recipe-from-public-tv recipe of Maple chicken wing. (coming right up)

What is a fish taco? if you’ve not woken up to the fact people don’t want their fish sticks/filets from the frozen section to sing HELLLLLO! 80’s! then you take the taco bell to the standard fish option dinner and Mexican…sorta…it up.  tortilla, two if using corn kinds of soft ones, a line of chopped up to fold as taco baked breaded fish fillet and toss on some shred greenery and perhaps onion and a ranch dressing and voila! fish taco…  I choose radiccio which warning is mega bitter fresh for which you will keep that lemon on hand to cut that wicked taste -and ranch with the fish.. and duh bake the red pepper bits too as they’re sweet and fajita-y feeling and crunchy onion bits…ranch…white corn/so 2 tortillas on a warmed plate…

maple chicken wings are trickier – these you must watch the last part of cooking as they can burn to cindery ashes in five minutes or less! – and they take normally 1.5 -2 hrs to cook closer to sea level…but as I said in the hills here, I was at 3 hours and I couldn’t milk or tease the proper glaze but just barely.  however the basic “sauce” is 1:1 lite soy to REAL maple syrup with your choice in garlic, I had granulated and while it’s different to use fresh, I personally wont send you to foodie hell if you use a cupboard spice vs. fresh…however, if you try and use pancake syrup which is significantly cheaper but maple flavored not real maple syrup… sorry, yours will break and not even remotely taste even close to mine nor as good…  my experience, I’ve tried.  now chicken wings in one point five layers in a 9×9 glass casserole 16 oz. liquid which is just under half an empty dish but with chicken in is about 2/3’s full, foiled for first hour with 425F preheated oven for 30 mins then turned down to 350F – untented at hour in point and now the watchfulness is important, you turn and then often baste the wings with the liquid to glaze them pulling them out when you’ve the hint of a black dot or two as in you are going to turn this dish into charcoal any second! or 30=45 minutes again, checking OFTEN.  … seems intense but oo la la are they 3lbs a male snack delicious- I had leftovers on diabetes raqtions with a hostess here helping.  I tried adding liquid mesquite.  they were smokey but at altitude they didn’t crisp/glaze just thick sauced but tasted similar to if I had smoked the chicken so nary a disappointment just a difference.  why LITE soy? 550mg’s sodium per tablespoon and I’m using a bottle?  watch it, these can get overly salty or be not even a choice for those diet monitoring way too fast.    later I will try to stove top a glaze/reduction of this to spoon over more of what one might get “out” which is fried chcicken wings with a slop over of sauce… but I haven’t yet so I haven’t any direction.. also at altitude i’m woefully over liquided so I miss some of that magic candy crunch of this gem.

I’m up “here” because my sister’s female dane is about to have puppies….again… ferrtle myrtle!  I’m not alone because I am not resourceful like that but I can be helpful.  to improve my chances of having a good time here, I vaccumed, made one stellar turn out dinner and one very nice 😉 worth trying again dinner, tried my best with a foot and shoulders massage and probably talked too much.  ut I again 😉 did try to share some of my best.  I’ve nearly found art representing basics of army vehicles versus navy ships to make a paper knockoff game of TANK versus the real game Battleship.  next is Master natation- to sound like masturbation heh versus the Mastermind original game also again on paper for both space and circumstance – again to bore the doo doo out of my house’s now serving army guy…the her is hiss mother’s 😉  best be nice to my sister’s MIL! 😀

I can’t get the phone to send to email the actual bloated heifer cow Kona momma dog – a harlequin great dane *American, runt of litter, 100 pounds pre prego or “small!”  I’ve retarded to me pictures of me and one of the house’s Airedale terriers, Watson…the other’s name is fairly freekin’ elementary 😛   obviously soon there will be puppies. how many,well last time 16, up from 12/13 10 and 6 surviving those rounds respectively to adoptions.  worries are this 3rd and a variety of stresses poor timings which add worry to this adventure- but great vet care is noted and numbered and great care or quick find out good care is available even if I’m not exactly either a breeder or experienced here I was about for the first birth but didn’t participate…oops I mean second round I saw the first round though too.

