I got me a parody…

I got me a parody… I got me a mercury…crazy about a mercury…

I have a few parodys going… one that blows so it’s buried in here simply to show the bestest ideas do not come off always.  One subject is the likely USA 2016 presidential canidates…I fully admit I hoped I’d get some help in areas I know I donot do well with, like what is relvant in how most view others… so I researched like a demon and came up with…poop. Another subject is mom wantedto curl daughter’s straight hair…this is the style that should not be! so a metallica parody… and of course, I have a lot of puppies currently but no, this isn’t dead puppies in the hall – died late last fall…but one of MOMMA’s exploits with other than the usual WISE care-takers… sneak theif swiped a steak and probably two cpork chops s owner momma laughed saying she’s a surfer girl… a counter surfer.

I admit now I usually attempt to get an accurate lyric model and a matching version of the original song  and thus pray it’s close enough to meter and maybe it makes sense… but I may fail.  it’s meant to be fun…and trust me, why not laugh?  Some of the songs or artists are laughable just as so are my efforts.

Counter-Surfer Girl
(for those unused to Canine Cunning)
This is modeled after the Beach Boys, “Surfer Girl”

Little ‘Surfer, Dinner’s gone
$30 in Steaks swiped is so wrong
…Do You love me, I’m your ‘Surfer Girl
‘Surfer girl, my Counter-Surfer girl.
I am going broke at the store
and suck at the ‘guarding counters’ chore
…Do you love me, I’m your ‘Surfer Girl
‘Surfer Girl, ‘Surfer Girl
I might share if you’d let it
but all on the counters you did mow
I’ll not afford a Yugo if your appetite grows
…I just ate two dinners without one chew
…Do you love me, I’m your ‘Surfer Girl.
‘Surfer Girl, my Counter-Surfer Girl
‘Surfer Girl, my Counter-Surfer Girl
‘Surfer Girl, my Little? ‘Surfer Girl

Curled, quite colorfully
to Metallica’s The Thing That Should not be

curlers and more tears tonight
fashion’s receptions are a blight

darling children want to be
appearing as anything but what they be

Ungodly Stench, Calamities
instant damnation should you not compliment me
Just one chance – to be the night
Pain’s movement, hairdresser is deriding

for fashion’s fortune we swim Hell
thine hair, an ungainly mound
now for agony, the only sound

only one chance to impress
dog food failure or elegance

Ungodly Stench, Calamities
instant damnation should you not compliment me
Just one chance – to be the night
Pain’s movement, hairdresser is deriding for fashion’s fortune, we swim Hell

for compliments we swim Hell

Wait for it, await the sound one maybe mention did it resound?
hours agony and a gold mine spree so straight’s curled quite colorfully

Ungodly Stench, Calamities
instant damnation should you not compliment me
Just one chance – to be the night
Pain’s movement, hairdresser is deriding
for fashion’s fortune we swim Hell

We Don’t Represent America, Anyone.

to Neil Diamond and Barbara Steissand’s “You don’t send me flowers anymore.

again, this one isn’t checked or edited as it was a start towards working with things I suck at with others but alas, sometimes we haven’t the time or maybe I think only in the English others know as confusing.  Bearnie Sanders isn’t done yet but it’s fairly apparent he’s not the democratic heir apparent now..oh well.

Student Loans are a Millstone about their Necks

Why not expand what we’re already offering

-Why is the government even profiting

-change the rules – this is SHOCKING

But will this be news when WE legislate?


Expand Obama Again

Illegals need a proper pathway ‘s all

-all Illegals out let’s build us a wall

America has some kind of blight

Well I’m/I’m here to solve it for you

all the while lining the right pocket tight

Embrace the huddled masses and poor No build a wall and lock us in tonight.

We don’t represent your America, Anyone

Student Loans made you sore now carbon tax fever

global warming gonna be’s save tomorrow forevermore

-yet such is more taxes the IRS wolf at your door

so we keep our American way

Baby, I’m my campaign’s biggest lender

but I’m here for the America that used to be

more taxes only make us chaffed more whiners to feed the bills High Let’s Shut off the tit

Either way kiss your America, bye bye

and for we will Earn all the glory and a paycheck HIGH

We Don’t Represent America but number one.

And yet agree to hell with the Bearn!

we’d bid adieu – yes, bye bye!

We’re for other interests, America forevermore.


anyways, I had me a wasted day trying to research current relevant political stances of Hillary and trump I had a few lines how neither trusts or empowers blacks but whatever… either way none of that last works…I don’t know how to grab what resonates because biased I am, gee, guess who I LIKE…but whatever, I tried to get actual quotes/stances and somewhat cohesively non resonatingly flubbed the idea…rats.  not all of these bright ideas is in fact bright 😉

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on “I got me a parody…”

I have been working for weeks on what should be an easy write, a parody about the The Donald, set to the Van Halen tune Jump!
Thinking about switching to the Pointer sisters song…..

turning phrases I can do, but knowing the “issues” I do not…obviously I admit my biases yet I’ll live is satan the other side votes in or not. so to heck with streissand/diamond if you like van halen/pointer sisters, lets curry up a gift to the capitol steps and your melfamy or my just imfamy. I am younger thaqn Hillary’s target voting group – and by political bend Bearnie’s group, yet i’d not cry one eye out if trump got lucky enough to find support to “build a wall” and funding – economics sayeth big tax money people to steady work means social security money pours in, I get social security money so economically speaking I can afford a limit bit of hope for all our canidates as either way I will win in one way or another… which is a song lyric…blondie. now i’m still on a bent including both canidates… but

One way or another I’m gonna find ya
I’m gonna getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha
One way or another I’m gonna win ya
I’m gonna getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha

It’s my way or the highway hear me America here’s how to fix ya fiz ya fix ya, fix ya
Open the door more or shall we close ya call it America, call it, call it call it, call it.

One way or another …. if you begin to see the idea.
I do think because jump and trump have the rhyme action that we should include some mention of Jumpin Jack Flash – stones?
I was born in a cross-fire hurricane
And I howled at the morning driving rain
But it’s all right now, in fact, it’s a gas!
But it’s all right. I’m Jumpin’ Jack Flash
It’s a gas, gas, gas!

‘names Trump I’m here to restore everything
I howl and scowl yet say little about anything
Prosperity comes with no corporate tax
it’ll be all right I’m trump for your cash
I’ll make cash cash cah!
I mean I have a dictionary of rhyming words and no hope the latest political so-and-so’s but in a way either way i’ll win 😉 but I want so badly not to support them but make fun of them…okay, rather immature, I admit but 😉 all you need do is hand out some relevance.. 😀 I’m a bit thin on it. 🙂

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