I’m struggling to remember my punctuations for petscii code – but I write all my army guy’s mail in code to be a bottom. as yet no one knows if he’s gotten any of our sent mail based on HIS responses.  we won’t really otherwise hear much from him in basic.  so, preggo  perfectly ill-timed doggie, emergency help network calling-  later other challenges in moving with our serving  feller- or where evcer I’m out to 🙂


PoSH 16 – solo spoonin’

A poem containing: hair, ash, spoon, crocus, forgotten.


painted for me a beauty

ashen haired, such a cutey

crocused up in shades saffron

such a feast to be spooning

awake and she’s gone, forgotten

awake and she’s gone, forgotten


Earthen prize, hazel eyes, sumptuous thighs

worth the skies, and some lines, so our time flies


vapid schemes – must trust wholly

given that I tried souly

to woo you my dream present

believe it so to see it

alakazam poof! and woof! SHIZZAM!

alakazam POOF and woof! SHIZZAM!


sultry cries, winking eyes, bald-faced LIES

lustful jams luscious cans, gorgeous ma’am.


good and tight, somewhat bright, outta sight

but I wake no escape, reality.



PoSH before she pushes…. 15 breakfasty?


  • A poem which uses two similar sounding words with different meanings.

yes, I’ll be up a good portion of tonight because house puppy dog is about to push out another round of puppy dogs…of course potentially disasterously early at here our apartment not in a prepped space ELSEWHERE.  cross your fingers because if she times it now or on the way up to the hills TIME! the carpet of my room or sis car is ruined.

yes I care about more than the objects…

hair, from early french, Hate.  hair as in something one’s head is for…to park hair….some people that is.

stash/ stash the brand of tea stash a small hidden treasure or collection of the good stuff… however but both mean the same so stash and ‘stache as in mustasche.  cheap cheating but 😉

catching on that I’m pulling at straws yet? – well, I am but I literally have nothing better to do – it’s raining, the coffee’s cold now as it’s been off for hours, I’m half crocked on coffee semi nausious anyways, I can sleep but I’m best useful staying up so I get the pup watch over with- I bring along a phone for an alarm if I get lucky to have this experience in the hills versus it destroying my home and or all hope of profiting from this experience in any way….in other words, I admit to selfishness in the extreme testing one one oen, me me me attention lady cats!… red dwarf quote time.

what’s black white and RED/READ all over…an old nazi flag or a newspaper?

if sampeeps of old xanga was feeling her ears burn, Ken or Ken – one a person, one a family.

yep, still pulling at straws.


wind, wind… air outside moving, expulsion of digestive  air – usually smelly.

beered, beard – shh, don’t think this means I know how to spell!   improper past-tense of consumption  or marination in alcoholic beverage or male facial option….for rustic charm

you know i have to suck because of this straw pulliln…. eek


week/weak – week is a period of time not long enough to be grounded for for most offenses as one should learn 2 weeks is the real punishment…a wait for a paycheck if one wanted more money after drinking up the rent… dang me, dang me, they aught to take a rope and hang me, hang me from the highest treee!  woman would you weep for me? – roger miller.   weak, lesser attraction or ability to exert force.

how irritating to be trying to spell at oh god thirty.

list, list – a collection of things on paper, a d or, a ship leaninf towards sinking.

whack, whack… hit something or how undesirable in more recent slang.

boca, boca – boca is a brand of vegetarian cuisines  or the Spanish for Mouth  I was trying for the accurate version of Navajo having a word similar to the English Chicken which to them means SHIT …  so far FAIL 😉  but keeping the MUT thieme alive  😀  I know what early am writing is for quality…

I’m still stumped by the way. or at least thuroughly uninspired, half sick on coffee and crabby about portents andsuch not.

mill and MIL – mill is a place where grain or metals are turned into different products – mil can be lang for Miki or thousandths… or Mother In Law/ MIL


I’m going to  smoke… which can mean positive things like calming bees down to swipe yummy honey or make yummy meats- or flush something out of hiding or the bad habit of tobacco or other herbacious commodity consumption….hopefully herbacious…eek.

still largely a negative excepting  to punks enamored of dope thinking it’s cool because you hate it and it’s not particularly harmful in it of itself.

baltic…ball tick  bad..

fired fired cooked or let go from employment… also wretched

junk / junqu – trash or Chinese for old time ship but also too connotive of trash anyways as we’re JERKS about Chinese quality.

louse / Laos – same thing about connotations – louse is a buggy vemen parasite, Laos is a Asian Country… but connotations negative remain.

atomic – atomic  two meanings here of same word which are also the same for HOT -meaning tempurature heat or spiciness in the latter or the former’s small /and or powerful or powerful skewwed to mean spicy….ugh


space and space – space as in confused…spacey…empty – or space as in between celestial objects. but the problem here is they are similes  or metaphoric upon the meaning of eachother….and often are not used as the same word  spacey or space.

pan and pan – encompassing – or – cooking utensil or no thanks… but not so easily understood as the idiom is rather dated..

date – fruit or time point.

they’re their and there – a favorite of spell-nazis for those of us whom take zilch time to communicate correctly when this mistake awaiting the imprecise can change meanings immensely and is impossible for most spell checkers to irradicate the error… there- place, their possecive – they’re contracted they are.


oh god o’clock whee and no resolution for this prompt so far for me.

ass/ ass – bottom in vulgarese or biblical donkey

but and butt – interjection or bottom – but most miss this gem of spelling haha.

holla’ and challah – both pronounce the same but one is a greeting or request for said – the other is jewish holiday bread.


padre padre…another ripoff of language- one being a baseball team the padres and the other spanish for father or a priest.

bored/board and the other meaning too – bored as in disenchanted/uninterested or board  or a length of wood/covering or the borred to have dug into something.

boarder/ border – lodger or line between things.


line / line – line is a length of something or a division between things or  slang for portion of conversation meant to charm.


I’m about to title this as notes and be done with it all but it’s only 3 a.m. and if it were 6, I woouldn’t mind but as it is not still considering being on the puppy watch case.

japan – country, japan to paint tin so it appears as laquered, more desired product japan meaning chinse cheap at the time.

sole, soul – only/fish or bottom of shoe – religious facet of human beings vs. animals left distinct from the body and everlasting so as to be rewardable or punishable for all time after seperation from bodily existance…. or a type of music / often used to say some thing should have “meaning” versus being catchy/trite.


pancake -pancake breakfast item or a layering on heavily of something or a flattening of something.

it’s time for pancakes

ladies! to the makeup bags

breakfast of champions.


there I finally managed something.. whoopdiwoo.



PoSH 14, pass the “MUT” – The Keystone Picture Picture for the POINT and or ladels of sarcasm…. I believe ;this was the late 80’s Banquette  sandwich topper, the last one ever used in the freezer… it you too remember a pot of boiling water and a plastic pouch pick-your-poison supper.  I remember the point as albeit even then we had a microwave,  it was easier to ensure even cookery of a family’s worth of supper via the boi-in-bag method.  I dislike cream of chipped beef.  I really do.  I never knew it was already termed shit-on-a-shingle *toaste…  until after the suppers of said were gone as the market stopped making money on the offerings so stopped carrying them.  I’m not sure but I believe a similar sounding MUT/ moot but not spelled that way is an egyptian god of antiquity…  but, to the point… nope! one further digression, would you find it oddly snobbish that i like swedish meatballs and beef stroganov too?  think now both are fairly dang close to chipped beef…..anyways the point…eventually.

A poem using words from another language.

C’est la Vie – Such is Life/ of the French, Pochy/ Japanese snack of chocolate covered cookie sticks otherwise in the larger UK English known as Biscuits….Al or El, Arabic and the Arabic lent to the Spanish word for The as best swiftly simply translated.  .. which was helpful for a sixties music mock quiz response to a fill in the blanks for the band names  all the answers being “the” so I ask if I gave the Al, would you call me all…Paul Simon; Graceland 80’s but a figure OF the sixties, or allow it to mean “the?” bahar har har.  but otherwise the point being here is I know shite for other languages… hello google translate and yet more ignorance!  if you want to play so you don’t have to look for a translator of the dumb / blind kind when you or I may not know the language or have the line to a speaker of other languages.


an asside here is i remember vivdly trying after a story I named the romance of the palm – g/t’d English to Spanish as El / the Romance de la/ of the palma/ hand.  I thought it cute then and regretable now 😉  just like I remember also translating like a wannabe know it all  word Engloutis pronounced not En- Glou tiss but Ahn Glue tee…but sounded like engloutis and translated absorbed/swallowed – thus reminding me of the Latin/Greek of all things and EPIGlotis another meaning of Swallowed for the biological or anatomically minded… obviously i know squat of how language works even if i catch that the meanings are eerily similar.  recipes also sound sexier in something foreign versus american expecially when I was amused that the translations weren’t epic but simple just foreign delicious the irony.  how EXotique 😛

but the point, a poem – borrowing from the foreign –

the shit on a shingle
eat a fine supper

translated via google to the Albanian

mut në një zall
ngrënë një darkë të mirë
i kënaqur

which isn’t so shabby a beat count for a japanese Haiku’s 5.7.5. format 😉  google will read it klunky-like to you if’n you want.  I don’t speak Albanian.

Of course, now you must all basque/bask in my salty saying of how much the Genius someone else is, NOT I. 😀 heh.